Aletris neils biography of martin

aletris neils biography of martin
Carnivore conservation in a heterogeneous landscape: Does genetic relatedness influence space use pattern? A circumpolar monitoring framework for polar bears.

International Association for Bear Research and Management.

aletris neils biography of martin

January 29, ; Accepted: This area contains 8 of the state's 15 most severe roadkill areas. More bears were killed along State Road 40 SRwhich bisects this population, than along any other road in the state.

aletris neils biography of martin

Interest in widening this road provided an opportunity to document bear movements and the frequency with which they crossed SR when average annual daily traffic AADT volume was at each of two levels: Forty-eight bears crossed SR a minimum of times.

ONF female bears were 2. ONF male bears were 4. We documented the mortality of 7 radiocollared bears by vehicles, 4 males in ONF and 3 females in Lynne.

aletris neils biography of martin

There were no deaths of ONF females due to vehicular collisions, but female bears in Lynne died from vehicle collisions at near the rate of ONF male bears. We recommend that a minimum of 6 crossing structures be incorporated along this highway to reduce the effect of highway expansion on the Ocala population of Florida black bears. American black bearFloridahighway crossingsOcala National ForesttelemetryUrsus americanus.

New leash on life: K-9 gets second chance tracking jaguar

Sign Up for E-alerts. Alert me when this article is cited: Education programs for reducing American black bear—human conflict: Modeling multi-scale resource selection for bear rubs in northwestern Montana. American black bear estrus and parturition in the Alleghany Mountains of Virginia.

2012 Legacy Scholarship Applicants

Relationships among food availability, harvest, and human—bear conflict at landscape scales in Ontario, Canada. Going into the 21 St century: Geographic distribution of American black bears in North America.

aletris neils biography of martin

A circumpolar monitoring framework for polar bears. The role of American black bears and brown bears as predators on ungulates in North America.

Nutritional ecology of ursids: Sign up for e-alerts. Looking for a job?

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Visit the BioOne Career Center and apply to open positions across the sciences. Log in Admin Help. Literature cited Agresti, A. John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

aletris neils biography of martin

Emily Wildlife Management Unit that incorporates the relative impacts of predation, nutrition, and climate on elk population dynamics.

Patricia Moody Harveson PHarveson sulross.

aletris neils biography of martin

Pumas and Mexican Wolves Objectives: The use of genome-wide molecular markers to assist in the conservation and management of wild species, notably carnivores. Clay Nielsen kezo92 siu. Assessment and spatial analysis of parasites of bobcats in southern Illinois Objectives: Martin Main mmain ufl.

aletris neils biography of martin

Susan Cooper s-cooper tamu. Nocturnal movement patterns of predators of quail: Discovering the nocturnal foraging paths and habitat use of bobcats in the rolling plains of Texas, their interaction with other mesopredators, and their neils biography of martin on quail. Genetic results will also include a reassessment of both microsatellite and haplotype diversity and the genetic population structure of fragmented South Texas populations.

These data will be critical for the future translocation of ocelots from Mexico. Functional genomics of the endangered Florida panther Objectives: Recolonization of the midwestern United States by large carnivores: Habitat suitability and human dimensions. Sunday, Oct 15th 5-Day Forecast. New leash on life: K-9 gets second chance tracking jaguar By Associated Press Published: K-9 gets second chance tracking jaguar', 'url': Share or comment on this article e-mail Bing Site Web Enter search term: Alicia Vikander can't hide delight in bridal-style frock as she shares a kiss with Michael Fassbender on Ibiza trip Pregnant Jessica Alba covers up her baby bump in maxi dress