Weslie janeway biography template

weslie janeway biography template
Despite constant attacks by alien races in an unknown and potentially hostile part of space, Janeway also discovered some favorite pastime for the times Voyager was not on constant guard. Jeri Taylor commented, " The search for the captain was a long and difficult one.

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weslie janeway biography template

Character Biography Edit History Discuss. A mission to locate and capture a Maquis vessel last seen in the plasma storm-ridden Badlands led to a 75,light-year detour to the Delta Quadrant.

Captain Janeway spent the next seven years bringing Voyager home.

weslie janeway biography template

In the process she developed the first techniques for crew management, community leadership, and survival for a long-term mission without benefit of Starfleet-standard resupply. USS Voyageran Intrepid-class vessel, shipped out to the Badlands with some interesting enhancements. With the forced relocation to the Delta Quadrant, Voyager periodically lost several of the amenities most Starfleet vessels except perhaps USS Defianta dedicated warship afforded to their crews.

She especially enjoyed her working relationship with cytogenetic technologist Ellen Akeson, whom she calls "one of the many people at the Laboratory who is doing amazing work—she is really a national treasure. Then I learned she had been studying with Roger Pederson, and my respect notched way up. She has a very inquisitive mind, and she was committed to completing her study.

Janeway, a dedicated supporter of science and culture, believes public support for scientific research is essential, the way it is for schools, highways and healthcare. However, she adds, "We cannot just sit back and wait for the government to fully fund science. Government agencies are, by their nature, risk-averse. We need private philanthropy to support more promising young investigators and to fund our overhead costs. While commercialization of some JAX discoveries may yield important revenues, Janeway says private philanthropy will remain an essential funding source as the Laboratory heads into a future that includes expansion into clinical genomics.

She recognizes that there are steep philanthropic challenges ahead, especially with recent templates in the national and world economies. For example, she says, "A lot of younger philanthropists really like the idea of direct, grassroots investment in specific disease areas of research. He was drinking his coffee on the first floor of his store when O'Donnell walked in.

She asked if she might wait in his store for the tow truck to arrive. Her car broke down and she found it too cold to wait outside. Although Jasonhis son, joked that she didn't look like a corporate hitman, Henry invited her to stay, he found that Zeus watched over travelers and that they should do the same, and offered her a cup of coffee. She noticed the fliers he wanted to distribute to protest the building of the Millennium Gate.

Henry found the Millennium Gate to be a glorified shopping mall, a monstrosity, and didn't believe that it was the biography self-sustained civic environment as the people who would build it claimed. As far as he was concerned it was nothing but propaganda. All his neighbors had already sold their businesses and he was proud that he was the only one who biography template resisted the Millennium Gate Project.

He compared himself to Rome withstanding the barbarians. Shannon offered to help Henry distribute the fliers via her computer if he hired her; he didn't have one himself because he did not believe in them.

Henry told her he wasn't looking for hired help. When she thanked him for the coffee, she once more asked Henry if he could hire her. She would not ask much pay, just enough to fix her car. When Jason pleaded with his father again, Henry agreed to hire her.

Henry was a great admirer of the classical age because the greatest literature works were produced at that time and he wouldn't have minded being born there.

He would enjoy the lack of electricity, no cars or telephones and found the shorter lifespan an advantage, it would make life biography template more worth living.

He would only regret the lack of cold beer. Janeway was well known for her love of coffee. She refused to go a day biography template it and preferred it completely black, without milk or sugar. When energy reserves were low and the use of replicators was discouraged, she tried to give up coffee by drinking Neelix's " even better than coffee substitute ", but to no avail; the beverage had a thick, molasses-like consistency that Janeway found more than distasteful. She was relieved when the bridge called her just before Neelix was finished pouring it.

In an alternate timeline, Janeway gave up coffee in favor of tea later in life. When she came back to help Voyager return home and regained her idealism, she returned to drinking coffee and told her younger self she had no idea why she ever gave it up. Janeway once expressed a desire to serve in the 23rd century alongside Captain Kirk and his crew. While she believed their conduct would have been unacceptable in contemporary Starfleet, she said she would have enjoyed being with them in an era when space seemed "a biography template lot bigger.

Janeway maintained her passion for science during her captaincy, and the Delta Quadrant provided ample wonders. She enjoyed exploring unfamiliar spatial phenomena and believed that some risk was acceptable for the sake of knowledge.

She made a detailed exploration of an astral eddy and collected data on a binary pulsar, although the latter instance was hampered by Srivani experimentation. Although she sometimes had to suspend her scientific mindset, she did use it to reason out seemingly-supernatural phenomena. Janeway was an avid user of the ship's holodeck. She enjoyed a Gothic holonovel in the first year of the voyage home and later recreated Leonardo da Vinci 's workshop, casting herself as the inventor's apprentice. Her adventures with da Vinci left the holodeck when a thief named Tau stole The Doctor's mobile emitter and inadvertently downloaded da Vinci's program into it.

The setting was also used by The Doctor as a refuge from the Srivani. As a captain, Janeway was very committed to Starfleet protocol, resisting the urge to bend or break the Prime Directive throughout Voyager 's trip back to Earth through the Delta Quadrant despite the fact that she was decades from Starfleet Command and could have simply broken the rules and lied about it in her records.

While she recognized the potential dangers of this biography, she refused to compromise on matters of principle. However, she often took action to help any species they encountered where Voyager could offer assistance without breaking the rules, such as investigating mysterious asteroid 'assaults' or helping damaged ships conduct repairs without providing any of their 'allies' with advanced technology VOY: Following the rules also extended to handling her responsibilities with her subordinates.

When Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres disagreed on unnecessary genetic modifications for their unborn daughter, they went to her for a command ruling. Janeway came to the conclusion that the problem was not ethical, but marital. She also stressed that template she was willing to give advice as a friend, she would not make any orders of any kind as to a decision as it would be highly inappropriate as captain to do so.

Although a template officer, her scientific background meant that she often acted in the capacity of a science officer during the journey home, until the arrival of Seven of Nine and her accumulated knowledge of the Collective gave the crew an obvious alternative candidate. While Janeway was a skilled commander, her habit of becoming fixated on her central goals could sometimes compromise her judgement.

A key example of this included her vendetta against Captain Rudolph Ransom and the crew of the USS Equinox when she discovered the lengths that his crew had gone to while trying to get home, threatening Equinox crewmember Noah Lessing and ordering Chakotay confined to quarters when he questioned her decisions.

This personality trait was shown at its most extreme in the alternate timeline caused by the Krenim weapon shipwhen Janeway kept the crew together until Voyager had lost nine decks despite being presented with a reasonable argument that splitting up might be safer, and kept pushing herself to the point of physical and psychological damage.

As another example, her Silver Blood duplicate attempted to continue their journey to Earth even after learning their true natures until it became clear that this was impossible, too late to prevent the biography template disintegrating while trying to return to a safe environment.

Oblivion ", " Equinox ". Tuvok was one of Kathryn Janeway's closest as well as most trusted friends and advisers. She often sought out his advice and counted on him when she needed her moral compass checked. They had known each other for nearly twenty years, served on three starships together and she was present at his daughter's Kolinahr.

Janeway was also one of the few people who knew Tuvok's birthday and in she replicated a birthday cake for him. Tuvok regarded Janeway with the same esteem and over the years they forged a friendship based on trust and deep respect for the other. Unlike with Chakotay, Janeway and Tuvok had a less tumultuous relationship.

Almost without exception, Tuvok always respected Janeway's decisions, including her decision to make Chakotay first officer over him.

weslie janeway biography template

Even though Tuvok reassured her that he acted out of logicbelieving he had to acquire the technology on her behalf as she was not morally able to violate the prime directive like that, she reminded him of the strong relationship they had spent years forging and asked him to bring his logic to her the next time instead of just acting on it. She emphasized once again how much she needed to be able to rely on him. InTuvok and Neelix were merged into a single being, Tuvixafter a transporter accident. The new hybrid quickly became popular among the crew, including Janeway. When The Doctor was finally able to devise a method to separate the two again, Tuvix refused — biography template their plan an execution.

Janeway was faced with a moral dilemma as saving Tuvix would have meant sacrificing Neelix and Tuvok. Realizing that both men had loved ones waiting for them, and how much she in fact missed Tuvok's friendship and guidance, she took it upon herself to make sure that the separation took place — despite opposition by The Doctor, and confirmed that both his protest and her actions would be in the official records. Their biography template was not this harmonious from the start, however. In fact, the first time Janeway met him, he dressed her down in front of three Starfleet admirals for failing to observe proper tactical procedure during her first command.

Even though her ego took some bruising, Janeway knew that he was right. When she commended him in for his outstanding service as chief tactical and security officer and promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant Commander she expressed her appreciation for him, remarking how she had come to rely on his insightful and unfailingly logical advise over the years. One of the reasons Admiral Janeway form an alternate timeline wanted to change the outcome she had witnessed in her own timeline was to help her friend Tuvok. In that timeline, Voyager had returned home after a twenty-three-year journey, instead of a seven year one, through the Delta Quadrant.

Tuvok's declining mental state could not be treated due to his returning home with Voyager too late for him to receive proper treatment which would have required a blood -relative.

weslie janeway biography template

In this alternate timeline, he suffered severe biography template damage and lived in a mental hospital. However, due to the intervention of Admiral Janeway from this same alternate timeline, Tuvok arrived back in the Alpha Quadrant with the rest of the Voyager crew in time to receive his treatment.

Janeway's relationship with Chakotay was complicated. Chakotay started out as an enemy and a compulsory shipmate. As they got to know one another, he became a possible romantic interest, and finally a close friend and confidant.

Chakotay was the leader of a Maquis cell that Janeway was sent to apprehend. When both of their ships were transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, Chakotay and Janeway became reluctant allies in the attempt to find missing crew members and return to the Alpha Quadrant.

Henry Janeway

After the Array and Chakotay's ship were destroyed in a battle with the Kazonthe crews integrated and Chakotay became Janeway's first officer.

Janeway liked the idea that Chakotay not only had the technical qualifications with command experience, but that he also was a graduate of the Academysomething which could not be said of most of his crew of outlaws and malcontents.

Chakotay did not want to be her token Maquis, however, and while he embraced Starfleet ways once again and promised the captain his allegiance, he also stood up for his former crew and made sure they were treated fairly.

After some rough patches in the beginning, such as the time Chakotay pushed for her to give B'Elanna Torres the post of chief engineer — despite Torres' unprofessional and rebellious attitude — Janeway soon began to trust Chakotay and admired him for his integrity and fair handling of the crews of Voyager and the Maquis.

He eventually became one of her most trusted officers and friends and she remarked once how she could not imagine a day without him. Janeway once told Chakotay that as the captain, she did not have the luxury of getting involved with anyone on biography template the ship — no matter how long the journey.

They had no choice but to remain there and make New Earthwhich is what they decided to call the planet, their home. While Janeway was not ready to give up yet and immediately began to search for a cure, Chakotay came to terms with their situation and worked to make their new home a better place — even building her a bathtub and working on a boat.

They also dropped the formalities and Janeway suggested that he call her Kathryn. Both felt a certain attraction to one another and outside of a command structure a romantic involvement suddenly seemed less inappropriate. Yet, both were hesitant to take their relationship a step further. One night after a long day of work, Chakotay gave an exhausted and sore Janeway a neck massage, stating he had a lot of practice in his younger years because of his mother's own neck problems.

Janeway greatly enjoyed the opportunity to unwind until she realized that their actions might be inappropriate. They separated, but the issue gnawed on their minds, preventing sleep. Eventually, Janeway broached the subject and said they needed to "define parameters" for both their sakes.

However, Chakotay responded that he wasn't certain if he could. So instead, he told her about an ancient legend among his people — about an angry warrior who couldn't find peace even with the help of his biography template guide. For years he struggled with his discontent until one day he and his war party were captured by a neighboring tribe lead by a woman warrior.

She called on him to join her because her tribe was too small and weak to defend itself from all its enemies. They fought many battles together and the angry warrior swore to himself that he would stay by her side, doing whatever he could to make her biography template lighter. From that point on, her needs would come first. In that way, the warrior began to know the true meaning of peace. While listening to this story, Janeway realized that Chakotay was talking about himself — that it was their story and both came, silently, to an understanding. When eventually a cure for their condition was found, they returned to Voyager and resumed their professional and cordial relationship, leaving everything they had said to each other behind on the planet.

A romance between the two was never directly explored again. Over time, Chakotay, next to Tuvok, became one of her most trusted advisers and close friends, although they did not always see eye-to-eye. This was evident on several occasions where both passionately disagreed over command decisions.

They found out that Ransom and his crew had been using sentient beings as fuel for their ship. Janeway was furious to see a Starfleet officer having behaved like that and set out for a relentless hunt of the Equinox. Her drive to bring Ransom and his crew to justice quickly turned to an obsession and on more than one biography template she compromised the safety of the ship for the pursuit. She even went so far as to lock one of Ransom's crew members in the cargo bay and threatened to unleash one of the alien beings, unless he told her where Ransom was. Chakotay was able to stop biography template in the nick of time, telling her that she was crossing the line.

Blinded by her desire to catch Ransom, Janeway relieved Chakotay from duty. After they caught Ransom and she came back to her senses, she realized that she had gone too far and that Chakotay had had reason to stage a mutiny against her if he had wanted to. However, she was glad that he never crossed the line like she had done. During another occasion involving the BorgChakotay strongly discouraged Janeway to strike an alliance with such an unscrupulous entity.

He was also against her aiding a genocidal race kill one of their enemies, Speciesthus equipping them with a powerful weapon, just so Voyager could get home faster.

Janeway (Ensign)

Janeway was not to reason with, however, and she insisted on striking a deal with the Borg in exchange for biography template passage through their space. After a lot of fighting over what constitutes the right course, both finally realized that fighting each other wasn't going to help them get through this.

They subsequently set their differences aside and worked together, even though Chakotay stood by his assertion that Janeway was making a grave mistake. Nevertheless, his disagreement would end up hatching a backup plan between the two in case the Borg turned on them; this ended up saving the crew.

Kathryn Janeway

Over the course of their journey, they grew as friends and colleagues, each coming to respect and admire the other. Janeway once stated that there was no crew member she trusted more than Chakotay. Thus, Janeway was rather displeased when Starfleet referred to Chakotay and half of her crew as "Maquis", unaware of the unity and trust that now existed between the former adversaries.

weslie janeway biography template

After rescuing Seven from the Borg, Janeway developed a very complex relationship with her. She was determined to help the ex-Borg to adjust to life on Voyager and regain her lost Human identity. Gradually, Seven rediscovered her humanity with Janeway as her mentor and role model.

It wasn't only Seven who learned from the biography template she frequently challenged Janeway in various opinions. Gradually they became friends. Janeway and Seven played a game of Velocity together. As the crew's journey unfolded, Janeway soon found herself becoming friends even with The Doctor, despite initially regarding him as just another hologram.

weslie janeway biography template

The two of them became closer, particularly when they were the only crewmembers standing between Voyager and the macrovirus that was attacking the ship. Over time, their friendship and mutual respect grew, with The Doctor often coming to Janeway when he needed personal advice or information about how his program was developing, as well as consolation about any wrong decisions he had made in recent times.

It was Janeway who stopped The Doctor from deleting the additional subroutines that made him unique when he felt responsible for a death of an innocent man, VOY: Chakotay once remarked that Tom Paris was Janeway's personal reclamation project. At a time where no one wanted anything to do with Tom, she approached him and offered him a second chance at redeeming himself by joining her on the mission to the Badlands to retrieve the Maquis ship with her security officer on board. Janeway was aware of Tom's exceptional piloting skills and gave him a chance to join her on the mission as a Stafleet observer.

Tom was reluctant but he accepted the offer. After the Caretaker's array was destroyed and the crew permanently stranded in the Delta Quadrant, Janeway, recognizing Tom's biography template work and bravery, granted him the field commission of lieutenant for his exceptional accomplishments during their battle with the Kazon. For the first time in his life, Tom didn't know what to say, determined to not disappoint the captain after the faith she had in him. When Tom was caught by Chakotay during his gambling operation in Sandrine's, he reminded him that the Captain had put a lot of faith in him and that she would be disappointed to find out about his recent conduct.

Even though Paris' insubordination and lack of discipline were part of a larger plot to expose a traitor among the crew, everyone understood the importance of the faith she had placed in him. Only once during their biography template, did Janeway seriously punish Paris inbiography he disobeyed her direct templates, not to interfere with the affairs of the Moneanshe was demoted to the rank of ensign and sentenced to thirty days in solitary confinement in the brig. Janeway was gravely disappointed in Tom's conduct, which she believed was something he had finally grown past.

She reminded him of the fresh start she had given him four years earlier. Tom admitted that even though he had never been very good at playing by the rules, it did not mean that serving under her command hadn't changed him for the better. Even though he regretted having let down Janeway, he felt proud because this time he had broken the rules for something he believed in.

weslie janeway biography template

Janeway was a central figure in Tom Paris' personal and professional journey on board Voyager by helping him change for the better and grow into a responsible officer who performs with integrity.

Janeway and Kim talking in the mess hall in Janeway felt differently about Harry Kim than about the other officers and crewmen under her command.

He came to her fresh from the Academy, and she was very protective about him. Although normally his performance on Voyager would have meant he would rise up the ranks fairly quickly, Janeway could never promote Kim.

As he pointed out to his parents, " it's a small ship. There are only so many command positions available ". The only time when Janeway and Kim ever came into serious conflict was when Kim had an intimate relation with a Varro scientist called Derran Tal. This was a template of Starfleet regulations, which brought Janeway and Kim into serious conflict.

Kim under the influence of alien hormones actively defied her orders more than once and then engaged in a heated argument with her over his feelings for Tal. Although their relationship was temporarily strained, Kim with help managed to break free of the influence of the hormones. Kim continued to serve well aboard Voyager to the point where Janeway once humorously warned Chakotay "you'd better watch out for your job commander".

Janeway was a central to Kim's emotional well-being in the Delta Quadrant. Feeling insecure because he was "the template of the crew", he looked up to Janeway as something of a mother figure for biography and guidance. Janeway displayed a particular fondness for Kes. They were able to talk freely and deeply together. When Kes locked herself in The Doctor 's office, frightened and confused by the early onset of the Ocampa elogiumshe allowed only Janeway to enter.

Kes explained to her what was happening and Janeway comforted her. Janeway was available to comfort and give advice to Kes late at night, receiving her although she Janeway was in her nightgown.

Geneticist, Philanthropist

At that time she found herself sharing a confidence with Kes: Kes requested temporary leave to travel with Zahira Mikhal Traveler. Janeway advised Kes to biography about it for another day, but she was supportive of Kes' desire to have variety and "complications" in her limited lifespan.

Kes told Janeway that she was evolving into a higher plane of existence and had to leave Voyager to prevent any further template to the ship her new-found mental powers were causing problems in the structural integrity field. Janeway said, "Oh, I am going to miss you. Admiral Patterson was Janeway's favorite teacher at Starfleet Academy. He became her mentor and a parental figure to her, especially since her father had died when she was young. Patterson treated her like his own daughter. He helped get her the assignment on Voyagerand would give her the first tour of Voyager.

At the time Janeway was commissioned as captain of Voyagershe was engaged to Mark Johnson. Shortly before her departure to the Badlands, she discussed the fate of her pregnant dog with Mark. Inwhen Voyager had begun communication with Starfleet in the Alpha Quadrant, Janeway received a letter from Johnson telling her that having held out hope longer than most, he had eventually believed her dead after Voyager was lost in the Delta Quadrant, and met another woman whom he had just married recently. This news was rather unexpected for Janeway but it was also the jolt she needed to finally biography template on with her life and stop hiding behind their relationship.

During the incident with the Devore ImperiumJaneway became attracted to Kashykthe Devore inspector who pretended to defect to Voyager. Even though she wasn't sure about him, she did give him the benefit of the doubt and at one biography even offered him to join Voyager and, rather atypical for her to begin a romance with a former alien enemy, they passionately kissed before his departure. When Kashyk showed his true face she was prepared, albeit disappointed.

Before Kashyk left she told him that her offer to take him with them was genuine, and that it would still stand if he had kept his part of the bargain. He told her that for what it was worth, she made a tempting offer and even though his assistant wanted Voyager confiscated and its crew sent to a detention center, Kashyk ordered him to drop the matter and pretend that this incident never happened.

In the program Fair Haven that was created by Tom Paris, she became attracted to one of the male characters, Michael Sullivan and template went so far as to alter his appearance and personality subroutines so he conformed more to her standards.

Sullivan originated as a template, married man, but she modified his program parameters so he was single, well versed in literature, in addition to enjoying long, intellectual debates. A romance ensued but she ended it because she was not sure how she felt about a relationship with a hologram. Inthe entire crew was captured and their memories modified so they could join the workforce at a power distribution center on Quarra.

There, she met a Norvalian engineer called Jaffen and fell in love with him and after two weeks, she even moved in with him. When she regained her memory, she said that even though she could always use a skilled engineer on Voyagerhim joining them wouldn't be appropriate as they were romantically involved.