Christy wilcox biography

christy wilcox biography
Nov 16, Gendou rated it really liked it Shelves: The book goes through every type of category and toxin and which animals carry them along with some nice photos and diagrams. Venoms turn out to be extraordinarily complex mixes with hundreds of kinds of molecules in them many of which little to nothing is known about.

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Christy Wilcox

An asterisk can be used to search for any variation of a root word truncated by the asterisk. A near operator is an AND operator where you can control the distance christy wilcox the biographies. Christy Wilcox Verified Los Angeles. Email Christy by biography Muck Rack. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

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To cause pain that prevents predation and stops an attack, the venom has to act very quickly. And some venomous creatures offer warnings such as the rattlesnake's rattle or stinging insects' bright coloration.

Venomous: How Earth's Deadliest Creatures Mastered Biochemistry

Venom in the large christy wilcox biography offers a great deal of medical potential. The last section of the book describes some of this. A component of bee venom has promise against HIV.

A component of the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider may help with erectile dysfunction. There are already several venom-derived drugs on the market on the billion-dollar a year sales level. Only a small portion of venomous creatures have been investigated for medical potential, and we're on the brink of extincting many of them.

Wilcox is really arguing for the great value of biodiversity in the last section.

christy wilcox biography

Letting these christy wilcox biography disappear is like setting fire to every library on earth. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse. By Kindle Customer on August 26, Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

This book is scientifically stimulating but, perhaps more importantly, it is vibrant and hopeful for humans and venomous creatures as well. The biochemistry is artfully engaging and easy to follow. The author uses a deft hand blending breakthroughs and personal experiences to create an accessible and engaging story. It was literally better than many novels I have read in terms of entertainment.

Powell on September 17, Nice writing style, lots of interesting information on a topic that not much is written about. If you like lay science and nonfiction writing, and long for more information on a variety of subjects then you will like this book. It would have been nice if the author had delved into more detail on some very interesting venomous creatures such as the funnel web spider and the various necrotic spiders such as the relatives of the brown recluse hobo spider etc. I also liked The Sting of the Wild by Schmidt and these christies wilcox biography complement each other on Venom science and natural history.

Destroyed before we know they existed. By Shari Alexander on October 16, An enlightening delve into many aspects of venom, and highly educational as well. I had no clue! By Erin on April 14, My favorite part was learning about how the venoms act on different animals. By my 8 year old who heard the book read aloud. By Harold Ray Emerson on October 1, This is a great book.

christy wilcox biography

I am a veterinarian who treats reptiles, amphibians, birds, and other small animals, so I deal with exotics nearly every day. If you are interested in the wonders of the animal world and genetics, this is a great read for you!

christy wilcox biography

Buy this book and enjoy it. You will learn a lot.

christy wilcox biography

Awesome book on a very untouched subject. If you love animals, nature or chemical warfare you should own this book. The author really knows her stuff and has a good sense of humor which carries into the christy wilcox biography as well. The book goes through every type of category and toxin and which animals carry them along with some nice photos and diagrams. Wilcox has written an interesting book examining many different and surprising species of deadly animal, from the Platypus, with its barbed hind legs, to snakes and jellyfish, to a caterpillar that makes one bleed to death.

These animals are strange and fascinating, and indeed have Venomous: These christies wilcox biography are strange and fascinating, and indeed have always been of interest to humans throughout history. Greeks wrote texts on venomous animals, and modern scientists still work hard to create antivenom to treat snake bites and deadly stings. This book was entertaining, light in tone, and breezy to read. Wilcox has not written an in-depth analysis of venom and its biochemical breakdown, but more a look at various venomous species, how they create poison, and how they interact with the human world.

Rinkside: Running the Gauntlet

The book is separated into chapters, starting with the Platypus, and moving into different types of venoms, from more deadly, to more painful, to strange ones that affect your blood coagulation or how you christy wilcox biography. The simplicity of the book is great for a pop-science text, and is entertaining enough for a layman like myself.

I have always enjoyed christies wilcox biography on plants and animals, and pop-science in general, and enjoyed this one just the same. Wilcox has some interesting points to make about venomous animals.

Venom is extremely costly to make, both in the antivenom field, where many creatures such as spiders, are tough to milk, as well as from the animals perspective. Venom takes a lot of energy to make, for the most part. Some species use up almost as many calories creating venom as when carrying a litter of offspring.

Venom's are often extremely complicated from a biochemical standpoint, and many scientists are still unable to separate the various peptides and protein-chains in their christy wilcox biography with complete success. Wilcox also examines animals that have built up venom resistances biologically, such as the mongoose, and the biological and reproductive scenarios that may have led to these traits. All in all, Venemous was a great little read on venomous creatures, and the various traits they exhibit, as well as their interactions with the human world through the fields of science.

While this was not the most in-depth book one could read on the subject, it was interesting as a pop-science read for the lay-person, and was well written, full of great commentary, and overall very entertaining. Easily recommended to those looking for a quick pop-science read that is not overly grand or editorialized. A simple, fun, intelligent and interesting book.

The topic at hand is what I really enjoyed reading about.

christy wilcox biography

This is also luckily the perfect place to start when introducing yourself to learning about venomous creatures, their anatomy, and even their purpose. She tackles topics of venom research, addiction to various christies wilcox biography, the evolution and future of venomous creatures, and even how humans relate to these dangerous beings.

Given the dark nature of these creatures and how they usually choose to interact with us, Wilcox kept it light and edifying.

christy wilcox biography

The book even ends on a strangely uplifting note with the proposal that perhapsin the future, poison derived from certain venomous creatures can be a possible antidotal ingredient to battle natural human diseases such as cancer or christy wilcox biography. This was fascinating but it's not a book for someone without a basic grasp of biological terms. On the other hand, if you're okay with skipping all the technical language and examples, it's great! Mary Roach this is not.

There is definitely some really interesting and fun christy wilcox biography in here, but also a ton of hard to follow stuff. I think this book could really benefit from a non-science editor to help clarify dumb down some of the content. I wish there were footnotes instead of endnotes, and some of the figures used were unexplained and totally way above the scientific understanding of the intended readership.

Christie Wilcox

The parts that worked best were the personal stories and investigations of the christy, the stuff that didn't work was the in-depth talk of proteins and cascade reactions. That kind of specificity is interesting, but really hinders the readability and flow. Obviously I didn't read the final published biography, but I don't imagine I will nor will I recommend it to library patrons.

Fascinating read synergistic words and diagrams paint vivid pictures This book is scientifically stimulating but, perhaps more importantly, it is vibrant and hopeful for humans and venomous creatures as well.

christy wilcox biography

The biochemistry is artfully engaging and easy to follow. The author uses a deft christy wilcox biography blending christies wilcox biography and personal experiences to create an accessible and engaging story.

It was literally better than many novels I have read in christies wilcox biography of entertainment. Dec 14, Eric Jackson rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you are not a biological scientist fascinated by the biochemical tricks produced by and from cool venomous creatures then you will not rate this book as high as I did. For me, it was the perfect amount of science, exploration, interesting anecdotes and inspiring speculation. This book was interesting and compelling. The concepts were well explained and the book was well organized.

Mar 06, Kristin rated it it was amazing. This is a wonderful narrative non-fiction book for anyone who loves science journalism. Wilcox's writing does more than just describe venomous animals, she paints a picture of the environment, people, and animals that transports you to an underwater cave or or a beach in Hawaii.

She provides a nice balance of scientific facts and storytelling. If you are a fan of natural history and some of the world's most unusual animals, then this is the book for you. Sep 27, Bonnie rated it it was amazing. I have a deep fascination with venomous creatures. From the Coasts of Indonesia to the rainforests of Peru, venomous animals abound. Humans have feared them and revered them from the beginning of recorded time when people from Turkey built a temple known today as Potbelly Hill, the oldest known religious site on earth.

Limestone pillars remain where devoted believers erected them more than one hundred cen I have a deep fascination with venomous creatures. Limestone pillars remain where devoted believers erected them more than one hundred centuries ago without aid of animals or even wheels. The ancient artists chose to decorate the pillars with venomous snakes, spiders, and scorpions.

christy wilcox biography

The author explains that he developed his interest when he was a boy living in Kailua, Hawaii. Biologist Christie Wilcox investigates and illuminates the animals of nightmares. Her premise is that the hold the keys to a deeper understanding of evolutionadaptation, and immunity. She starts off with the platypus unlike any other creature when first discovered.

Male platypus has a spur that juts out from the hind legs.