Marcia cross biography imdb movie

marcia cross biography imdb movie
There is tension between Whitey, who thinks Dave is obviously guilty, and Sean, who is reluctant to suspect a childhood friend. In Style magazine, September

marcia cross biography imdb movie

But during his turn as Gabrielle Solis's gardener-lover John Rowland, some of Eva Longoria's star power must have rubbed off on him. Metcalfe was one of the few male alums to sort of make a name for himself: We wonder if they bond on set by sharing horror stories from their Wisteria Lane days?

Alfre Woodard Betty Applewhite True, she was only in seasons one and two, but we wanted to end on a more upbeat note: After selling millions of records as front man of Hootie and the Blowfish, Darius Rucker found success in the mostly white world of country music.

Marcia Cross

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Her career began inwhen she joined the cast of the daytime soap opera The Edge of Night After six months, the show ended its year run. The following year, inshe starred opposite Carroll O'Connor in the movie film Brass Marcia's marcia cross biography imdb was looking up when she was cast as Kate Roberts in another daytime soap opera, One Life to Liveand as Tanya in Another World Marcia was then seen opposite Tim Daly in the tearjerker romance Almost Grown Almost Grown was a television pilot that never got picked up, but is still very acclaimed to this day. She joined the cast of Knots Landing - an incredibly famous nighttime soap opera in After a year, she left to do work on a new television series called Melrose Place She was cast as the psychotic Dr.

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Kimberly Shaw on the prime-time soap opera. The show was a pop-culture phenomenon, going down in history as one of the most entertaining and memorable shows of the s.

marcia cross biography imdb movie

Marcia, who was starring opposite Heather LocklearCourtney Thorne-Smith and others, emerged as the fan favorite of the show. Inshe left the show in order to get her Master's Degree in Psychology.

marcia cross biography imdb movie

From toshe continued to act regularly. She starred in Dancing in September a critically acclaimed film, got herself the lead role in Living in Fearstarred in The Wind Effect a disturbing film about family, and even filmed Eastwicka television pilot that never was picked up.

Mystic River

She's in love with Brendan Thomas Guirya boy Jimmy angrily disapproves of. Theirs is a sweet puppy love; they plan to run away together, but before that can happen Katie is found brutally beaten and dead.

marcia cross biography imdb movie

Sean and Whitey are assigned to the case. Brendan is obviously one of the suspects, but so is Dave, who came home late the night of the murder, covered with blood and talking to his wife in anguish about a mugger he fought and may have killed.

marcia cross biography imdb movie

Although elements in "Mystic River" play according to the form of a police procedural, the movie is about more than the simple question of guilt. It is about pain spiraling down through the decades, about unspoken secrets and unvoiced suspicions.

marcia cross biography imdb movie

And it is very much about the private loyalties of husbands and wives. Jimmy says he will kill the person who killed his daughter, and we have no reason to doubt him, especially after he hires neighborhood thugs to conduct their own investigation. Linney, as his wife, has a scene where she responds to his need for vengeance, and it is not unreasonable to compare her character to Lady Macbeth.

marcia cross biography imdb movie

Harden, as Celeste, Dave's wife, slowly begins to doubt her husband's story about the mugger and shares her doubts. Another World Tanya Bad Influence Ruth Fielding.

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marcia cross biography imdb movie

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