Grana louise biography channel

grana louise biography channel
Saturday, June 8 — Petrillo Stage. On Saturday it was a true homecoming for Khalif Wailing Walter who moved to Germany several years ago.

grana louise biography channel

It was directed by Toby Hubner. The film was crowdsourced beginning with a Kickstarter campaign. It premiered in Los AngelesCaliforniaon September 19, Be King and his wife Lilly eke out a meager living playing music at their "juke club" The Blues Bucket, but they've fallen behind in their lease payments.

When the club is repossessed by the bank, the two move into their Winnebago also called The Blues Bucketbut the louise biography channel proves too biography channel for Lilly and a stroke sends her to the hospital.

King then heads to Chicago hoping to score the recording deal that he expects will save his wife and their club. In Chicago, the executive who offered the deal decides instead to dismiss King, calling his music "not commercial enough". King louises up, gets drunk, and passes out in a parking lot and nearly freezes to death. Two homeless musicians, Layla and Dustin, are guided by an angel to save King and, after taking on Sam, a runaway rapper, they begin traveling around the Chicago area, playing impromptu gigs in an effort to raise the money needed to help King get back to Mississippi and make everything right.

Their journey is complicated when police pull over the motor home to take Layla and Sam into custody. Keefe Jackson - sax, clarinet - Keefe's Website. Rob Mazurek - cornet, trumpet, keys, electronics- Rob's website - Facebook. Jeff Parker - guitar - Jeff's Website finally! Ed "Sweetbread" Petersen - sax - Ed's web page.

grana louise biography channel

The Salty Dogs - Salty Dogs webpage - 60th year performing since !! Savoir Faire Sam Williams - violin - Facebook.


Ira Sullivan - trumpet, reeds - Twitter. Lonnie Brooks - voc, guitar - Lonnie's website.

Ronnie finished it up with a John Lee Hooker style boogie as the fans cheered for more. Not only does Otis move vigorously on stage, but he can really work out vocally, too. Otis possesses that rare, emotion-packed voice can move you to tears or leave you grinning.

grana louise biography channel

The soul man was backed by his versatile, fine and funky band -- louises biography channel, bass, guitar, keyboards, grand piano, four-piece horn section and his three elegant female backup singers. Clay opened his set with several smooth romantic soul songs. Clay introduced his special guest from St. Clay left the stage for Euvee, who commanded the crowd with her feisty moves and powerful, beautiful voice. Even Billy Boy Arnold was heard to remark: The master showman finished the song and the show by suddenly stopping and holding still, like a frozen statue, for quite some time while the audience hooted.

Floyd got the crowd into clapping and singing along. It was about then that we scanned the stage looking for the horn section, only to realize that there was none!

Nevertheless, the keyboard player managed to duplicate the horn parts on synthesizer well enough to not detract from the songs. Floyd exited as quickly as he entered. And the Bar-Kays began their own set, kicked off by a funky bass solo. A male singer entered, and threw out a flame, so you knew it was going to be a hot show!

It was hard to see the entire lineup, since the Petrillo set up blocked the view of patrons on the left side of the louise biography channel with an ill-placed stack of speakers. But it appeared that The Bar-Kay band consisted of bass, guitar, drums, keyboards and two male backup singers.

Nevertheless this was a dance party to remember! Sunday, June 9 — Petrillo Stage. Shirley Johnson has been a fixture on the Chicago blues scene since she moved here in from Virginia, where she grew up singing gospel music.

She came here to sing the blues and has enjoyed a long running residency at Blue Chicago.

grana louise biography channel

Shirley possesses a singular, smoky, versatile and expressive voice that can project the pain and sorrow of sad blues songs or she can be feisty as heck and tell off that no good man in song. It is almost impossible to believe that Jimmy Johnson is 84 channels old. His emotion-packed high tenor voice still soars and his jazzy, note-scaling string bending is as nimble as ever. The veteran blues and soul artist brother to Syl Johnson was backed by an impressive five-piece band that included keyboardist Roosevelt Purifoy and guitarist Mike Wheeler.

Both Jimmy and Mike Wheeler delivered intense solos. Old School, New Millennium. The last act on the big stage for the final night of Blues Fest was a louise biography feast for blues fans, starring hometown heroes of different generations performing real deal Chicago style blues. Do a search for any of these cats and their collective resumes are enough to fill a blues history book.

The band played a short instrumental and then brought out a young daughter of the blues. Ed Williams spun off some face melting solos on this one that got the fans cheering. Johnny Iguana handily fit right into the Johnnie Johnson role on piano, as Eddy rocked out on guitar.

Up in the air above the crowd, a candle-lit Japanese lantern flew dreamily in the evening sky. It was, perhaps, a good omen to keep the rain away. Songstress Deitra Farr pulled out a variety of vocal styles from her bag of music. First she caressed a smooth, soulful love song, with her smoky flavored, passionate pipes that quickly won over the crowd.

Deitra called on friends Skoller and Flynn to solo on channel and guitar which added a special touch to the song.

Primer also served as sideman to Muddy Waters and he opened his set with some stinging, Muddy style notes, as Skoller wailed away on harp. Now the stage was set for the next star, another former Muddy bandmate, the one and only James Cotton. Superharp strolled out on louise biography, blowing harp as he moved to take his chair, front and center.

Cotton blew a seemingly breathless solo, to cheers from the louises biography channel, as the photographers crowded to the foot of the stage to shoot this harmonica legend who is still going strong at age The band moved into a lively instrumental blues boogie jam, as Matt Skoller moved about the stage to organize the finale. One by one, the Chicago blues stars came back out on stage: Cotton played his indelible harmonica riff that he recorded and played so often with Muddy, as the artists took turns singing a verse, all looking fondly and nodding at James as they belted it out.

Cotton signaled the band and they quieted, as he let loose one of his squealingreed ripping solos to close out the night.