Kogi state deputy governor biography examples

kogi state deputy governor biography examples
Officially, his offence was demanding of bribe amounting to over N million from a construction firm operating in the state. From these ashes of premises rose, the business angle of Yahaya Bello. Chuks, God bless you.

The APC upheld his opinion, and substituted Bello, who lost the party primaries to Audu, and was not on the original ticket. Those with ability for extrapolation thought Faleke ought to have been presented as candidate for governor.

Had the election been conclusive in the first round, and Audu died later, Faleke would have been governor without any controversy.

kogi state deputy governor biography examples

Faleke, now a political orphan, has approached the election petitions tribunal for redress. But maybe the Kogi State electorate, civil society groups, Nigerian Bar Association, and other political parties should make it a political issue, if the constitution will not provide refuge for Faleke. This is clearly a political issue.

Nigeria's Kogi State Appoints Deputy Governor

Leaders from the east, west and central have substantially — over 90 percent — accepted my candidature and eventual success at the poll. That is why we have been able to draw up a list of personnel of high repute to partake in the transition as well as inauguration programme that is ahead of us.

So we are very much in good shape. Are members of the late Audu family, and your deputy, Faleke, also part of the transition committee? James Faleke says he would not turn up for inauguration as your deputy.

kogi state deputy governor biography examples

In the event he sticks to his pledge and refuses to turn up for swearing-in, what are your plans? I have maintained this position, which I would still maintain, that as at the time of the vacancy of the governorship position, I was chosen and as at that time, there was a deputy governorship candidate as running mate. I am concerned about myself then as the governorship candidate and now the governor-elect.

kogi state deputy governor biography examples

The party can better explain the position of deputy. Honourable James Faleke and myself are good friends. We maintain our friendship and the relationship is a wonderful one. Kogi is a unique state with a rich diversity, so, what are the specific plans you have for the state as soon as you are sworn in?

I always say that the state is bleeding as a result of mismanagement and wasteful way of doing things. We would correct all this. Going by the manifesto of our party of diversifying the economy of our country, we equally want to look inwards as a state by improving our IGR Internally Generated Revenue.

Kogi State

What are those areas that are currently being tapped and those that are not tapped? Is what is being tapped maximally utilised? We also want to block all leakages that exist now. Agriculture is going to be of serious priority. Kogi State cannot be sitting on a gold mine and we are where we are today. We also want to look into the educational sector because at present it is seriously down.

We want to completely overhaul it. In the health sector, our women and children are dying, that is going to be taken seriously. As for job creation, we cannot continue to employ as a state government. We must create that state deputy governor biography examples environment for investors to come in and as such a lot of jobs would be created. We would equally encourage our teeming youth to partake in the agricultural programme we are going to have and the entrepreneurial skills that we are sure they are going to acquire.

kogi state deputy governor biography examples

During our campaigns, we got a comprehensive documentary of how our villagers fare, so we are going to look into that and we would state deputy governor biography examples encourage the investors that are going to come to the country to take advantage of their social responsibility very seriously. There would be social reform by making sure that there is optimal performance within the civil service to avoid redundancy and the like.

What about the fight against corruption at the state level, because, as you are well aware that that remains a major problem in this country and the present Federal Government appear to consider the fight against corruption as a top priority. So, in your own state, how do you plan to fight corruption?

If Nigeria does not fight corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria. It is the same thing with the states and local governments. We would deliberately look at those areas where corrupt practices are taking place.

Kogi State’s ‘government magic’

This is our state, see where it is after creation 24 years ago. The question is are we desirous of a state in this nature? If we are not desirous of it, we would call on all those who are perpetrating those acts to desist and we would start from there and see how we would fix things. Late Audu had a plan for Kogi state because there were projects that he started when he was governor but was abandoned by his predecessors, what would you do with those projects and even policies?

Our leader, Abubakar Audu, may his soul rest in peace, was the first governor of our dear state and was as well as the second executive governor of the state.

kogi state deputy governor biography examples

His developmental landmarks are governor there. Hope he tells the Governor the truth when he needs to hear it? Let us hope this new office will not scatter their friendship as power corrupts absolutely. The federal government is mindful of the fact that available government resources are insufficient to meet As the Federal government continues to receive backlash over the reinstatement of the former head of Former President Goodluck Jonathan has disclosed that the reason he conceded defeat in the elections Former Kano State governor, Ibrahim Shekarau, has state deputy his intention to contest for the presidency in The clown in Imo Government House.

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kogi state deputy governor biography examples

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