Upendrakishore raychaudhuri biography of donald

upendrakishore raychaudhuri biography of donald
From Around the Web. The lush green fields and forests, the streams and ponds of his childhood home, wove a magic spell that stayed with him forever, even in the heart of Calcutta, where he spent all his adult life. In April , when the building for the new press at , Garpar Road was still under construction, Upendrakishore started the magazine Sandesh , a popular children's magazine in Bengali that is still published today.

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His grandfather, Upendrakishore Ray Roychowdhury was a distinguished writer, painter, a violin player and a composer. He was also a pioneer in half-tone block making and founded one of the finest presses in the country - U.

Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury

He died six years before Satyajit Ray was born. His father, Sukumar Raythe eldest son of Upendra Kishore, studied printing technology in England and joined the family business. He too was an eminent poet, writer and illustrator of nonsense literature in the tradition of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear.

upendrakishore raychaudhuri biography of donald

Sukumar Ray fell ill the year Satyajit Ray was born with a dreaded tropical disease of the time - Kala-azar. He regularly contributed poems, stories and illustrations to 'Sandesh', a children's magazine in Bengali which Satyajit Ray's grandfather had started publishing and printing. Need less to say the child Satyajit was fascinated by the block making and the printing process.

upendrakishore raychaudhuri biography of donald

In 's, Ray family had embraced 'Brahmo Samaj', sect within Hindu society. He pioneered in India in the art of engraving and was the first to attempt color printing in the black and white era.

upendrakishore raychaudhuri biography of donald

He was born on 12 May in Moshua, a small village of Bengal, now a part of Bangladesh. He was also proficient in English as well as Indian and British Indian legal systems. At the age of five, Kamadaranjan was adopted by Harikishore, their relative who was a zamindar.

Tuntunir Boi by Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury

Thus he was renamed as Upendrakishore and given the surname, Raychaudhuri. His education was completed at Kolkata. Upendrakishore was the first person to introduce modern block making in south Asia.

upendrakishore raychaudhuri biography of donald

Upendrakishore Raychaudhuri, his grandfather, had started publishing Sandesh primarily as a magazine for children, but it was much superior in style and content compared to what was done in the genre till then by the likes of Keshab Chandra Sen Balak BandhuGyanadanandini Devi Balak or Shibnath Sahtri Mukul.

Sandesh, for the first time, brought together stalwarts like Rabindranath Tagore, Abanindranath Tagore, Jagadish Bose and Satyendranath Tagore, writing short stories, novels and poems for children. If Upendrakishore's Sandesh was for children, Sukumar raised the bar and made it a teen's magazine," said Sujoy Shome, a key member of Team Sandesh during Ray's time.

Sandesh scores sweet century, promises to bounce back

But Sukumar's untimely death hit Sandesh hard. Though his brother Subinoy tried to keep it afloat, U Roy and Sons, the publisher, went bankrupt and it was auctioned off. Subhabindu Biswas, who was till then the publisher's manager, tried to revive it. Subinoy, now an employee of the publication that his family once owned, made a last-ditch effort to make a fresh start.

upendrakishore raychaudhuri biography of donald

Rabindranath's Tagore's 'Shey' and writings of Leela Majumdar were published at regular intervals, but inpublication stopped indefinitely. Taking a cue from Subhash Mukhopadhyay during an informal chat, Satyajit Ray revived Sandesh and published it successfully for 31 long years.

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It was with Satyajit that Sandesh started to have a socio-political impact. He focused on stories based on people from the lower rung of the society.

upendrakishore raychaudhuri biography of donald

Can a house embrace strangers and bind them together? Or is it the people inhabiting it that really work the magic?

upendrakishore raychaudhuri biography of donald

Located at the point where Purnadas Road veers off the tram- rastait was one of those remarkable houses that hid its treasures behind a bland, if gracious, facade.

The house buzzed with energy, sometimes acting as a distribution centre for milk for homeless children and sometimes with the excitement of a new issue of Sandesh. How could any place have been so bewitching?