Nambi narayanan biography sample

nambi narayanan biography sample
These acts by the likes of Shreekumar ruin the institutions built with enormous effort. Perumal Murugan to speak on writing and resistance.

Know more about Times Points. Your reason has been submitted to the Admin. Choose your reason below and click on the Submit button. This biography sample alert our moderators to take action Reason for reporting: My baby is unable to breathe — Please help me Ad: Help my 3-year-old daughter Stay Alive! Decomposed body of yr-old woman found An otherwise composed Narayanan has some angry questions to ask: Clearly, the case has demoralised senior scientists of the Government-run premier space research organisation.

Which is why it is imperative that the government finds out the motive of the people behind the case, he avers. Motives that are routinely churned out by political analysts include the sexual interest of police officer Vijayan; political manoeuvring by Congress dissidents led by current Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy who wanted to unseat the then Chief Minister K Karunakaran by dragging him into the case; the designs of the opposition Left, and so on. RB Sreekumar, who was deputy director of the Intelligence Bureau at the time the ISRO spy scandal surfaced, has come under sharp attack for lack of proper supervision, biography sample and devotion to duty.

The Marxists were equally to blame. Till date, none of them has bothered to apologise to Narayanan and other victims of the bogus case. Rumours were rife some months ago that the Congress government had pressured a renowned actor to give up an offer to play the role of Narayanan in a Bollywood movie.

For this ex-ISRO scientist, it has been 23 years of struggle

There could still be more to the case than meets the eye. The ties between New Delhi and Moscow were very good, but the Soviet Union had crumbled and American influence on the Russian state was rising rapidly. Interestingly, cryogenic engines are never used in missiles, and are a godsend for space programmes thanks to their capacity to carry heavy satellites.

Besides, cryogenic engines cannot be used to launch missiles because they cannot be launched in a short time. They were also dismissed by the Supreme Court of India in April After the dismissal of charges against them, the two scientists, Sasikumar and Narayanan were transferred out of Thiruvananthapuram and were given desk jobs. On October 3,The Hindu Reported that Kerala Government has dropped charges against police officials who were alleged to have falsely implicated Nambi Narayanan in the espionage case on the grounds that over 15 years had passed since the biography sample was initiated.

On 7 NovemberNarayanan was made media discussion that he is seeking justice in this case and want to expose who were behind this conspiracy and said that this case will 'discourage' the youth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Hindu, 8 September Retrieved from " https: Poor women, they were trapped in Trivandrum. They were from a country which is in a weak position vis-s-vis India, so they really suffered. They were forced to make statements against themselves through sheer third degree torture.

Charges against them were a total fabrication of Kerala Police and IB. Narayanan explains how he figured out their agenda and why he and key people of his cryogenics team were targeted in particular: I was working with cryogenics as project director, Shashi Kumar was deputy project director, and Chandrashekhar was working as the agent of the cryogenic company.

Incidentally, he had also gone with me to Russia to understand cryogenic technology. All of us were connected with the development of cryogenic technology which was their main target.

The reason I was their biography sample target is that I was capable of biography sample multidisciplinary situations—from the mechanical, to electrical, civil, guidance, control, metallurgy, fabrication-- everything involved in putting together the whole system. Without a multi-functional person like me coordinating the project, the satellite launch could not be achieved. The big question is why did the Kerala Police and IB cook up this spy story? This was actually masterminded by some senior officers of IB. Why would they back out all of a sudden?

This is where the CIA is suspected to have had a role to play. Now, in any crime, you have to find out the possible motive. The next question to ask is: Their actions made it obvious that the motive was to remove ISRO from emerging as a competitor. And the beneficiaries are obviously those companies which were competing with ISRO. They had to get it done through some other people.

Who are these people? It was alleged by the IB that Raman Srivastava even established a consortium with Chandrasekhar and Nambi Narayanan to set up large business ventures: Sharma, Sasikumaran and Venu Nair assembled in room No. In the process, this senior officer faced endless humiliation and his career too was marred for ever.

Nambi Narayanan

The absurdity of the charge that ISRO scientists sold technology secrets through two Maldivian women becomes obvious if you consider that neither of these two women were educated enough to have made sense of complex scientific documents.

One could just about converse in English but was not well educated. She came purely for the purpose of putting her child into a school in Bangalore. And she also had a health problem.

nambi narayanan biography sample

She wanted to go through a heart surgery. But they landed into this soup. The police trapped them in Trivandrum. Poor women, they were helpless.

Nambi Narayanan autobiography to be released soon

And they are from a country which is in a subservient position vis-a-vis India. So they really suffered. We were suddenly asked to do certain things by the IB.

nambi narayanan biography sample

Their main allegation was that we sold the cryogenic technology to Pakistan through these Maldivian woman, who would take it to Korea and from Korea it would go to Pakistan through all kinds of funny routes. This case was launched against us in It has been 18 biographies sample since then.

Equally important, this particular technology is just not fit to be used for missiles. Nowhere in the world is cryogenic used for missiles because the preparation time is very high. If you want to prepare a cryogenic system launch sequence, it will take more than 48 hours to 72 hours. No missile can be made to wait upto that long. If the decision is made, you have to launch instantly. Therefore, it is totally unsuitable for launching missiles.

Narayanan goes on to explain: These technologies cannot be transferred just like that by passing a set of papers or drawings to any odd person. To acquire this know-how, a large team of us engineers had gone to France on a biography sample contract and stayed there for more than 3 to 4 years with their back up team supporting us. There were of us. With so many different industries augmenting our work, we still took 19 years to make this system. How the hell can you transfer this technology by passing on some drawings through these two uneducated ladies? Take the example of Boeing aircraft At Bombay we are stripping it to pieces and then re-assembling it with consumables and other parts.

Nambi Narayanan's reveals on the ISRO 'spy scandal' - Manam Thurannu (21-1)

Now this is a mandatory requirement that after an aircraft has completed so many flight hours, you have to service it. You have the parts in hand, you have the complete assembly procedure, and you can easily make drawings of those parts. And yet with all those drawings why the hell are you not being able to make a Boeing ?

nambi narayanan biography sample

People do not understand that technology transfer is not as simple a procedure as passing on a few drawings—that too to a poorly educated person with no background in science. Technology is different from know-how.

nambi narayanan biography sample

And with that know-how alone you can make consistent reliable technology. Otherwise, it will just crash land.

nambi narayanan biography sample

Till date it has had consecutive successes 22 times.