Face the nation ninoy aquino biography

face the nation ninoy aquino biography
Aquino was re-elected in the and elections. Ethel Jose I love reading his letter and watching his interview johann Hi, was wondering if we may use some of your images from Ninoy Aquino's funeral in an article on SPOT.

A total of 16 low ranking soldiers were imprisoned for involvement in the murder. Ninoy Aquino's attempt to return to the Philippines, against the advice of many who knew him, was born of political opportunism.

He sensed that Marcos, who had assumed near dictatorial powers 11 years earlier, was weakening. Aquino tired of exile sought to lead that opposition. Ninoy's death marked the beginning of an era of political instability which arguably ended only in the last few years.

Benigno Aquino III

The period saw the "yellow revolution," the fall of Marcos, the presidential election of Aquino's widow "Cory," and a succession of weak presidencies marred by corruption and nepotism. A longtime friend writes from Manila that today the Philippines has reached a long sought "period of stability and economic growth; looking better than Asian neighbors like Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

My friend writes, "I have always been amazed how Aquino's widow and son stepped into his large shoes and while lacking much ambition or political skills delivered two of the more honest administrations in modern Philippine history.

The "Ninoy" I met exuded charisma. A fine speaker, I saw him as a clearly ambitious and calculating politician. Yet according to the Social Weather Station, a social research group founded in Manila in"P-noy" is the most popular of the five presidents since Marcos. The economy chugs along with a six percent growth rate. My friend notes, "building adequate infrastructure to accommodate increasing economic growth rates" has been the greatest challenge of the presidency. Spending on education had tripled. Raised cigarette taxes provide new funds for public health.

Still the P-noy administration's efforts have put only a dent in the nation's nation ninoy aquino biography problem. For one, she was inexperienced and did not know much about Philippine politics. Two, she was being thrust into the position of president — the highest position in the state. After spending a day in isolation in a church, Cory then decided that she will run for presidency against Marcos, who declared a snap election.

At first, Cory relied heavily on her aides and advisers to answer questions regarding political issues. This led to the doubts of political commentators on her capability to lead the nation. The oligarchs were supporting her because they believed that she will restore their lost nation ninoy aquino biography. The Catholic Church, through Cardinal Sin, vouched for her, and ultimately gave her the support and the vote of the religious. The middle class too sided with Cory because of the constricting biographies implemented by Marcos.

This led to the face of the people who supported Cory, with the addition of some of the low-ranking military officers. These officers, under Juan Ponce Enrile, defected because of the nepotism shown by Marcos in promoting military personnel. This movement by the people was met with tanks from the government.

At this point, the Philippines became the center focus of international media. Cory Aquino, age 75, was diagnosed with colon cancer on In a span of 16 months, the disease had spread to her other organs, which resulted to the weakening of her body. After being confined and treated with chemotherapy for a month in a hospital in Manila, her body became too weak to continue the chemotherapy.

On August 1,Cory died due to cardio-respiratory arrest. Before Noynoy Aquino became a biography inhe was a congressman from Tarlac from to In his three terms, he filed 21 bills, but none became part of the law.

Inhe ran for a senatorial position. In his senatorial campaign, Noynoy did poorly and was not recognized by the public. Come face period ofhe was elected 1 of the 12 senators of the Philippines. On September 9,in Club Filipino in Greenhills, he announced that he will continue the fight of his parents, and run for face the nation under the Liberal Party.

Majority of his campaign stratagem were designed to portray Noynoy as the son of Ninoy Aquino, considered to be the Filipino political martyr, and Cory Aquino, the woman who brought back democracy in the Philippines. He used the color and symbol of Ninoy and Cory, the yellow ribbon, to present himself as their scion that would continue their cause towards proper governance. With this affiliation to his parents, Noynoy won the May presidential elections by 5 million votes. Today, the Aquino family is subject to an cult of personality due to their involvement in the People Power Revolutionwhich lead to the overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos.

Large statues of both Ninoy and Cory were erected throughout the country to raise their status as saviors of Philippine democracy. Inthe cult of personality extends to the son of Ninoy and Cory, Benigno S. Aquino III to rally in support for the presidency. Roxas had a close relationship that they would call each the compadres. They had started a joint mining corporation and became partners in a law firm.

Salonga had helped each other in their own perspective fields. They also became senators in the elections under the Liberal Party. Jovito acted as the the between Gerry Roxas and Ninoy Aquino. They were co-politicians who were friends but also had a few major issues.

Jovito guided Ninoy and Gerry Roxas with their political careers. He had helped Ninoy in his campaign for Senate as he was receiving cases against him due to his age qualification.

In the elections, Mar Roxasthe son of Gerry Roxas, stepped down from vying for presidency as the LP presidentiable to give way to Noynoy Aquino. The two leading, or at least well known, political families were joined together by the marriage of Corazon Cojuangco and Benigno Aquino.

The Cojuangcos, who gained their wealth due to the continuous acquisition of land from farmers who cannot pay debts, became powerful enough to rule the northern part of Tarlac. The Aquinos on the other hand, became known for the positions held by members of this Family. Ninoy, and his father and grandfather, held important positions in the government.

Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. Aquino's opposition ended in August when, after living in the United States for three years, he returned to the Philippine capital of Manila and was assassinated killed at the airport. Aquino's death touched off massive demonstrations against President Marcos. Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino was born on November 27,in Tarlac Province, on the island of Luzon, to a prominent family.

Assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr.

He was the grandson of a general and the son of a Philippine senator who was also a wealthy landowner. His ambition and energy stood out early when, at age seventeen, he was sent by the Manila Times newspaper to report on the Korean War — At age twenty-two Aquino became the Philippines' youngest face the nation ninoy aquino biography in his home-town of Concepcion. Just six years later he became governor of Tarlac province a position similar to governing a state.

In Aquino once again made history when he became the youngest senator ever elected in the Philippines. Meanwhile, he married Corazon Cojoangcowith whom he eventually raised five children. Some hypothesized that Marcos had a long-standing order for Aquino's murder upon the latter's return. Mere hours after the shooting, the government declared that Rolando Galman, a Communist hitman acting on orders from Philippine Communist Party chairman Rodolfo Salas, was the man who killed Aquino.

Several members of the security detail in turn fired several shots at Galman, killing him. There were numerous irregularities in this version of events, not least of which was how an alleged lone gunman could have penetrated the security detail of over 1, face the nation ninoy aquino biography at the airport without assistance.

Politicians and diplomats found evident contradictions between the claim and the photos and the videotape footage that documented the time before and after the shooting. Marcos immediately created a fact-finding commission and called the Fernando Commission to investigate the Aquino assassination. Four retired Supreme Court Justices were appointed; they resigned after its composition was challenged in court. Tolentino declined appointment as board chairman.

However, the commission held only two sittings due to intense public criticism. Agrava [4] as chairwoman, with lawyer Luciano E. Salazar, businessman Dante G. Santos, labor leader Ernesto F. Herrera, and educator Amado C. Before it could start its work President Marcos accused the Communists of the killing of Senator Aquino: The decision to eliminate the former Senator, Marcos claimed, was made by none other than the general-secretary of the Philippine Communist Party, Rodolfo Salas. He was referring to his earlier claim that Aquino had befriended and subsequently betrayed his Communist comrades.

face the nation ninoy aquino biography

The Agrava Board conducted public hearings and requested testimony from several persons who might shed light on the crimes, including Imelda Marcos, and General Fabian VerChief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. In the subsequent proceedings, no one actually identified who fired the gun that killed Aquino, but Rebecca Quijano, another passenger, testified that she saw a man behind Aquino running from the stairs towards Aquino and his escorts point a gun at the back of his head, then there was the sound of a gunshot.

face the nation ninoy aquino biography

A post-mortem analysis disclosed that Aquino was shot in the back of the head at close range with the bullet exiting at the chin at a downward angle, which supported Quijano's testimony. More suspicions were aroused when Quijano described the assassin as wearing a military uniform. After a year of thorough investigation — with 20, pages of testimony given by witnesses, the Agrava Board submitted two reports to President Marcos — the Majority and Minority Reports.

It confirmed that the Aquino assassination was a military conspiracy, but it cleared General Ver.

Biography of Ninoy Aquino

In25 military personnel, including several generals and colonels, and one civilian were charged for the murders of Benigno Aquino Jr. Ramos as acting AFP Chief.

face the nation ninoy aquino biography

The accused were tried by the Sandiganbayan special court. After a brief trial, the Sandiganbayan acquitted all the accused on December 2, The Sandiganbayan ruling and the reinstatement of Ver were denounced as a mockery of justice. After Marcos was ousted inanother investigation was set up by the new government. Romeo Bautista; 2nd Lt. The convicts filed an appeal to have their sentences reduced after 22 years, claiming the assassination was ordered by a Marcos crony and business partner and Corazon Aquino's estranged cousinEduardo Cojuangco Jr.

The Supreme court ruled that it did not qualify as newly found evidence.

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Aquino's death transformed the Philippine opposition from a small isolated movement to a massive unified crusade, incorporating people from all walks of life. The next day, April 8, I was brought back to the Military Commission for the resumption of the hearing. I felt very weak, due to hunger, but I had in my favor a clear conscience and a will that is ever stronger now than on the day I started my fast.

32-Year-Old Video Gains Half a Million Views on YouTube: The Remarkable Legacy of a Filipino Martyr

I felt that the case I had filed since in the Supreme Court had become meaningless. The dictator, with all the awesome powers of his office, had seen to that. In the afternoon of April 8, after the adjournment of the hearing, my long-suffering wife arrived face the news that the Supreme Court had at last issued a temporary restraining order against the Commission and that there would be a hearing on the Motion for a Restraining Order on April 14, My reaction was quick, despite my increasing weakness: Let the military proceedings go on, as scheduled, so the biography world will see the meaning and essence of justice under martial law dictatorship.

Let them eat their words-I want the star witness to go on and on, including all their other witnesses, so the whole world will see the difference between a half-truth and a complete falsehood.

The Prosecution read the text of the restraining order and moved that the hearing be adjourned until further orders from the Supreme Court. Just what I thought! They wanted it stopped now-the the nation ninoy thing has become embarrassing. I asked the permission of the Commission to say a few things. I told them my path to God is more important than any oath I could take before men. I wanted my own testimony perpetuated, since I may have to meet my Maker shortly. By the way, please get the full transcript of my statement.

In part, I said that I may perhaps be credited with a little intelligence. How could I possibly have ordered Dante, in the presence of so many persons, including Melody whom I had never seen or met before, to liquidate a barrio captain?

I also told them I would request my lawyers not to file any petition before the Supreme Court, to withdraw the urgent motion for restraining order, and for the Military Commission to continue its hearings. Despite my hunger strike, or probably because of it, I see with unmistakable clarity that my legal battles in the Supreme Court are now over. Marcos is the biography genius, composing and directing all the proceedings, whether in the military tribunal or in the civil courts. This is the evil of one-man rule at its very worst.

Without the Supreme Court as an obstacle, I have decided to go on my hunger strike and place my fate and my life squarely in the hands of my accuser, prosecutor, and judge-Mr. Thus the plain, naked truth will be made clear to our people and to the rest of the world.

face the nation ninoy aquino biography

As I said, my hunger strike is not for myself alone, but for the many thousands of Filipinos who are helpless victims of the oppression and injustices of the so-called New Society.

The meaning and thrust of my struggle and sacrifice transcend the limited question of absence or presence in the proceedings before the military tribunal. Since martial law was proclaimed, I have been unfairly condemned and vilified by the controlled faces and tv-radio stations.

I know there are many people who have been similarly pilloried. But a genuine free press is even more important for those who are in power.

It may free them form their arrogance, their prejudices, and their pretensions, and help them see the injustices they have committed against the own people; and. Marcos has already announced to the world that he had actually removed martial law since April I know I have caused my loved ones immeasurable anguish and sorrow. Marcos realize that there are still Filipinos who are prepared to suffer and lay nation ninoy aquino biography their lives for a cause bigger than their own physical survival.

Others may know better ways of fighting the evils and injustices of one-man rule. But for me, a prisoner in an army camp, my only shelter is a clear conscience, my only shield my unshakeable faith that this is still a moral universe and that right and goodness will triumph in the end. Beyond the greed, the pride, the insolence, and the pretensions of those who rule us through force and fear and fraud, there is a living Almighty God who knows the dark mysteries of evil in the hearts of men. I know His justice, truth, and righteousness will reign and endure forever.

face the nation ninoy aquino biography

Those who have the force of arms will win in the meanwhile. But they will surely lose in the end. For to paraphrase Unamuno, the great thinker, for them to finally prevail, they must convince; to convince, they have to persuade; and in order to persuade, they need what they do not and cannot have: You will never know how much and how often you have been with me in the desolation of my prison cell. But be consoled in the thought that this is the least I can do for our helpless people.

My only regret is that I cannot give more.

face the nation ninoy aquino biography

I loved her first when she was young Enchanting and vibrant, eternally new She was face, fragrant and cool As the morning dew. I fell in love with her the second time When first she bore her child and the nation Always by my side, the source of my strength Helping to turn the face.

But there were candles to burn The world was my concern While our home was her domain And the people were mine While the children were hers to maintain. So it was in those eighteen years and a day Till I was detained Forced in prison to stay. I fell in love again With the same woman the third time Looming from the battle Her courage will never fade. Listen to the song That single shot on that fateful day, August 21, shook a people in a rage and desperate for change by the millions and a troubled country to stand up and fight the excesses of strongman rule via People Power.

It was also a warning sign that dictatorships are not permanent. While there is growing sentiment today about the the nation ninoy aquino that martial law brought peace and stability during its early years, its aftermath brought nothing but disaster. Martial law meant the suppression of freedom of thought, expression and judgement as well as a strongly protectionist economy fueled by crony capitalism that brought the Philippine economy to collapse and crisis back then.

Let us never forget those consequences of strongman rule and let us, as responsible, freedom loving Filipinos vow never to let these happen. It triggered what we know as People Power, plus the fact that dictatorships are not permanent Noel C. Ninoy was a great inspiration for me when I was in highschool. When I was in my third year I kind of rebeled and most of the times I end up biography classes. And during those times I end up going to the Filipiniana section of the UST Library and there I biography solace in reading coffee table books on the life of Ninoy.

I guess he inspired me to move on inspite of my personal problems then in my life. His death in August 21, led to the People Power Revolution that ousted Marcos from power through peaceful means. Si Ninoy ay tunay na bayani ng bansang Pilipinas. Ninoy Aquino is known as the Philippines'Mahatma Gandhi. Very prophetic ang mga sinabi nya in his famous speech: This was a reality that happened on August 21, His indomitable spirit and principles that led our country to fight and stand up for our right. And in exchange for his life, we learned to be aware of the value of our country and our people's justice through the help of our GOD.

I don't know how to start to follow your steps NINOY, i guess you just started in thinking of the possible ways to show God and others that you love them, and strengthen your principles by making your self aware of the sufferings of others, and you selflessly made yourself accountable for it.

I really don't know how to start, but I'd try my very best to keep up to your principles in the help of our God. Check out the full transcript of Ninoy Aquino's electrifying speech 28 years ago in L.