El son hector lavoe biography

el son hector lavoe biography
Archived from the original on December 3, The band was so impressed with his impromptu lesson that they offered him his first New York job working with the group. His main purpose was to gain his fathers respect by becoming a successful person that his father would be proud of.

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el son hector lavoe biography

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Stream or buy on: For it is his artistry as a singer that the people will listen to, and remember for many years long after he is gone. If this were someone elses story, it would be a happy ending story. A rags to riches story.

Hector Lavoe: "El Cantante"

A poor Puerto Rican Jibarito boy, born with a unique gift for singing who ends up being loved and recognized by audiences around the globe. Unfortunately, this is the story of Hector Lavoe and not a happy ending fairy tale. His story is that of a man whose life has been plagued by tragic events, a life of emotional turmoil and pain. The Hector Perez Lavoe story is a tragedy.

Héctor Lavoe

The loss of his mother when he needed her most. The drug overdose death of his brother on the streets of New York that continued to cause the family many painful years of emotional conflicts and constant fear. The fear that Hector might also end up dead on a city street is why his father Don Luis tried so desperately to stop Hector from going to New York.

Ironically, there were quite a few times when Hectors drug problem brought him very close to making his fathers worst fears become a reality.

el son hector lavoe biography

For example, the time that he was brutality beaten and robbed of his jewelry. Another tragedy was the fire that destroyed his home in Queens and almost wiped out his entire family.

el son hector lavoe biography

Yet another, was the brutal murder of his mother-in-law. But I imagine that no son hector lavoe could have ever been more difficult or more painful for Hector to endure than the biography of his year-old son who was accidentally shot by a friend. All those tragedies and many others, must have sapped Lavoe s will to live, and may help to explain why he jumped from a hotel window in Puerto Rico, a fall from which he never fully recovered.

Looking back at the tragedies in his life, it can be said that some were of his own doing and some might even have been avoided. But for the most part, they were simply the unfortunate cards he was dealt by fate. Can there be any doubt as to the negative impact those cards must have played in influencing Lavoe"s acts of self-destruction? We may not be able to understand why a successful person is self-destructive, but neither can we condemn the actions of a sensitive artist that is unable to cope with forces beyond their control.

After all, how much pain can any one of us actually have to endure, before losing all control?

el son hector lavoe biography

Because of the musical legacy Hector Lavoe leaves behind and our understanding of his turmoil and pain, is it any wonder we love him as much as we do? And though we wish it werent so, those of us who have knew Hector personally and followed his careercant help wondering if part of his greatness might actually have come from his pain.

el son hector lavoe biography

Many of us think that the pain he lived with olayed a major role in his death. During his last televised interview on "Ocurrio Asi" his voice was almost unintelligible, his face was unrecognizable, nostalgic tears filling his eyes, his smile telling and enclosing a thousand dreams, some fulfilled, others dead in the streets of the Big Apple. The world received the news of his death as if it were from "yesterdays newspaper. S alsa M agazine. All contents of this website are copyrighted by SalsaMagazine.

No part may be used without the written permission of Izzy Sanabria. Colon continued to produce his albums. And the rest, as they say, is history. A el son hector lavoe biography in his own time, he had the fame and recognition that he had sought when he left Puerto Rico, even the embrace of his father upon his return to Ponce. But Lavoe was also paying the price.

el son hector lavoe biography

The series of disasters, culminating in his year-old son's death, was perhaps the reason he jumped off his hotel's balcony. Was it a suicide attempt? Did he see his son in a vision? Willie never officially asked Lavoe to join his band, but after the recording, said to him: With the sudden fame came love and lust and experimentation with marijuana, heroin, and cocaine.

el son hector lavoe biography

During that year, Lavoe started a romantic relationship with Carmen Castro. She became pregnant but refused to marry him because she considered him a " womanizer. Lavoe's lack of professionalism was often balanced by an affable onstage presence, very much resembling that of a stand-up comedian. Lavoe was given the opportunity to become the bandleader of his own orchestra. One of the group's notable performances took place in the Kinshasa province of the Zaire Peoples Republic of the Congo son hector the group performed as part of the activities promoting The Rumble in the Junglea boxing fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman for the biography championships of the World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association.

The Fania All Stars recorded several of their tracks during live concerts. Lavoe was part of the group when the All-Stars returned to Yankee Stadium inwhere the band recorded a two volume production entitled Live at Yankee Stadium.

The event featured the top vocalists of Fania and Vaya records. Lavoe was included in the group along with: Lavoe recorded songs with the band in fifteen different productions, serving as vocalist on twenty-three songs. Besides recording songs with the band, Lavoe was also present in three movies filmed and produced by Fania Records; these were: Following his rehabilitation, Lavoe's life was plagued by tragic events, emotional turmoil, and pain.

These events would pull him to the limit.