John jones oysterband biography of rory

john jones oysterband biography of rory
Early groups savour the period charm of some of these names: The tours that followed, especially the 30th Anniversary Tour in , were notable for the intensity and command of the band's performances.

In Augusthe confirmed he would be leaving the band permanently. The band then appointed Dilwyn Davies as replacement drummer. Following a 30th anniversary concert in December the band took a six-month sabbatical, during which John Jones and Chopper both made solo albums. The band returned to the studio inteaming up once again with June Tabor and releasing Ragged Kingdom in September at a sell-out concert at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall.

john jones oysterband biography of rory

For at least some dates on the Ragged Kingdom tour, they are also joined on bass and guitar by Al Scott, who produced the album. Ray Cooper announced in December that he would leave the band at the end of the Ragged Kingdom tour in Februaryto pursue a solo career.

Adrian Oxaalformerly of rock band Jamesreplaced him on a few gigs late inand took over inalthough it was unclear whether he would become a full-time member of Oysterband.

Oysterband Biography

The band also featured Al Scott on bass at some gigs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. I have been involved in a number of projects with regular Oysterband producer Al Scott, and it was he who suggested I sit in for Lee during his then john jones oysterband biography of rory. Outside of music, I enjoy good wine, food, mother nature, my family and friends of course, and… camouflage.

This unexplainable obsession is rarely seen by others hahaha. I am very happily married to Zoe, and not only does she tolerate all the drum kits piled up in HER music room, she actually likes one or two of my camo T shirts. Born in Aberystwyth, Wales, and brought up in Meltham, Yorks. Dad rarely spoke Welsh, maybe because they called him Taffy, which he hated. Mum's family came from Castleford and had a coal-mining background.

john jones oysterband biography of rory

Parents were Labour supporters, grandparents were Communists, so there was no shortage of political argument in the house. My grandad, Edward Longley "Red Ted"was the greatest influence on my life when young. From him I got radical politics, the sense of injustice, al love of nature, a love of lurchers, hatred of the Tory way of mind, the sense of history, and a short temper.

John Jones: Never Stop Moving

Went to grammar school; was made aware of what selection in schools does to people. Survived school thanks to good teachers and was the first of my family to get to university. After football, music was my big love, particularly Northern Soul. Became the first mod in Meltham. Went to Exeter University: Took Politics and Sociology people did in those days.

Celtic Connections 2016: Part one

Fell in love with British traditional music and all things English - learned melodeon, morris-danced, wore collarless shirts, and generally tried my best to become an old man before my time. Arrived in Canterbury, Kent, via London, and met afro-haired, bespectacled guitarist and severe short-haired Scottish fiddle-player among many others in a truly amazing local music scene. Was an English teacher for some time and became a year-head in Canterbury's only comprehensive school.


I was a lazy teacher but a good year-head - I think. Helped form Oyster Ceilidh Band, which in its prime was the best ceilidh band, anywhere, ever. Took on the role of singer, went full-time into music, never looked back. Now I live on the Welsh border and am struggling to learn Welsh. Currently Oysterband consists of founder members John Jones vocal, melodeonAlan Prosser guitars, vocaland Ian Telfer violin, keyboard, vocal with Dil Davies drumsAl Scott bass guitar, mandolin, vocaland Adrian Oxaal cello, guitar, vocal.

At first - around - purely a dance band "The Oyster Ceilidh Band"we soon started experimenting with radical arrangements of traditional songs and with home recording, and even put out 4 albums in the early 80s.

john jones oysterband biography of rory

These sound harmless enough now, but at the time their home-made, try-anything attitude was controversial. We were determined that traditional music should not be just a branch of the heritage industry. Other musicians came and went.

The name shortened to The Oyster Band. We began to learn how to write songs. In we met a new roots-music label, Cooking Vinyl. We went on to make 9 studio albums with them.

john jones oysterband biography of rory

In the late 80s we toured almost continuously. Travel on this scale had a powerful impact on our attitudes to the world and on our songwriting. It also made normal domestic life difficult.

john jones oysterband biography of rory

The name shortened again at this point to Oysterband. Although it was essentially a covers collection, the songs were shrewdly chosen, and the album was very well received, particularly in the US. Meanwhile in the UK the john jones was shifting. As we biography expanding from a folk background, others were expanding from a rock background in a folk direction, and the convergence became a new scene.

Everything else is there; from the powerful 4 piece rhythm section that brings the rory of the band that are congas, timbales, drums and bass with a precise understanding of traditional and modern Latin rhythms, to the infectious Cuban piano and haunting Hammond organ. This powerful six piece band takes you through the Santana years with a stunning show. We are delighted that Matthew Lee will be returning to Linton after his amazing performance in Matthew is undoubtedly one of the most talented rock pianists to appear on the scene in a long, long time, and an incredible showman as well.

john jones oysterband biography of rory

Matthew is very much a rising star in Europe and this will be a unique opportunity to enjoy his show at Linton. Together they cover everything from The Taste through to unreleased and newly discovered Rory songs. It is an extraordinary experience for fans of blues rock music. They have wowed audiences around the world with their high-energy fusion of folk, roots and rock. They started life as the The Oyster Ceilidh Band, the heartbeat of the band has always been a deep-rooted love of the traditional music of Britain.

Whatever, it has helped the Oysters become one of the most irresistible bands of the last decade. And the one before that too. Live, the BBBB give it their all, with no apologies for their rawness, nor for their tenderness — heavy, soulful blues!

john jones oysterband biography of rory