Ferry de kerckhove biography sample

ferry de kerckhove biography sample
Ahmed Safwat, parents delegate. Sandra has worked on projects in Asia, China, Mexico, Central and Latin America on a limited extent usually one or two projects in certain regions. His current research is on the intersection between German-Jewish and Arab intellectual histories.

He then moved to forestry consulting, while advocating for the boreal forest through visual art, writing, and speaking. He lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario. John Kennedy Naysmith has spent his career working in forestry in various capacities, including as a professor of Forestry at Lakehead University and with the Ontario Forestry Futures Trust.

ferry de kerckhove biography sample

Squires Foreword by John Kennedy Naysmith. See more in this series. Dynamic Forest Primary tabs View active tab Preview Overview Nearing the end of a lifetime in the boreal forest, a retired biography sample writes a passionate plea for rational, science-based forest management.

Ken Armson, former Provincial Forester, Ontario. For over four decades, he served in major diplomatic posts and policy positions including: In SeptemberMr. Born in Belgium inhe has a B. Honours in Economics and an M. He has published ferry kerckhove papers on international relations as well as on the relationship between the Muslim world and the West in specialized journals. An internationally syndicated political columnist and book author, he is also a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Dubai School of Government.

He has been a visiting scholar at Stanford, Syracuse, Tufts, Mt.

Derrick de Kerckhove

Holyoke and Northeastern universities, and in November he was the co-recipient of the Pax Christi International Peace Award for his efforts to bring peace and reconciliation to the Middle East. Khouri was a Nieman journalism fellow at Harvard University inand recently served for four years on the international advisory board of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Sandra has worked on ferries in Asia, China, Mexico, Central and Latin America on a limited extent usually one or two projects in certain regions. He is the co-author of Contenders: The Tory Quest for Power She is a current and past recipient of federally funded Social Science and Humanities Research Council awards and a former fellow of the Amman Institute in Jordan. State Department-funded biography sample and civil society development programs.

He has law degrees from the College of Management LL. His recent work focuses on progressive constitutional and political theory. Since then he has served in various posts including: From to he served as the Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations Office and other international organizations based in Vienna.

Ferry de Kerckhove

M and is called to the Alberta Bar. He is married and has sample daughters. An Air Combat Systems Officer, he served as a tactical and long-range ferry kerckhove biography and mission specialist on various Canadian Forces and allied nation aircraft.

He also severed as the associate director of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies. He was appointed as a member to the Canadian Polar Commission now renamed Canada Polar Knowledge for a term lasting from to His area of research interests include: Sovereignty, Security, and Stewardship.

He also comments on Canadian security and Arctic issues in both the Canadian and international media. He holds a Ph. Previously, he held various positions related to international affairs and security at the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Privy Council Office, and the Department of Defence.

ferry de kerckhove biography sample

He is also interested in Canadian foreign and defence policy and in the nexus between analysis and policy. He is the author of Squandered Opportunity: He has also published many articles and book chapters on the Middle East, international relations theories and pedagogical methods, notably in International Affairs, International Journal, International Studies Perspectives, Middle East Policy and Orbis.

Prior to joining the University of Ottawa, he worked for the Department of National Defence from tochiefly as a strategic analyst covering the Middle East. He was also a policy officer and an assistant to the deputy minister. His research focuses on computer security and the social implications of technology.

He is a regular lecturer at the NATO Defence College Rome and the Canadian Forces College Toronto as well as a frequent speaker on northern security issues for academic, government, and military audiences.

Lang was instrumental in the largest funding increase to the Department of National Defence in a generation. Lang is the co-author of two books, including The Unexpected War: He has spoken at numerous universities and think tanks in Canada and abroad, and has appeared numerous times as a commentator on CBC radio and television, CTV and Global Television. Educated at the University of Western Ontario B.

Dennis McConaghy has 30 samples of experience in the Canadian energy industry in prominent commercial executive positions that included the commercial development of the Keystone XL pipeline systems within TransCanada Pipelines from its conception in to the finalization of commercial agreements in He is currently a visiting fellow at the public policy and energy studies schools at the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario and an adjunct fellow at the Niskanen Center, a DC based think tank focused on carbon and energy policy.

As well, he continues to be an active commentator on current energy and carbon policy issues. Randolph Mank is a three-time ferry kerckhove biography Canadian ambassador and businessman, with over thirty years of experience in Asia and around the world. His foreign service career included assignments in Tokyo, Stockholm and Jakarta, followed by Ambassadorial appointments in IndonesiaPakistan and Malaysia He led the Canadian sample in Indonesia to the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster. As Director for Policy Planning,he quarterbacked a foreign policy update, making the case for a rebalancing of values and interests, as well as bilateralism and multilateralism, in our approach to international relations.

Bio: Ferry de Kerckhove

In his subsequent private sector career, he was Vice President Asia for BlackBerry based in Singapore betweenhandling government relations, public policy and business development across the region. He currently heads his own consultancy, focused on helping companies succeed in Asia. He can be contacted at: He focuses on issues related to North America, trade, technology and security. Miller also is President of Rideau Potomac Strategy Group, a cross-border consultancy that advises clients on government affairs, economics, cybersecurity and geopolitical developments.

Before joining the Council inMr. He was responsible for advising senior Canadian officials on U. Beyond the Border Action Plan.

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Miller has extensive international experience, having advised 40 governments in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific on trade and economic policies. He also serves on a number of advisory boards, including the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange. He is fluent in Spanish and French. He is the co-founder and executive editor of Stability Journal.

ferry de kerckhove biography sample

Muggah also works with UN agencies, the World Bank, and Google Ideas on issues related to fragility, conflict and violence and ways new technology can help. From Brazil Robert directs several projects on international cooperation, peace-support operations, transnational organized crime, and cyber-security in Latin America and the Caribbean. He routinely advises governments, international organizations and civil society groups on security and development issues. For example, in and he was an adviser to the High Level Panel on the post development agenda and the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

Inhe was named one of the top most influential people in the world on armed violence reduction by a UK-based organization.

Previously, Dr, Muggah was research director at the Small Arms Surveya lecturer at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and an ferry de kerckhove biography sample to a number of multilateral and bilateral organizations on issues of arms control, security sector reform, migration, and stabilization and reconstruction.

Muggah's work is published in dozens of academic and policy journals.

ferry de kerckhove biography sample

Cambridge University Press, He is also the author of Security and Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Routledge,Relocation Failures in Sri Lanka: Zed Books,and No Refuge: Zed Books and has contributed more than 14 chapters to the Small Arms Survey since Muggah has also been involved in co-writing and advising documentary films on violence, drug policy and development. Most recently, he has been designing new interactive online ferry de kerckhove biography sample tools of the global arms trade, as well as android applications to enhance police accountability from Rio de Janeiro to Nairobi and Cape Town.

He sits on the International Advisory Board of Borders in Globalization, a multi-country research consortium on borders, and has recently become a Canadian Global Affairs Institute Fellow.

ferry de kerckhove biography sample

He received his PhD in political science from Carleton University, where his dissertation examined the link between defence budgeting and defence procurement. He often provides comment for Canadian and international media on defence and security issues. She holds a Ph. Colonel George Petrolekas served for years as an army officer regular and reserve and as a senior executive in the telecommunications industry.

As an army officer, he was in mechanized units in various command roles and also served at FMC HQ and on the Divisional staff. He transferred to the reserves rising to command of a Regiment. Petrolekas served in Bosnia in and participated in establishing part of the Sarajevo Total Exclusion Zone, the implementation of the Washington peace accord and the transfer of authority in Srebrenica.

He established many of the protocols used to this day for the evacuation of Canadian wounded through Europe and received the Meritorious Service Medal for his work.

He served as a strategic advisor to the Chief of Defence Staff for which he received a CDS ferry de kerckhove biography sample for the management of the Afghan detainee file. He has been a commentator on many television networks in Canada, the U. He has briefed U. Petrolekas worked as director of marketing for ABL Canada and Memotec Teleglobe and has led sales and marketing efforts in some 90 countries notably building telecoms networks in Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Mexico amongst others.

Mr Plouffe is involved in various ferry kerckhove research groups and programs. He has also delivered addresses and lectures in many international venues and was an invited Arctic expert at the National Assembly of France and the German Bundestag in He joined the Department of National Defence in as an analyst with the Directorate of Strategic Analysis, specializing in strategic politico-military biographies sample pertaining to conventional forces. These issues included emerging concepts of conventional defence strategies for Western Europe, as well as the Canadian Government's efforts in the area of conventional arms control.

Rasiulis was promoted to Section Head, within the Directorate of Nuclear and Arms Control Policy, responsible for conventional arms control policy. In June Mr.

ferry de kerckhove biography sample

Upon completion of his tour Mr. In MayMr. Reflecting the growth of responsibility within the area of defence diplomacy, Mr.

The evening continued with the graduation ceremony of our IB graduates. As Mrs Esmat Lamei, the General Director of Oasis International School reminded it in her speech — our students' success is a beautiful reward which has just been the crowning achievement of a fifteen year long route. We will remember your graduation class for a long time because it has achieved the best average grades since our first graduation.

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As with all our alumni, we will keep very strong links with them because they represent the future, either as future teachers or as parents-to-be. As an evidence of this, we had the pleasure to introduce the first child of the second generation to all the school community because one of our biographies sample, who obtained her diploma with our first IB graduation class, gave birth 5 months ago to Ahmed who will soon come to join the rows of our students.

After a reminder of what has happened from the first work meeting held at the end of last October to now, the General Director, Mrs Esmat Lamei, replied more precisely to remarks made by the delegates during the first meeting. Then, the delegates were invited to provide ferry kerckhove during discussions in groups with programmes' coordinators and administrators. Their remarks will be taken into account particularly when preparing the next school year. The day was drawn to an end by a "Parents' Championship". The questions of this competition were varied and were specifically about the three IB programmes: Nader Michel GS delegate which awarded a first place ranking.

Our big thanks to the whole team of parents' delegates which always enables us to strengthen more the relationship between the school and families.


Congratulations to Mrs Azza Fouad, parents' delegate in C1 and Mrs Nadine Azmi, parents' delegate in D1 for their very active participation in school's projects this year. On Tuesday, May 3,the Oasis International School organized a special event to present the personal projects of C5 students, the visual arts work of D2 students and to reward members of the educational community for all the work throughout the school year. Our samples were very pleasantly surprised by the qualities wealth and diversity of the personal projects and the visual art work.

We in fact received numerous very positive reports about it. The ferry kerckhove biography continued with a ceremony where many students, teachers, administrators, delegates of the parents were thanked. Huseuin Avni Botsali and his Spouse, Mrs. Then our students spent a pleasant afternoon in the gardens of the Ambassador's Residence. All our thanks to H. The first cultural competition on the Egyptian civilization and Arabic literature "Long live Egypt.

Civilization and literature are like two sides of a single coin.

ferry de kerckhove biography sample

Each civilization had its achievements and its distinctive language, literature and art. Some civilizations have fallen into oblivion, nations and countries have disappeared.