Shri m hidayatullah biography in hindi

shri m hidayatullah biography in hindi
India is one of the largest producers of tea in the world, second only to China. Giri, who had decided to contest the Presidential election. Retrieved from " https:

He retired from that high office on 17th December Justice Hidayatullah was sworn in as the Acting President of India on 20th July and served in that capacity till late V.

Muhammad Hidayatullah Biography

Giri was sworn in as the duly elected President of the Republic. After his retirement as the Chief Justice of India, he was unanimously elected as the Vice President of India as a result of a consensus amongst different political parties and occupied that high office with distinction from to As Vice President, hepresided over the Rajya Sabha and conducted its proceedings with great dexterity and wisdom.

shri m hidayatullah biography in hindi

During his tenure as Vice President, he again acted as the President in This University, rightly named after the eminent jurist Justice Hidayatullah, seized the golden opportunity to celebrate his birth Centenary. Sinha, Judge, Supreme Court of India presided over the function. Shri Arshad Hidayatullahson of Justice M. Hidayatullah was felicitated on the occasion. Home About Justice M. During his tenure as the Vice-President, he won the respect of all concerned for his impartiality and independence.

Inwhen the then President Zail Singh went to the U.

shri m hidayatullah biography in hindi

Thus, he officiated as acting President twice. Having served at all of these positions made Hidayatullah unique among other members of Indian history.

During his long tenure in the Supreme Court he was a party to a number of landmark judgments including the judgment in Golaknath v. State of Punjab which took the view that the Parliament had no power to cut down the Fundamental Rights by constitutional amendment.

shri m hidayatullah biography in hindi

His judgment in the case of Ranjit D. Udeshi [10] dealing with the law of obscenity, displayed a flair for literature which is not so common among our judges. Before being elevated as a judge to High Court, Hidayatullah was involved in local and state affairs. The following are some of the committee positions he held:.

मोहम्मद हिदायतुल्लाह की जीवनी | Mohammad Hidayatullah biography in Hindi

Having received an education at one of the premier legal institutions of the time, Hidayatullah was able to segue into an academic career not long after returning to India. Inhe took a teaching post at University College of Law, where he taught until In addition, he served as Faculty of Law at various other institutions throughout the s: He had working knowledge of some other Indian languages including Sanskrit and Bengali.

shri m hidayatullah biography in hindi

He also presided the Indian Red Cross Society in Between andas many as 12 Indian Universities and the University of Philippines conferred upon him the honorary degreeof Doctorate of Law or Literature. In his honor, the Hidayatullah National Law University was established inin his home town of Raipurin the state of Chhattisgarh.

InHidayatullah married Pushpa Shah who was Hindu by religion.

shri m hidayatullah biography in hindi

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Secretariat of Vice President of India.

Justice M. Hidayatullah

Retrieved 3 September Kania, Chief Justice of India: Archived from the original on 28 July Supreme Court of India. Archived from the original on 6 January Hidayatullah National Law University.

shri m hidayatullah biography in hindi

Archived from the original on 5 June Archived from the original PDF on 3 September Presidents of India List. Giri acting Mohammad Hidayatullah acting V. Giri Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed B.

shri m hidayatullah biography in hindi

Venkataraman Shankar Dayal Sharma K. Vice-President of India List. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Zakir Hussain V. Giri Gopal Swarup Pathak B.