Claes von sydow biography of mahatma

claes von sydow biography of mahatma
At times, it is tiring not to be allowed to be a private person. Ta livet av mig, mamma. En ung kvinnas sista ord.

Today, theater actors, and film actors with a stage background, use a different style to the one we subscribed to during the s and s.

Bergman's dialog in those days was very stylized, so it would have been difficult for me to speak those lines realistically. Sometimes I receive strange letters, and occasionally people come up to me in the street and say odd things.

claes von sydow biography of mahatma

They want to be deceived, so it is difficult to disabuse them. At times, it is tiring not to be allowed to be a private person. If you are really marked out as a film star in the United States, then it must be absolutely exhausting and hard to maintain your integrity. Fortunately, Swedes are very reserved as a people and seldom show their emotions or feelings in public, so one is not subject to that kind of pressure in the country where I come from.

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Also Gary Cooper ; perhaps he was not a great actor, but he had a great presence. At home [in Sweden], the actor's profession was not considered particularly reputable, but being an actor or star in a Hollywood film was something very important in American eyes.

claes von sydow biography of mahatma

Then I slowly realized that as an actor in Sweden you were allowed to be involved in some kind of artistic project which could be a flop and yet still be justifiable if it carried artistic weight and ambitions. In Hollywood, on the other hand, if you do not succeed you are nobody.

You become a mere piece of paper with a figure on it.

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You are just as good-or bad-as your last film was financially. I have been brought up as a stage actor and there is where I feel at home, but I still feel that the cinema has one great advantage over the theater. Namely, proximity to the audience. Of course in a film an actor always has only himself as an audience while on a stage he can achieve a result along with his audience.

However, when you stand on a stage, you can never work with your face in the same way as you can in front of a camera. I am considered to be an intellectual actor and I also am one inasmuch as I want to be aware of what I am doing.

claes von sydow biography of mahatma

But I never try to influence the writing of the manuscript. Many persons believe that an actor must identify himself with his role. I do not do that, although I do become involved with my parts while I play them. But I find it a virtue to do things which are not of myself. This is the Swedish concept of an actor. You have to get more involved in a [ Ingmar Bergman ] film than you do in others, because it deals with much deeper and more philosophic questions than the average movie.

claes von sydow biography of mahatma

He also establishes a much closer relationship with his actors and technicians than would ever be possible on larger productions. I don't think they [ Ingmar Bergman 's roles] were written for me as a personality. Many of his characters through the years have been related: People seem to think I'm a very religious person, very serious, that I'm an old man by now - and that I biography mahatma a great deal of chess.

Actually, I'm a family person. I enjoy my work very much when it's interesting and, fortunately, it's been mostly interesting. I claes von sydow nature and being outdoors. I'm a gardener at my summer home. I like to travel. I'm not as serious as they think I am - I don't even play chess. Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Swe. Herbert Tingstens sista dagar. I Choose to Live. I skuggan av Saddam. I skuggan av tronen. Karen Blixen Ett diktarliv. Kristina - Drottningen som gjorde som ho. Lunch med Victor Borge. Min glimt av evigheten. Mina resor med Diana. One of a Kind.

claes von sydow biography of mahatma

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claes von sydow biography of mahatma

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claes von sydow biography of mahatma

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claes von sydow biography of mahatma

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