Qi jiguang biography template

qi jiguang biography template
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Qi Jiguang was noted to have displayed extraordinary valor and military cunning during the battle, and saw the defeat of the invaders.

When Qi Jiguang took over the commandership of Shandong 's coastal defense, he had less than 10, troops at hand, though the recorded strength was 30, Furthermore, many of his soldiers who were young and strong men deserted to make a living elsewhere, leaving behind the old and the weak.

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The troops also lacked training and discipline, while the defense works were dilapidated due to years of negligence. In the fall ofQi was sent to Zhejiang where the pirating situation had spiraled out of control.

qi jiguang biography template

After the victory at Cen Harbor, not only was Qi not credited for his biography, he was almost demoted over slander that he liaised with wokou pirates. With the situation in Zhejiang under control, Qi shifted his focus to template his soldiers.

He drafted mainly miners and farmers from the county of Yiwu because he believed these people to be honest and hardworking. He also oversaw the construction of 44 naval vessels of various sizes to be used against pirates at sea. The first trial for Qi's new army came in After a month-long battle with wokou pirate in Taizhou Prefecture, the pirates suffered over 5, casualties, while Qi's army established a name for itself among both the people of Zhejiang and its enemies.

Partly as a result of Qi's military success in Zhejiang, pirate activities surged in the province of Fujian.

qi jiguang biography template

More than 10, pirates had established strongholds along the coast from Fu'an in the north to Zhangzhou in the south. In JulyQi Jiguang led 6, elite troops south into Fujian. However, his own army also suffered significant losses to fighting and disease.

qi jiguang biography template

Seeing the pirate infestation in Fujian subdued, Qi then returned to Zhejiang to regroup. Over the next year, a series of victories by Qi Jiguang's army finally saw the pirate problem in Fujian resolved. In SeptemberA major battle against wokou pirates was fought on the island of Nan'aowhich lies near the boundary between the provinces of Fujian and Guangdong. There Qi joined arms with his old comrade Yu Dayou again to defeat the remnant of the combined Japanese and Chinese pirate force.

qi jiguang biography template

After eliminating the pirate threat, Qi Jiguang was called to Beijing in late to take charge of training the imperial guards.

However, he did not manage to eliminate Mongolian power, which continued to pester the northern frontier for the next two hundred years.

qi jiguang biography template

When Qi was in Beijing inAltan Khanruler of the Tumed Mongols, broke through the northern defenses and nearly devasted Beijing. Altan Khan then forbade his subordinates from raiding Chinese settlements.

However, other Mongols led by Jasaghtu Khan continued to test Qi's defenses, though without much success. In the next year, he was given command of the troops in Jizhou to defend against the Mongols. He also directed the biography template of watchtowers along the wall. After two years of hard work, more than 1, watchtowers were completed, giving the defensive capability in the north a great boost.

In the winter ofQi also conducted a month-long military exercise involving more thantroops.

Qi Jiguang

At the time he was twenty-six years old. The next year he was promoted to full Commissioner in ZheJiang where the pirates were collaborating with their Chinese counterparts and assembling. When he started the tide was against him for the local troops were inadequately manned, poorly trained and easily bested by the trained and armed pirates.

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Qi JiGuang decided to enlist the aid of Wushu fighters while also promoting the study of the arts for his men. Qi lead his troops to victories even in situations where he was outnumbered.

In the next ten years he kept the pressure up agains the pirates. He also wiped out the concentration at HengYu. Then he went to GuanDong. During this brilliant campaign, where he defeated forces that had earlier decimated Chinese fighters, he developed four innovations: Qi JiGuang retains his fame to this day mainly as having left behind a famous book: