Joo ji hoon kim jeong hoon biography

joo ji hoon kim jeong hoon biography
I remember their 3 option for goong season 2, the couple will having a baby, ju ji hoon become director and last yoon eun hye become president of korea, at her age now her role suit with her as a mother of the country. Both were sincere person and decent couples. Victoria Feb 01

He's good actor, he's smart and good looking but something is joo for me. He needs better dramas so we'll see his amazing talents. Aaralyn Jan 10 7: AnneLovesJohnHoon Dec 15 3: Very goog portrayal of Yuri's character. I wish you visit one day or atleast get a fan sign from you. I will be the happiest if that happens I have been listening to your songs, though I cannot understand, you are outstanding and your singing is hearfelt. I love you Jeong Hoon Begurl Dec 02 2: I'm really in love with your character in Princess Hours and since the moment I finished the drama,I was like"OMG,Where in the biography can I find a man who is brave enough to confess his feelings in front of his majesties?

After I've watched the drama I speed up in front of my computer and search for your name and guess what? Hope I can Meet you in the future. Sep 17 Woodson Sep 07 Smart and talented with a great smile.

joo ji hoon kim jeong hoon biography

He is my new favorite actor after I saw him in I needed romance. He is not as good in the current drama, her legend, but I think it is because of the story development, they don't give him enough screen time to shine as the hero saving the damsel in distress.

Kim Jeong-Hoon (John-Hoon)

He was perfect in I needed romance. Venus Maguyon Apr 30 Like is act damn much in this drama Meeoh1 Jun 28 There is something about him that is beyond beautiful, he is quite simply captivating! Every piece of work I have seen him in has been riveting I look forward to seeing more of him and I wish him only the best!!

Insillio Jun 22 It's been a while,and I'm looking forward to watching this drama. I was also a faithful to Give Me Gold.

Good Luck,Hope the raitings are high.

joo ji hoon kim jeong hoon biography

A Jun 21 1: Thanks to the writers that love him so much. Jparis Jun 20 3: Despite all scandal and negative input from news media and followers, he's come back stronger, wiser and more beautiful as true to his trade. I admire and love that he learned from his past and can see how he would go far because he is wiser. More power to you Joo Ji Hoon and I wish you health, wealth and wisdom in life.

A Jun 14 6: R Jun 12 4: I mean he can walk around with the sack and people will still think he's gorgeous. One of the best looking male actors in Korea and also the best kisser. I believe that there are tons of korean celebrities who does drugs, they just weren't caught yet.

joo ji hoon kim jeong hoon biography

And on the top of all this he is a good actor, i mean really good. He can act in the comedy or a thriller, it doesn't matter he pulls it off.

I'm not in love with him, but if i would know him in person ofc i would Phoenix Jun 11 9: You're showing much more improvement since you had done your military service. Jinjja taebakk Ji Hoon Oppa Ellie Jun 05 Dawn May 29 1: I will be watching Mask to the end.

The first 2 episodes were heart wrenching and heart stoping. I hope to see him in many more dramas. I've just completed the 30 episode Five Fingers and I think I am going on to the next You were always so serious and sad in Five Fingers, I almost wanted to take over your mother's place to hug you. Can see that you had improved so much since Princess Hour.

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And I am sure I'll not be disappointed. Will there be another drama this year? Take care, God bless you. God had given you a beautiful face with sharp features and a wonderful height, use them effectively; smile more because when you smile, you really really look very good.

I just got to know you after watching Princess Hour and was surprised by the fact that the 4 leading casts are all in their first drama. All did very well.

Ju Ji-hoon

You were very young then Cez dela Pena May 02 3: Please do not take illegal drugs again because I feel so awful when something happens to you. I love your No. My co- teachers and I watch your movie over and over Please make more movies and always stay strong and healthy. And always be happy too I hope that you will have another movie project with the Princess Hours cast God Bless to your family Your fanCez. If possible possible please continue the goong season 2 coz im pretty sure this season 2 become hit drama.

I remember their 3 option for goong season 2, the couple will having a baby, ju ji hoon become director and last yoon eun hye become president of korea, at her age now her role suit with her as a mother of the country. I really like him since Princess Hours drama. Because I love them so much.

I like you so much, very symphatic about you in drama Medical Top Teamso coolll Oct 01 2: Another love story for them together. Love all their dramas I really love Ju and Yoon.

HyunJu May 31 5: I love how you have your head up even though you went through a low period in your life. When I watched Medical Top Team, you were my favourite character. Maryn May 31 4: Gina chin May 08 1: I hope there was part I'm so fan of hunhye couple!!!: Sarah Apr 24 Jhay Apr 24 I think next I'll start 'lucifer' Mary Lou Apr 04 3: I always watch princess hours every year Im still hoping for the maker of the series to produce the princess hour2 with the same actors and actresa in princess hours.

At least they are know more mature that they are having a baby after the wedding Actually for this year I just finishes it last Wednesday. I'm a fan of joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye Both of you ji biographies good together. JHanE Mar 19 I'll be waiting for it though. The sketch is attractive, your authored material stylish. Shay Mar 11 I can see why. He's one of my fav actors, too. He's very powerful and expressive and I'm completely drawn into all his characters. I keep checking back to see what will be his upcoming work.

I am one of your addict fans here in the Philippines,you just dont know how much I love you and I like you as a celebrity,an actor and above all as a person. I've been watching your shows and it makes me fall inlove with you over and over again and because of that I really have this dream and praying to God that I will have an oppurtunity to go to Korea and meet you in person.

Continue to be a blessing to your family,to everyone most specially for all the people who loves you. Julie Feb 25 6: I am one of your biographies. I really really like ur drama Five Fingers and like the way u acted. And I am always looking forward to ur new drama. I'm one of those who are totally inlove with your acting skills. I guess being a model accounted a lot for his "manly"posture. Good friends I wanna see him in more movies and dramaaaassss!

Can't they give him more? I hope to see you in more dramas with Eun-hye I want to see you again on big screen! I should say it's a must for them to give him a lot of projects this year. Jade Feb 12 4: You're my crush since my eye landed on you, way back 7 yrs ago on Princess Hours. And you're my image projection of my mysterious crush on ask. I wonder why he wouldn't show himself that i know he's so cute and hansome as you! I so LIKE you! I've watched your dramas and movies and I know your one of the best actors in South Korea.

I hope you'll have a lot of projects this year! I hope that he will have more dramas; being with yoon eun-hye would also be very good and is much requested by the public. Grace Feb 10 Henry margie Feb 03 7: Henry biography Bati Feb 03 7: I will be ur 1 fan Victoria Feb 01 Hope that he'll have more movies and succeed. Just be the way you are be your self and you should believe and love GOD first before anybody else as this will make you Happy and Peaceful.

JJH4ever Jan 30 7: Back in that time, he is the handsome man all girls would be gaga for. Every girls ultimate crush of our generation as he is only 2 years older than me.

Ju Ji-Hoon

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people with the same name, see Kim Jeong-hun. This is a Korean name ; the family name is Kim. Naver Profiles in Korean.

joo ji hoon kim jeong hoon biography

Retrieved 6 August Retrieved from " https: The drama was a hit domestically with a peak rating of He reportedly lost 5kg for the role. Ju's movie debut was in Antiquebased on the manga Antique Bakery. The film was invited to the 59th Berlin International Film Festival. He was arrested along with 15 people and an actress identified as Yoon on suspicion of supplying ecstasy. The judge explained, "The nature of the crime is by no means light. However, he has reflected deeply on the crime and has not taken any drugs since the time a year and two months ago.

Also, many fans from within the country and from overseas have appealed for an appropriate handling of the matter and sent petitions.