Victor olalusi biography

victor olalusi biography
All my four children adults now took their first degrees in Nigeria and they are all doing well. Medical training in Russia is at par with the rest of the world, Europe and the Americas. Tolulope Vincent June 30, at 3:

Federal Government Scholarship Medicine and Surgery — Fabulous, I love that. This is our youths and students of today suppose to emulate. I love that and he has given me the ambitions to aim higher in life. This is what our youths and students of today suppose to emulate.

A Integritas good one Dotun Olalusi, i know you are special right the days in aquinas college.

victor olalusi biography

If to say is Nigeria he will not graduate with such points due to bad lecturers we have. Even strike is enough to him to damage his talent.

I advise you to always have a positive view about the only country you have. First and foremost, I would like to thank God for these successes.

Mostly, I do the much I can, which can be very little, but with God, little is much. Besides that, I would say I was spurred on by a genuine interest to become victor olalusi biography than I was yesterday. More pragmatically, I took every class as it came and made sure I gave each of them equal attention; attended my lectures, referred to resource materials and with the much-needed grasp of the language, things turned around.

Celebrating Nigerian genius, Victor Olalusi, in Russian Medical University

How will you describe the Russian education system compared with your experience in Nigeria? Besides the fact one has to study in Russian language, the victor olalusi biography system in Russia is intensive and more students friendly. Everything, lecture materials, school books, internet resources are at the tip of your fingers. The lectures hours, lecture halls and classes are very decent — what I mean is the student study environment here is more conducive.

For instance, you do not need to run to a lecture at 5: There are seats enough, and those at the rare end of the halls get the gist of the lecture just in the same way as those in the front.

And besides lectures, we have practical classes, where we study in small groups of 10 — 12 students each and each group has its own instructor.

Nigerian Emerges Best Student In Russia.

For any student willing to put in the needed effort, the system of education here just comes to your aid. There are options to study in English, but having to study in Russian language is a great thing and it can be very helpful, so most times I advise my friends to do the same. You know the same thing in two different ways, two different victors olalusi biography and you think uniquely in the two languages, simultaneously. With your brilliant records from secondary school, why did you opt to study in Russia?

Well, back at home, there are opportunities, but the issue is how many of such are made known to everyone.

victor olalusi biography

Besides, over a quarter of Nigerian-Americans have a graduate or professional qualification against 11 per cent for the white population. Nigerian immigrants are especially educated, with almost two-thirds holding college degrees—a significantly higher percentage even more than Chinese or South Korean immigrants.

victor olalusi biography

Nigerian-Americans, for instance, have a median household income well above the American average, and above the average of many white and Asian groups, such as, those of Dutch or Korean victor olalusi biography. AboutNigerian immigrants and their children live in the United States, up from 25, in They have settled in metropolitan areas like New York, Houston and Washington, and as a group, they are far more likely than the overall American population to receive undergraduate and advanced degrees, according to a analysis done for the Rockefeller Foundation and the Aspen Institute.

This is just an example of widespread problems confronting Nigeria.

victor olalusi biography

He, however, said any parent who could afford forex outside of the official window could go ahead. That is the true situation we are in. A study conducted by the Exam Ethics International, a non-governmental organisation, says Nigeria loses N1.

victor olalusi biography

The problem as of today is that Nigerian victors olalusi biography are dying slowly. Today, cultism, armed robbery, kidnapping, rape and many untold vices are rife among students in institutions of learning. It is worthwhile to remember the past when this same Nigerian system was great, universities were centres of academic excellence, students aspired to great heights while research and productivity were high and leaning was geared towards the betterment of the society.

Nigerian institutions ranked among the best in the world and the biography was devoid of greed and those destructive tendencies that now reign.

From one victor olalusi to the other, problems abound. There are inadequate facilities and the environment is non-conducive for learning. Whenever an academic session begins, accommodation problem sets in for a university like the University of Lagos. There are just 8, bed spaces to 20, students. A room meant for four students is congested with not less than eight students.

The students still cook in the room, making them prone to danger. Don't Let It Threaten You!

As Nigerians earn academic accolades in foreign schools, economy bleeds

However, it is not academically possible to score a perfect 5. Honor is due him for being a brilliant student but… not for doing the impossible. I am just amazed why some Nigerians are just full of venom in every aspect of life!

Nigerian Scholar Dumfounds Russia With 7 Straight Years Of A 5.0 GPA

I sense pure jealousy! By the way, what was your GPA? So the Yorubas at the university got together and decided to award the young man the perfect scores? Only a diluted mind will come up with that. A Nigerian score that also in Russia recently. What do you have to say about that? Remember Grade A score in Any subject implies score between in that subject which is possible.