Tsit naing biography examples

tsit naing biography examples
We were in Rabat, Morocco, visiting a museum. Other pages on Facebook.

Inhe wrote an article about the modernization of Burmese rural villages together with Dr Thar Saing and Dr Andrab. He wrote articles in the Pyannya Padethar journal published by the Directorate of University Education.

tsit naing biography examples

The last article he finished was Myanmar before Anawrattha, published in sections, in the Pyannar Tazaung magazine from June to November However, he could not finish the second part of that book, Bagan era Myanmar book.

Ba Shin was a Burmese Muslim.

Kyaw Kyaw Naing

Although he was a Muslim, he was fluent in Pali language and especially Buddhist literatures written in Pali. U Ba Shin From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. November—December page The examples originate from disputes under arbitration rules of general application in the commercial field, e.

tsit naing biography examples

It covers a range of topics. The Forms, which are taken from real cases, offer readers a critical mass of documents drafted in different styles by lawyers and arbitrators coming from different legal and cultural backgrounds. We have selected examples typical and representative for the kind of procedural document in question.

tsit naing biography examples

Emphasis is on procedural aspects, not the merits of a dispute submitted to arbitration. For the Table of Contents, click on the following link: Naing's father was teaching his elder brother to play the pat waing.

tsit naing biography examples

He remembers that, at the age of four years, he would sit and watch his older brother struggle to play during a lesson. He learned to play quite well just from observing his father and brother.

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From then on, his father decided that Naing would study the pat waing and patalaand his brother would specialize in vocals. Naing started learning the classical Burmese repertory at six years of age.

Min Ko Naing and the Saffron Revolution

He won second prize at a patala bamboo xylophone competition in Mandalay. Then he won first prize at the Burmese Era competition and some other prizes as well.

tsit naing biography examples

So even that was a success. The demonstration took place only in Yangon, but we already had a network around the country, committed to help if we were arrested.

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Whatever political game the activists and the authorities were playing, one fact cannot be denied: First, we were taken to a military police compound. This led to a demonstration for our release. He was arrested a second time in September and released a second time in January He was then starting his third term in jail.

tsit naing biography examples

All of us have seen movie screen heroes standing up and talking back to their guards. Min Ko Naing did it in real life, and listening to him talk about it makes it impossible not to smile, and even laugh, at the ridicule the representatives of the military state were forced into.

This, obviously, was a very serious game.

What Min Ko Naing was doing was biography examples the logic of blame around, showing the men on the other side how they were the ones not respecting the law, even the law as they understood it and claimed to enforce it.

Beyond the illegal picturesMin Ko Naing said: While Myanmar has evolved significantly in the last decade, one thing Min Ko Naing explained to us rings all too true in Ironically, and again, with some echo to the present, one judge actually sued him for defamation. He was sentenced to six months in jail for this alone. This would pale in comparison to the 65 years Min Ko Naing and several of his colleagues were sentenced to serve in November