Mikhael kale biography examples

mikhael kale biography examples
But Mikhael Kale executes contrast in a way that bonds two very different spirits. Normally, I would stick with one but I find both just as compelling in this case. Garment design and construction are my first language.

Mikhael Kale is a Toronto-based designer and after two seasons his namesake label is sold in Holt Renfrew. I'm a big fan of his tall, sleek, and sexy style.

Mikhael Kale

I had a chance to speak with the designer and pick his brain. How did you get into fashion? Funnily, I never 'got' into fashion, it got into me. I have always been drawn to garment design and construction.

mikhael kale biography examples

What are you inspired by? Garment design and construction are my first language. Do you have a design philosophy? To express the architecture of existence, and to have this work actuated by women to create their own experience.


Describe the inspiration for Fall ? It was inspired by the strength and plight of the post World War II woman; where construction and colour, or lack thereof, were utilized to shape a position and posture.

Canada isn't known as a fashion Mecca and a lot of talent goes overseas. You studied in London.

mikhael kale biography examples

What's the hardest part about doing business out of Toronto, and why do you stay? I came back to start a label in Toronto. Proximity is always an issue no matter where I am located. As for fashion and talent, there is so much harvested in Canada. How important is the internet to your business?

Do many customers find out about you through the web? It is very important. It is a medium that connects us.

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It has helped me exhibit and draw awareness to my label, and has become an integral part of my functioning business. Velvet dresses exposed denim-clad legs while fun and flirty draping was interrupted by piercing rings.

Peach-coloured dresses were added into the mix of dark blues, blood reds and forest green. Then, patent leather jackets, clear plastic over the knee boot coverings, treated denim, and raindrop-like crystal detailing all served as a reminder that this girl can definitely weather a storm.

mikhael kale biography examples

So who is the Mikhael Kale girl anyway? She has a flair for the dramatic and unusual but also the pretty and practical.

Mikhael Kale F/W 2016 Collection Review

Normally, I would stick with one but I find both just as compelling in this case. Read on and let me know which you prefer. This song is particularly striking because it adds more context to the collection.

mikhael kale biography examples

All that peach velvet starts to make sense now. Not only that but amidst this guard that has been put up are these clear plastic boot coverings and a matching trench coat.

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