John alexander douglas mccurdy biography books

john alexander douglas mccurdy biography books
Arthur Roy Brown 0. As Baldwin attended engineering studies at the University of Toronto, he proposed to a professor a thesis on mechanical flight and was told he should stop wasting his time on the field, noted his descendant, Sean Baldwin. Alexander is a common name in the McCurdy family.

Epilogue to the Aerial Experiment Association. AEA - Centenary Celebrations. AEA - Bibliography and Resources. Links to Kite Sites.

john alexander douglas mccurdy biography books

Port Colborne - Home Town. More About This Website. Cygnet I - a large tetrahedral structured kite-like device based on Bell's earlier "Frost King" tetrahedral kite of In the Cygnet, there were tetrahedral cells each measuring 25 cm along the four dimensions.

The cell bank configuration was 52 x 12 x The overall span was 13 m The entire device was fitted with pontoon type floats to support it on water, which was to be the launching surface. The cell structure of this aerodrome was With floats the device weighed On December 3, the Cygnet flew briefly as an unmanned kite. Some modest damage happened on landing and the craft was repaired for a December 6, manned flight trial.

john alexander douglas mccurdy biography books

Thomas Selfridge was in the flight seat on this occasion. The Cygnet, with Selfridge moving his body around in the space designed for the flier, gained an altitude of feet until the wind dropped and the machine began to descend after seven minutes in the air.

The tow boat's line was not cut immediately upon the craft's contact with the water surface and the Cygnet nosed over with Selfridge still in it.

The force created by briefly towing the kite in this attitude on the water led to it beginning to submerge and ultimately breaking in two.

john alexander douglas mccurdy biography books

Baldwin came to Baddeck first inhe noted, adding he believed Baldwin found a synergy with his fellow AEA members, applying his mechanical and engineering skills to the ideas they conceived. How do you build a flying replica of the Silver Dart, an aircraft that took off from the frozen waters of Baddeck Bay almost years ago?

John Alexander Douglas McCurdy : biography

You start with the original plans, preferably with the original engineering documents, that is if you can find them. For Doug Jermyn and the other volunteer members of the Aerial Experiment Association in Ontario, that involved quite a bit of research and investigation and the help and co-operation of several individuals and institutions.

To start with, they were very lucky and that luck had a Cape Breton connection. Inquiries at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario, produced a set of drawings of the proposed aircraft, dating back to These illustrations belonged to Gordon McCrea of Baddeck, who had built two Silver Dart replicas and had been lent to the museum for research purposes.

Doug and his friends were able to photocopy this important archival material and also made arrangements to send the originals back to Gordon.

john alexander douglas mccurdy biography books

Internet searches led to the Alexander Graham Bell archives at Cape Breton University, where they could view specific details relating to the construction of the Silver Dart's wings, among other things, that would prove invaluable for their ambitious project. They also read many of Bell's notes pertaining to the design and manufacture of the various components that went into this revolutionary aircraft.

The Canada Aviation Museum in Ottawa provided another set of original drawings and blueprints, which had been donated by J. Douglas McCurdy, the man who flew the original Silver Dart back in These drawings had been done on linen and were starting to show their age The fact that the first flight in Canada actually took place almost johns alexander douglas mccurdy biography books ago was largely due to the financial contribution of Alexander Graham Bell's wife Mabel, a very intelligent lady who usually preferred to stay in the background, while Bell and his largely male associates conducted their various scientific experiments.

john alexander douglas mccurdy biography books

It seems, however, that Mabel Bell had a genuine interest in the belief that a powered machine could actually fly, and she was willing to put up her own money in order to make it possible. It's purpose was to construct "a practical flying aerodrome or flying machine driven through the air by its own power and carrying a man. A recent mechanical engineering graduate of the University of Toronto, he had brought along to Baddeck his great friend Frederick 'Casey' Baldwin, who also had an engineering degree from the same university.

The other two members of the AEA, who also arrived in Baddeck in the summer ofincluded: I now have associated with me gentlemen who supplement by their technical knowledge my deficiencies and in this combination I now feel that we are strong, where before we were weak.

23 February 1909

He might have been one of the world's greatest scientific inventors, yet at the age of 60 he also realized he was too old to actually take part in any of the dangerous test flights that would be required in order to achieve success. With this in mind, and with the considerable financial help of his wife Mabel, he and four eager and talented young men formed the Aerial Experiment Association.

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Douglas McCurdy, Casey Baldwin, Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge and Glenn Curtiss, were all encouraged to design and build their own biplanes, or two-winged flying machines. Most of the work took place at Curtiss's workshop in Hammondsport, N. By March,the group's first powered biplane was ready to be tested. Called the Red Wing, after the red silk used to cover its wings, it was designed by Lieutenant Selfridge.

john alexander douglas mccurdy biography books

Baldwin thus became the first Canadian, and subject of the British Empire, to fly an airplane. Five days later, on its second flight, the Red Wing crashed on the ice. Fortunately, Casey Baldwin was not injured.

John Alexander Douglas McCurdy

Two months later the group's second biplane was ready for testing. It was called the White Wing, after the colour of the fabric used to cover the wings, and incorporated two significant aeronautical inventions.

It was the first heavier than air machine in North America to have ailerons, which are movable control panels located at the tip of each wing.

John A.D McCurdy #2 - by

It also had a three-wheeled landing system, for taking off and landing from a grassy field. Over a period of several days Baldwin, Selfridge and Curtiss each made a john test flight. However, during the fourth flight, with McCurdy at the controls, the White Wing crashed to the alexander douglas mccurdy biography.

Fortunately, McCurdy was only slightly injured. Bill Copps books back at the Toronto waterfront crash of a U. Navy pilot with the Blue Angels flying team. Silver Dart makes aviation history The Story. Other Aviation more Nine-year-old flying ace soars into history Under a sunny, blue sky, Emma Houlston lands her family's single-engine plane in St.

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