Mike wolfe american pickers biography of martin

mike wolfe american pickers biography of martin
In December , American Pickers revealed that Antique Archaeology had leased part of a former car factory in Nashville, Tennessee , which originally made the Marathon automobile, for a second business location to decrease the distance required to haul their finds from the southern states. How rich is Mancow Muller?

And I'm Frank Fritz. We travel the back roads of America looking to buy rusty gold. We're looking for amazing things buried in people's garages and barns.

What most people see as junk, we see as dollar signs.

Mike Wolfe's Top 8 Secrets for Smart Vintage Shopping

We'll buy "anything" we think we can make a buck on. Each item we pick has a history all its own.

mike wolfe american pickers biography of martin

And the people we meet? Well, they're a breed all their own. Mike and Frank explore people's homes, barns, sheds, outbuildings, and other places where they have stored antiques and collectibles.

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Jill Martin Bio

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mike wolfe american pickers biography of martin

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mike wolfe american pickers biography of martin

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mike wolfe american pickers biography of martin

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Talking about her body measurements, Jill has an average height standing at 5 feet 6 inches but the weight is unknown. She has a Voluptuous body shape with blonde hair and brownish eyes. Due to her successful broadcasting career, Jill has been connected with different sorts of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram. She has more than K followers on her Facebook account while her Twitter account has around K followers.

Her Instagram has more than K followers. April 14 The original owner was a motorcycle junkie —Wolfe has a collection of And just next to that sits a small, fenced-in dog run, complete with the outline of a bone on the door.

Wolfe is passionate about his two dogs, a border collie and an Australian cattle dog, and recently filmed a PSA to bring positive awareness to the American pit bull.

But they still need to paint a few rooms, renovate a few bathrooms, and update their guest cottage, which sits overtop the stand-alone garage. As they take their time settling in, Wolfe is keeping busy with his many roles: