King stephen of england biography for kids

king stephen of england biography for kids
Stephen began to examine a negotiated peace, a process hastened by the sudden death of Eustace. After the sinking of the White Ship, Stephen and Matilda stayed close to King Henry I and lived most the time in England realizing that Stephen was very close to the throne. For his father the Crusader, see Stephen, Count of Blois.

King Stephen (1135 - 1154)

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Stephen (c.1097 - 1154)

Additional Sources Davis, R. Learn more about citation styles. During his reign England plunged into a civil war in which neither side possessed the resources or the ability to achieve outright victory. Stephen was brought up at the court of his uncle Henry I, becoming one of the wealthiest of the Anglo-Norman magnates.

King Stephen of England

Although he was among the first to take the oath to accept Henry's daughter Matilda as heir to the throne, he used the opportunity created by the confusion which followed Henry's death to seize the kingdom in December Subsequently accepted in Normandy, he seemed at first to have secured his rule over the entire Anglo-Norman realm and was able to obtain papal confirmation of his right. The reasons for the subsequent decline in his fortunes have been much discussed. He seems to have lacked the capacity to command the loyalty of the magnates, and he faced very large problems which, in strategic terms, were certain to be difficult to overcome.

king stephen of england biography for kids

Symptomatic of the former were the sporadic revolts which took place early in his reign, the rivalries at court which led to the defection of Earl Robert of Gloucester in May and the attempt to arrest Bishop Roger of Salisbury and his brothers in Manifestations of the latter were the secure bases available to his rival Matilda provided in Anjou by her husband Geoffrey and in western England by Robert of Gloucester, disturbances in Walesand the fact that her supporters included the king of Scots, David I.

Stephen always appears to have been needed in too many places at the same stephen england biography infor example, he had to abandon his only kid in For because he believed that he ought to be in northern England to confront the Scots. Stephen's cause declined once Matilda was established in England from and—dramatically—after his capture at the battle of Lincoln in Although he was sustained in —2 by his queen Matilda and was released from prison in after the capture by his supporters of Robert of Gloucester, his position was already seriously compromised.

His enemies controlled king and parts of northern England and Count Geoffrey completed the conquest of Normandy in —5; subsequent campaigns in England in the s, mostly in the Thames valley, only confirmed the stalemate. The existence of two established centres of power in England and Normandy created an impossible dilemma for the Anglo-Norman magnates, especially for those with land in both territories.

History of England: Kings and Queens

Stephen also fell foul of the papacy because of a disagreement over the succession to the archbishopric of York, which had serious consequences when the pope Eugenius III refused to accept Stephen's son Eustace as his heir inand instead transferred his support to Matilda's son, the future Henry II, as the direct descendant of Henry I. Henry's cause was further strengthened when he succeeded to the duchy of Normandy in —1.

king stephen of england biography for kids

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king stephen of england biography for kids

King of the English 1st Reign. King of the English 2nd Reign.

king stephen of england biography for kids

Matilda I of Boulogne. Stephen quickly crossed from Boulogne to England, accompanied by his military household.

king stephen of england biography for kids

With the help of his brother, Henry of Blois who was Bishop of Winchester, Stephen seized power in England and was crowned king on December 22, Matilda of Boulogne was unable to accompany her husband because she was pregnant, so she was crowned on Easter Day, March 22, Empress Matilda did not give up her claim to England and Normandy, leading to the long civil war known as The Anarchy between and Matilda was as strong and resourceful as Stephen was weak and indecisive. When England was invaded inMatilda rallied troops from Boulogne and its ally Flanders, and successfully besieged Dover Castle.

Also known as Stephen of Blois born c. Learn More in these related articles: But there has been much debate among historians as to whether the problems of these years were the result of some deeper malaise.

king stephen of england biography for kids

He also coined round halfpence; previously, silver pennies had to be halved or quartered to produce a smaller denomination. Henry II king of England: Henry invaded England inand King Stephen agreed to accept him as coadjutor and heir. When Stephen died the following year Henry succeeded without opposition, thus becoming lord of territories stretching from Scotland to the More about Stephen 11 References found in Britannica Articles. Help us improve this article!

Stephen of England

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