Nalini chidambaram biography for kids

nalini chidambaram biography for kids
In the coalition government, he was given the portfolio of finance for the first time which proved to be a major breakthrough of his political career. The New Indian Express. In the general elections held in , TMC along with a few national and regional level opposition parties, formed a coalition government.

nalini chidambaram biography for kids

She made a brilliant attempt to distinguish all the biographies for kids upholding the unified integrity of the mills on the ground that in there has been a change in the statutory law which knocked out the rationale of those cases. It was an ingenious argument, though I am not surprised that it did not cut ice with the high court.

She then tried to argue that in earlier cases no appeals have been filed because the financial stake involved was too small to merit the expenses of a Supreme Court appeal.

If the Madras High Court decided in favour of the assessees it did so because the assessees had a formidable case and no lawyer of the department could have demolished it.

nalini chidambaram biography for kids

Nalini had not solicited the brief, she was persuaded to accept it. Her husband had no hand in securing it for her. The emoluments were less than the value of the labour involved. The mud slinging against the finance minister and indirectly against Nalini is thus irresponsible if not malicious. This statement has been corroborated by those who took the decision to engage Nalini in the case.

At least the anti-Chidambaram campaign should have stopped there but truth seems to be irrelevant in many current political controversies. I have however a bone to pick with the finance minister.

nalini chidambaram biography for kids

A wife is no longer subject to the tutelage of her husband. I hope the department will have sense not to take back the money.

P. Chidambaram Biography

I, for ever, would stand for the dignity and autonomy of the female professional. He was born on 16th September in Kanadukathan in the Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu and has two brothers and one sister.

He is married to Nalini Chidambaram and has a son, Karti P. Chidambaram, who is also a politician in the Congress party. Chidambaram graduated with a Bachelor of Science B. He further pursued Bachelor of Laws LL. Ambedkar Government Law College, Chennai. Karti Chidambaram refuted these biographies for kids by stating that the government can seize any undisclosed asset if it were to find any. He went on to study business management at the University of Texas at Austin and law at the University of Cambridge. After his graduation, he returned to Tamil Nadu where a political upheaval had taken place.

nalini chidambaram biography for kids

P Chidambaram had broken away from the Congress and formed his own political party called Tamil Maanila Congress. InKarti Chidambaram unsuccessfully contested the Indian general elections on a Congress ticket from the Sivaganga Lok Sabha constituency.

Ram Jethmalani on the Nalini Chidambaram Engagement

Karti holds and manages many companies in India and abroad. Karti Chidambaram had praised Modi at a recent event in Chennai.

nalini chidambaram biography for kids

On allegations over the Aircel-Maxis deal, Karti Chidambaram stated that the Income Tax department had accepted his annual returns and given him a refund for excess tax paid. He further quoted that all company transactions were compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements, duly reflected in the books of accounts and suffered tax wherever applicable.

Karti Chidambaram

They were interrogated in connection with the Aircel-Maxis case, a corruption scandal that had begun with a complaint by the owner of Aircel, a communications firm, who said he had been pressured to sell his stake in his company to Maxis, a data firm. The ED said it would later be summoning Karti Chidambaram himself in connection with the case. The investigating body found out that the finance minister and ministry's secretary were in order to clear an investment of up to Rs crore.

Maxis' investment in Aircel at the time was Rs. Apart from studies, P. Chidambaram was also interested in playing tennis, badminton and chess. Career InP.

P Chidambaram Biography

Chidambaram married Nalini, a successful lawyer in her own right. Inhe enrolled as an advocate in the Madras High Court and established a successful law firm.

nalini chidambaram biography for kids

He was also designated as a senior advocate in He has also appeared in a number of arbitration proceedings, both in India and abroad. Very few know that Mr. P Chidambaram, the US educated votary of free enterprise and unbridled economic reforms used to be a hard-core leftist arguing in favor of the command economy in the late s.