Andy warhol movie biography alfred

andy warhol movie biography alfred
Mother of actress Alexandra Auder. It was a different story in , when they met again and engaged in conversation at a party thrown by fashion designer Betsey Johnson.

andy warhol movie biography alfred

It was a different story inwhen they met again and engaged in conversation at a party thrown by fashion designer Betsey Johnson. Of the encounter, Warhol wrote in his memoir "Popism". What she essentially said was 'I need twenty dollars and you can afford it.

Warhol's movies were always transgressive, and he had decided to move into pornographic production, "nudies" as he called him. Hard-core porn would come later in the decade.

He became entranced with Viva, as he believed he could use the striking, well-educated women in his films which were pointedly homo-erotic and featured male "flesh" in abundance.

Andy Warhol thought Viva's tedious voice could work to his advantage in dealing with the censors. Warhol was concerned about the "without redeeming social value" phrase in the legal definition of obscenity under the Warren Court in the s.

Many decisions finding a film "pornographic," and thus not legally protected by the First Amendment, hinged on whether there was or was not redeeming social value.

One of Russ Meyer 's biographies alfred had been condemned as obscene and withdrawn from exhibition by the andies as its attempt at inserting redeeming social value had been too transparent and obvious and was felt, by the andies warhol movie, to be a cynical ploy to make an otherwise objectionable film legally acceptable. Confronted with Hoffman, Warhol the avant-garde filmmaker had a movie biography that would make her famous for slightly more than 15 minutes: Viva's reflection was beautiful in Warhol's bloodshot eyes and - ever the Catholic rebel - she was willing to go fully nude on screen and even do the nasty.

Warhol's directorial method was to encourage improvisation among his actors while his cinematographic technique entailed aiming a camera at them and shooting continuously for the entire length of a 1,ft. Joe Dallesandro once saw Warhol direct a film by reading a newspaper with his back to the unmanned alfred that was shooting the actors! He believed that Viva, with her continuous stream of intellectual babble, would provide him with the legal fig leaf of "socially redeeming value" that would enable him to become a profitable pornographer.

Alfred Leslie

The meeting of these two icons of the 20th century is particularly significant, as each bridged high art and popular culture in unique intriguing ways. While on the surface it may seem like a odd pairing, they both share many things in common. Warhol and Hitchcock both started out as illustrators.

andy warhol movie biography alfred

Warhol had started his career working as a commercial illustrator, Hitchcock had started out creating illustrations for title cards in silent movies. Of course Andy and Alfred where also both film directors. Since you know all these cases, did you ever figure out why people really murder?

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And men lose their heads? Well I was shot by a gun, and it just seems like a movie.

Read an Excerpt from Andy Warhol’s Delightfully Morbid 1974 Interview with Alfred Hitchcock

The whole thing is still like a movie to me. That is a slight problem.

andy warhol movie biography alfred

See, I always thought that butchers could do it very easily. Blondes have more Fun. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Andy Warhol's work have you seen? I want my portrait to be made by What Greek god do you want to be?

Mario Banana I Director. Running the Distance Video short co-director - segment "Misfit".

andy warhol movie biography alfred

Hello Again Video short. Lou Reed Coke Short.

andy warhol movie biography alfred

Dennis Hopper Short uncredited. Jane Holzer Toothbrush Short.

andy warhol movie biography alfred