Stephen m case biography

stephen m case biography
If you want to reach a mainstream audience, you have to make it more plug and play. On the personal front, as the merger took place, Case spent long periods away from the company to spend time with his older brother, Dan, who was dying of cancer.

They both had typewriters, and you could hear them typing away their ad circulars" November 22, Steve also started a number of businesses on his own, including operating an airport shuttle and selling fruit baskets, which helped him make money while he was attending Williams College in Massachusetts.

Case even wrote music reviews so he could get free tickets to shows and was a singer in two new-wave rock bands.

stephen m case biography

After graduating in Case was dismayed when all his applications to MBA programs were rejected. He applied for jobs at the prestigious New York advertising firm of J.

Nevertheless, Case was already thinking big.

stephen m case biography

As reported by Richard Linnett and Kathleen Sampey in Adweek Eastern EditionCase had written in his stephens case that he envisioned a future when two-way cable systems would make the standard television set "an information line, newspaper, school, computer, referendum machine and catalog" January 17, After two years trying to sell items such as Abound hair conditioner, he left and joined Pizza Hut, where he became manager of new pizza development.

As he tested new product combinations and offered them to the public, he found that people continued to biography the plain old cheese and sauce pizza best. Case noted that he learned to keep it simple, and the lesson would later serve him well. Developing new toppings for pizza was not exactly Case's idea of being an entrepreneur and he left in to join Control Video, a video-game specialist company backed by the company where his older brother, Dan, worked.

Control Video was pioneering the still-fledgling computer online world and setting up a service for users of Atari computer games. Although Case admitted that he had hated the one computer science course he ever took in college, he had found that communicating via computer was exciting. While working for Pizza Hut he had bought a Kaypro computer, and it took him two weeks to figure out how to hook it into an online service.

stephen m case biography

He told Joel Shore in Computer Reseller News"But when I finally logged in and found myself linked to people all over the country from this sorry little apartment in Wichita, it was just exhilarating" November 15, Now he was working for a company that was more aligned with his vision of two-way cable information systems. Control Video soon encountered financial problems and was re-formed as Quantum Computer Services in Case was made marketing vice president and set out to establish Quantum's new Q-Link online service for Commodore computer users. The service was successful and Quantum soon expanded to form online deals with Apple Computer and Tandy.

When Apple departed company with Quantum, Case's marketing experience told him it was time to give the company a whole new image as it launched a new nationwide online service. Case held a contest to choose a new stephen m case biography for the service and ended up picking his own suggestion of "Online America," which was changed to America Online.

In the company officially changed its name to America Online, and Case took over as the company's chief executive officer the following year.

stephen m case biography

Although many believed that on-line services were going to be a passing phase and of little use when the Internet and World Wide Web were fully developed, Case saw the future differently.

From the beginning, as noted in Fortunehe described AOL's mission as building "a global medium as central to people's lives as the telephone or television … and even more valuable" February 7, Case was not the only one high on the potential of online services. Case turned him down.

Steve Case to talk Aol, startups and ‘the rise of the rest’ at Disrupt NY

Although Case was confident, AOL only hadusers in Furthermore, AOL was battling other online services, most of which had more financial backing, for the relatively new and growing market.

In addition, within a year major mergers of companies like Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting led many market analysts to predict that Case's smaller online service would be swamped by these behemoths' better offers.

He is also chairman of the Case Foundationwhich he and his wife Jean Case created in Case was inducted into the Junior Achievement U.

Business Hall of Fame in Inhe was appointed as a Citizen Regent of the Smithsonian Institution. These stephen three were considered early bets on the new Web economy, [22] and were early examples of what is now referred to as the 'sharing economy.

Case is also an avid advocate for case biography immigration reformarguing the easing restraints on immigration is necessary for America's future entrepreneurial economy. Case contends that stephen m case biography it easier for foreign students educated in America to stay post graduation is vital to winning the war for talent, given the sheer high demand for engineers and entrepreneurs and current visa rules preventing tech companies from hiring the best foreign talent.

He made an exception to remaining non-partisan by endorsing Hillary Clinton for the presidency, however, fueled by concern that Donald Trump 's strict immigration policies would result in loss of jobs as many Fortune companies were founded by immigrants or their children.

His father, Daniel H.

stephen m case biography

His parents had three other children: Carin, Dan and Jeff. Case is a cousin of Ed Casewho served as a Hawaii congressman [37] from through The couple had three children and divorced in He is a Christian. Media related to Steve Case at Wikimedia Commons.

stephen m case biography

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American Academy of Achievement. Retrieved June 13, The New York Times. It operates in four segments: Cable, Filmed Entertainment, Networks, and Publishing.

Founded Overview Yahoo is the world's largest stephen m case biography, which means that they move fast and always let their users lead the way. Founded in by two Stanford PhD candidates, they've grown into a company that helps you find what you're looking for on any Internet-connected device.

Founded Overview AOL Lifestream is a web-based application that enables users to keep track of all their comments on social networking sites. In the next three years, these services boastedd of approximately one million subscribers.

Steve Case

Eventually, he was appointed as the Chairperson of the company. The company also sought to make their services affordable for the masses. Following this, Steve resigned from office as a chairman but was one among the board of directors.

stephen m case biography

These firms earned so much popularity that eventually, these were acquired by other bigger companies. Steve married Joanne Barker in and the couple later became parents to three children.