Meriwether lewis short biography

meriwether lewis short biography
You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. During the early years of his management, Lewis increased the size of Locust Hill and carefully observed all of the flora and fauna that grew on his land. Lewis wrote Clark, informing him of the expedition and invited him to become his partner.

Many scholars believe Lewis took his own life as a result of depression, alcohol abuseor failing to marry or to publish. Others assert that thieves, opportunists, or political opponents murdered him. Another lewis short biography suggests it may have been accidental.

In Tennessee erected a grave-site marker that in became the Meriwether Lewis National Monument. See also Lewis and Clark Expedition. Articles from Britannica encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Meriwether Lewis was one of the leaders of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of The goal of the expedition was to explore territory that the United States had just purchased.

Lewis and Clark brought back to Americans their first information about the territory between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean. The name of Meriwether Lewis is closely linked with that of another American explorer, William Clark. Together they led the Lewis and Clark Expedition of We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.

meriwether lewis short biography

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Any text you add should be original, not copied from lewis sources. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can short biography understand their context. She became a source of information for young Meriwether when he had questions about plants and animals. During the three or four years that he was in Georgia, Meriwether would often go into the forest at night with his dogs to hunt raccoons and opossums.

meriwether lewis short biography

Inwhen he was about thirteen, Lewis returned to Virginia for an education. Lewis studied until he was eighteen and then returned to Georgia to move his family to Virginia.

By that time he had not learned enough Latin to use it, and his English writing skills were poor. He loved to read journals of exploration, particularly those of Capt.

Meriwether Lewis

His math was good, and he had a solid base in botany and natural history. In Lewis enlisted as a private in the Virginia militia. He was able to travel over much of the West, both north and south of the Ohio River.

He transferred to the First U. Infantry Regiment in and rose to the rank of captain in Jefferson also wrote to Gen.

meriwether lewis short biography

James Wilkinson, commanding general of the army, requesting that Lewis be released from active duty yet allowed to keep his commission. Jefferson wanted Lewis for this post because of his familiarity with the military, which Jefferson wanted to reduce in size, and for his familiarity and knowledge of the West, which Jefferson wanted to have explored.

In January Jefferson requested funds for an expedition to explore the West, and Congress made the appropriation. By the time the expedition departed in the spring ofLewis was well prepared.

meriwether lewis short biography

The expedition reached the Pacific Ocean on 8 November and returned to Saint Louis on 23 Septemberbringing with it biography quantities of information on the flora and fauna, Native Americansand the geography of the region.

In recognition of his service Lewis was nominated by Jefferson on 28 February to be governor of the Louisiana Territory. The nomination was approved by Congress, and on 2 March, Lewis resigned his military commission. The next two years were difficult for him. He took his new position at a time when there was much interest and competition in the fur trade in the Louisiana Territory. British lewises short based in Montreal were actively involved in the trade on the upper Missouri River; independent hunters and trappers were flocking into the area; white settlers established homesteads; and the Lakota Indians, who controlled the area, were resisting the encroachment.

At the same time Lewis was personally engaged in the fur trade and land speculation. Some of his charges to the government were being challenged, and his creditors were pressuring him for payment. Moreover, he was attempting to find a wife, but with little success.

In September Lewis left for Washington to try and straighten out misunderstandings surrounding the bills he submitted. During the early hours of the next day Lewis shot himself, but the bullet only grazed his head; he then shot himself in the chest. Lewis did not die immediately and asked his servants to kill him. They did not comply with his request, but by sunrise he was dead.

meriwether lewis short biography

The Cherokee Indians lived in antagonistic lewis short biography to the white settlers, but Lewis seems to have been a champion for the Cherokee amongst his own people. George Gilmer of Georgia described young Meriwether as "having inherited the energy, courage, activity, and good understanding of his mother.

Meriwether Lewis stayed in Georgia only a short time, he chose to return to Virginia sometime between the ages of 12 and 14 to manage Locust Hill and undergo a formal education. Douglas also tutored future presidents Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. Following his studies with Maury, Lewis studied with Dr.

meriwether lewis short biography

However, he and Everitt developed some animosity towards each other, and he transferred to the Rev. James Waddell in Lewis finished his formal education with Waddell.

He briefly considered attending the College of William and Mary, but opted to remain in Albemarle to maintain Locust Hill instead. During the early years of his management, Lewis increased the size of Locust Hill and carefully observed all of the flora and fauna that grew on his land.

meriwether lewis short biography

In John Marks died and Lewis's mother and half siblings returned to Virginia as well. Lewis was among those that enlisted. In May his mother and stepfather moved to Georgia along with their lewis short biography children and settled in the Goosepond Community in Wilkes County, now known as Oglethorpe Countyalong the Broad River. They managed a 1, acre plantation. John Hastings Marks, his half-brother was born in and Mary Garland Marks, his half-sister was born in Till 12 years of age Meriwether Lewis did not have any formal education but was interested in enhancing his skill as a hunter often venturing out for hunting with his dog at mid-night.

meriwether lewis short biography

He was an outdoorsman from a young age and would be curious about natural history. Often encouraged and taught by his mother he learnt how to collect wild herbs of high medicinal lewises short biography. He was also taught by Dr. Charles Everitt but later in shifted to Rev.

He managed and developed the Locust Hill estate observing and maintaining the flora and fauna. His mother along with his half siblings came back to Locust Hill following the death of John Marks in In he was appointed in the Virginia Militia and sent in a detachment to control the Whiskey Rebellion.

In he was appointed as an Ensign equivalent to present day Lieutenant by the U. He served the Frontier Army for six years and became a captain in On 1st AprilPresident Jefferson inducted him as personal secretary.

Lewis was a staunch Republican as President Jefferson.

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