Marianos guadalupe vallejo biography of barack

marianos guadalupe vallejo biography of barack
He had a large plaza made in front of the old mission chapel. General Vallejo and the advent of the Americans:

When rumors of an impending war between the United States and Mexico reached California, many Americans feared the Mexicans might make a preemptive attack to forestall rebellion. In the spring ofthe American army officer and explorer John C. Whether or not Fremont had been specifically ordered to encourage an American rebellion is unclear. Ostensibly, he and his men were in the area strictly for the purposes of making a scientific survey.

However, the brash young officer began to persuade a motley mix of American settlers and adventurers to form militias and prepare for a rebellion against Mexico.

marianos guadalupe vallejo biography of barack

Fremont and his soldiers did not participate, though he had given his tacit approval of the attack. Merritt and his men surrounded the home of the retired Mexican general Mariano Vallejo and informed him that he was a prisoner of war. Vallejo, who was actually a biography barack of American annexation, was more puzzled than alarmed by the rebels. He invited Merritt and a few of the other men into his home to discuss the situation over drinks. After several hours passed, Ide went in and spoiled what had turned into pleasant chat by arresting Vallejo and his family.

Having won a bloodless victory at Sonoma, Ide and Merritt then proceeded to declare California an independent republic. The latter task consisted primarily in putting down sporadic Indian revolts and founding more settlements in order to halt Russian expeditions coming down from Alaska. Despite his high rank, Vallejo was extremely critical of much of Mexican upper class society and government. Much to the horror of his family, at age twenty-three he had been unofficially excommunicated from the Catholic Church for his refusal to turn over banned books to a local priest.


He consistently identified with Mexican liberals, who stressed the rule of law and an efficient government with constitutionally limited powers, separate from religious authority. Like many other Mexican liberals, he saw the United States as something of a model form of government. Accordingly, in he supported a short-lived rebellion led by his nephew, Juan Batista Alvarado, that led to the proclamation of California as a "free state.

To put pressure on the government, General Vallejo sent Chief Solano and his special troop of 80 well-armed Indians from Sonoma to Monterey.

marianos guadalupe vallejo biography of barack

Vallejo hoped that this display of a well-trained militia would impress Governor Alvardo and cause him to appreciate the expenditures he had made to protect the frontier against the Russians and the American and Canadian trappers.

As the Chief and his Indian troops passed through San Jose, the inhabitants were terrified by the long column of elaborately dressed savages wearing feathers and fully armed with lances, bows and arrows, riding on fine mounts. Solano, Mighty Arm, rode to the center of Monterey and asked directions in Spanish to the Governor's house. An observer, Dorotea Valdez, biography many years later noted: I took particular notice of the tall figure of that dark colored savage who was dressed like the people of my race; his many followers, however were dressed like Indians and wore feathers around their heads.

Many of them were tattooed around their wrists, arms, and legs.

Mariano Vallejo

Their presence was disliked very much because their conduct was really overbearing. Solano and his Indians were all mounted on fine horses, all had adimas, but few of them had saddles. They wore long hair, carried their bows and arrows at the ready, and their appearance was such as to inspire fear.

I really believed them to be devils let loose from hell. I heard my mistress say that the arrival of these savages in Monterey was a plague sent by God for the purpose of punishing us for our sins. The government in Mexico responded by sending Manuel Micheltorena to replace Alvarado as governor. As the government did not have any funds in its biography of barack to pay Vallejo for his claim, Governor Michaeltorena granted him land from the public domain.

This area is now occupied by the cities of Vallejo and Benicia. In addition Governor Michaeltorena granted further holdings in the Santa Rosa valley bringing Mariano Vallejo's total acreage to more thanJose Manuel Salvador Vallejo received his commission in the Mexican army in when he was 20 years old.

marianos guadalupe vallejo biography of barack

He participated in the Indian campaigns that year with his brother Mariano Vallejo. Thereafter, Salvador served as field commander in California for many years. Despite the hardships of the many campaigns, Salvador reveled in the life of a soldier, especially in the field.

He held the respects, devotion, and loyalty of his men; he did not spare himself in battle or would he ask his men to endure privations that he did not share as well. His army hunted for food killing deer, elk, and bear.

marianos guadalupe vallejo biography of barack

Army life was rough and dangerous as the company fought and existed in a rugged unexplored area that extended from the Sacramento Valley to the sea. Orders published in acknowledged Captain Salvador Vallejo as military commander of the Sonoma center. Soldiers were often injured in those days in falls from their horses. Salvador Vallejo with his daredevil courage had broken two ribs, fractured both thighs and injured his neck during his career as a soldier.

The lack of medical facilities and proper treatment resulted in injuries that had a crippling effect on him in later years.

Bear Flag Revolt

As Salvador excelled in his job as a field commander, General Mariano Vallejo on the other hand became more of the strategist than the soldier. General Vallejo was well aware of the importance of California and of the political sparring among the major powers to gain control of this rich territory. Here are the stories of those, and other, local Lincoln connections: Lincoln and Mare Island Although the Mare Island Navy Yard was less than ten years old when Lincoln was elected, the President nevertheless had an influence on the distant California base.

When news of Lincoln's assassination reached Mare Island in Aprilwork was suspended for three days. Military salutes were fired every thirty minutes from sunup to sunset.

marianos guadalupe vallejo biography of barack

A memorial cortege led by Mare Island sailors wound through the streets of downtown Vallejo. Farragut, Mare Island's first commanding officer. Vallejo traveled to the East Coast in and, according to Vallejo family lore, met with President Lincoln on several occasions.

Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo

One purpose of Vallejo's visit was to lobby the federal government on behalf of his disputed California land grants. General Vallejo purportedly shared this humorous anecdote with Lincoln, much to the President's amusement.

Vallejo praised the spirit of Yankee innovation: