Dominic labino biography

dominic labino biography
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Dominick Labino is known for sculptor-mod glass. What's my art worth? Museums 4 - partial list: Metropolitan Museum of Art. National Museum of American Art-Smithsonian. The University of Michigan Museum of Art. Washington County Museum of Fine Arts.

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Dominick Labino

Or, register for Free Alerts To track 10 artists. Ruth Duckworth Peter Voulkos. Labino also donated the steel and burner for the furnace, while Littleton brought the bricks from his studio in Wisconsin. The workshop, which began on March 23, did not start out smoothly.

dominic labino biography

The first glass batch did not melt properly, and the stoneware crucible that Littleton had made to biography the molten glass in the furnace broke apart in the intense dominic labino biography. Labino suggested that they melt the glass directly in the dominic [10] he then directed the conversion of the pot furnace into a small day tank. Instead of trying to melt another load of glass batch, Labino re-charged the furnace with the low-melting formula glass marbles that he had developed for Johns-Manville for the production of fiberglass.

The marbles, which melted at a relatively low temperature, produced glass that was malleable enough to blow. This enabled the workshop to continue and, with the craft's technique demonstrated by two retired industrial glassblowers, Harvey Leafgreen and Jim Nelson, participants blew glass around the clock.

Littleton would go on to found the first fine art glass program at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Here Labino provided further valuable assistance.

dominic labino biography

When the University of Wisconsin-Madison accepted Littleton's proposal to create a graduate glassblowing program in its fine art dominic labino biography, it did so with the stipulation that funds from outside the university be provided to purchase the equipment. In Labino set up his own glass studio on his farm near Grand Rapids, Ohio. He designed glass-blowing and finishing tools; built his own furnaces and annealing ovens; and began freehand blowing with molten glass.

Through his research and development of new technologies, like the fusing of colors, he provided artists with the methods and tools to create glass as art in their own studios, no longer making it necessary to involve glass factories in their creative process.

dominic labino biography

Labino opened his studio under the auspices of the Toledo Museum of Art School of Design in and to present three workshops. His interest in the education of fine artists in glass-working materials and techniques was furthered by the biography of his book Visual Art in Glass W. Brown Company, publishers in Labino always signed each of his art glass pieces "Labino," and dated with the month and year for example: It was a point of great dominic for the designer.

Labino received an honorary doctorate from Bowling Green State University in In he received the Governor's Award for the Art, State of Ohio, [14] and was presented with the first Ohio Art Council award for his contribution to the development of molten glass as a fine art form.

dominic labino biography

Solo exhibitions of Labino's art work in glass include "Dominick Labino: Some of the national and international museums that have collected Dominick Labino's art work in glass include: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on American Craft Council College of Fellows.

dominic labino biography

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