Dr olaokun soyinka biography for kids

dr olaokun soyinka biography for kids
So I actually began school at two-and-a-half years of age. In Ake, a non-fictional account of his childhood, he talks of a most amazing event. Too long to read..

dr olaokun soyinka biography for kids

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Tears Flow at Wole Soyinka’s Daughter’s Funeral in Ibadan

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Click here to cancel reply. The Brittle Paper Literary Awards: Dear Ibiye Mercy Max Fiction. Features Series Stories and Poems. Theater performances like the one above are usually staged in in honour of Soyinka on his birthday.

dr olaokun soyinka biography for kids

Here are 20 facts about him we thought to share. There are clear signposts instructing all to park their cars and proceed on foot. Many people find it very strange at first, but the literary icon is intent on preserving the purity of his surroundings.

He has a black belt in Karate and is the result of the marriage between Soyinka and his first wife British multicultural educationist, Barbara Dixon.

dr olaokun soyinka biography for kids

He is also a practicing medical doctor. Wole Soyinka has been married to three wives Soyinka has been married three times and divorced twice. He has children from his three marriages.

dr olaokun soyinka biography for kids

His first marriage was in to the late British writer, Barbara Dixon, whom he met at the University of Leeds in the s. Barbara was the mother of his first son, Olaokun. His second marriage was in to Nigerian librarian Olaide Idowu, [35] with whom he had three daughters, Moremi, Iyetade deceasedPeyibomi, and a second son, Ilemakin.

Soyinka married Folake Doherty into whom he is currently married. Why he was divorced when he received the Nobel?

dr olaokun soyinka biography for kids

What is his link with Iya Awero, the popular Yoruba actress? Sit back, relax and enjoy! It all depends on your dialect.

The bemused teacher who remains a mentor put down his name in the class register and that was it. A legend was born. In his autobiographical memoir, Ake: The Years of Childhoodhe narrated his growing up. He explained thus in an interview: You have to stay behind.

dr olaokun soyinka biography for kids

And so one day — and then of course we lived in the parsonage, which meant that there were some schools, missionary schools, sort of, whose playgrounds abutted the lawn in front of our house. So I would watch these school kids also coming out during their break to play, and then I could see also through the school room windows, not far from us, these pupils bent over their books and their papers. I mean, it was like a conspiracy. For me it was the most natural thing. If you were going to school you had to have books.

And even she was still too young to go to school by herself, so one of the older child relations used to take her to school. What do you want?

Olaokun Soyinka

Olagbaju, came out to see what the fracas was about. So I actually began school at two-and-a-half years of age. In Ake, a non-fictional account of his childhood, he talks of a most amazing event. It was at the Palace of the Odemo of Isara, and a very tiny Soyinka was in the company of his fathers friends, some of the most influential people in the community.

dr olaokun soyinka biography for kids

One of the titled elders bellowed at the little Soyinka to prostrate before them as culture demanded. He also hated the communal sleeping mat he shared with his siblings and cousins as a youngster: I simply preferred to be on my own.

His first marriage, a short one, was to Barbara Skeath. Barbara and Soyinka met while he was at Leeds, where he also later did his postgraduate studies and they had both finished with a Second Class Upper Division.

They would later divorce in Fehintola Sonuga being one of them and Dapo Adelugba was the other. His imprisonment during the war had its toll on their union as it fell on her alone to take care of the whole house.