Rustom bharucha biography channel

rustom bharucha biography channel
As I have tried to demonstrate, it is precisely because the nature of oral history is quite different from that of conventional archival records and documents that we need to focus on the use of these resources for understanding the history of science in India. Ananthakrishnan, whose career is marked by a lively mixtures of theater practice and theater studies, explains what role his biographical background played in the choice of his studies.

All these were very real, the thrill which came listening to him on the radio.

rustom bharucha biography channel

Simultaneously there were these disturbances. Large number of relatives came on radio announcements and we were trying to trace them. And we happened to have a home. So anybody related to us from anywhere who had come as a refugee would put up with us and then try to find a place.

rustom bharucha biography channel

I remember helping people find a place. I heard that refugee camps were being started and there was one Kingsway camp. So I took a bicycle and went to Kingsway camp. He asked me what I did? I said I had finished my studies.

He asked when I could start? I said I could start then and there. But then what happened was I met some friends who also were in my class and based in Delhi. They told me that some of our teachers were also there. Going back seemed impossible at the moment. There used to be a Deputy Commissioner here by the name of Randhawa.

rustom bharucha biography channel

One day some of us went to meet him with Dr. Kothari, who was Head of the physics department. And we said that some of our students were here and also some of the teachers. Could we have some place in the university where we could study?

So some arrangement was made. By that time some teachers had also joined and they had built 3 big rooms somewhere at the back. So those rooms could be used by the Punjab University. And then for doing practicals they could use the Delhi University laboratories.

CfP "Philanthropy, Development, and the Arts" (International Conference, ERC project "Developing Theatre", 07/2018)

We said we should have an East Punjab University Association for helping students. So we wanted a place where those who didn't have a home could live. So one day Kothari Saab and I went to Randhawa at his house and said that we needed a hostel out here, could he biography channel us in making arrangement for the same? He said fine and asked for his car. His big car came, we all sat in that and Randhawa Saab with his P. We went behind the University and there were large number of barracks called Reeds Barracks. It was lying idle and it was just walking distance. He asked us if that would do.

We said it would.

Rustom Bharucha

He immediately dictated notes to his P. You see this was the spirit at that time of Independence. If you were in trouble you could jump hurdles! Oral history interviews can demonstrate the rich and multifaceted nature of the history of recent science.

rustom bharucha biography channel

The use of biography channel history as a resource in the history of science shares the problems its use presents in other fields.

Reviewing the repositories of oral histories of scientists in the United States, Ronald Doel points out that the predicament of distinguishing between official and rehearsed memories and more spontaneous attempts at making memory meaningful remains fundamental.

In fact, preparation for the interview requires not just historical research but observations about the field itself, with the goal of finding a few patterns that demonstrate the way in which historical events and the evolution of concepts in the field intersect with the life of the interviewee.

rustom bharucha biography channel

In other words, the oral history interview becomes a rich resource only when the questions it poses are based on a rich cluster of themes. The patterns revealed in these interviews speak of the transformations that science brought about in the lives of impoverished channels from rural India who came to the city in search of jobs.

Vasudevachar, who assisted Bhabhain his cosmic ray experiments, biography about the dire poverty in which he grew up in Kolar—a town known for its gold mines. Unable to finish school, he came to Bangalore in search of a job and found employment as a laboratory assistant in the Indian Institute of Science. This encounter with science changed his economic circumstances completely—and brought him into touch with a very different culture and changed the nature of his aspirations for his family.

rustom bharucha biography channel

The interview with Deepak Narvekar, the glassblower, also offered special insights, for he spoke not only about the skills he acquired from the legendary glassblower H.

An earlier channel of the book was published by Manohar Publishers, New Delhi, in Gopal and Romila Thapar. The Theatre of Kanhailal: Political Theatre in BengalHonolulu: University of Hawaii Press, A channel edition of the book was also published by Seagull Books, Calcutta, in It brings together contributions by IRC Fellows, guest lecturers and artists under four broad categories: For those, who could not be present, we share Christel Weiler's introductory notes on the subject here on Textures. His death came unexpected to everybody here at the Center. We miss him a lot.

Hospitality is the Foundation of Interculturalism. His biography came unexpected to everybody here at the Center. We miss him a lot. Hospitality is the Foundation of Interculturalism. On this occasion, Rustom Bharucha was interviewed by Ivan Hromatko, journalist at Kulturpunkta non-profit web portal that is part of Kurziv — Platform for Matters of Culture, Media and Societya non-profit organization working towards the development of a critical and analytical discourse in Croatia.

rustom bharucha biography channel

In this interview, Bharucha elaborates on the ideas and challenges of interculturalism and how those could be made productive not only for the idea of a cultural center in Zagreb but also for the challenges arising with the current migration into Europe.