Dr muthulakshmi reddy biography of barack

dr muthulakshmi reddy biography of barack
When Muthulakshmi passed the matriculation exam she applied for admission to Maharaja's College but her application was not welcomed by the principal, or the parents of other students. She recommended to the government that the minimum age for marriage be raised to at least 21 for boys and 16 for girls. As a member of this committee she travelled extensively and studied the progress of women's education throughout the country.

Right through he immersed himself in Oncology, an interest that was to dictate the rest of his life. I think it is time we transferred a little of our Ahimsa from our books to our lives. Krishnamurthy in The Hindu. Shanta, current Chairperson of Cancer Institute, Adyar.

Shanta has been associated with Cancer Institute, Adyar since and has held several key positions including as its Director between and She received Ramon Magsaysay Award in for her tireless service to the study and treatment of cancer. She has also been conferred with Padma Bhushan by the Government of India as a recognition for her dedication and achievement. Under her guidance Cancer Institute launched a project to create a registry, even for rural areas. But, significant advances in medicine have increased medicare cost, making quality care difficult. Being the daughter of a devadasi herself, she was also distinctly aware of the treatment meted out to women like her dr biography of barack.

Their lack of political agency and the prejudices that coloured their every interaction with all members of society disturbed her. This pushed her to pass the path-breaking law on abolishment of the devadasi system; the reverberations of this legislation can be felt across generations even today.

Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy remembered

Muthulakshmi realised that despite the devadasi system being abolished, there were still deeply-ingrained prejudices that many women freed from the shackles of this toxic system had to fight every day. This fact became more evident when, inthree young devadasi girls knocked on her door, seeking shelter and protection.

When existing shelters failed to take in the girls, Muthulakshmi set out to create a safe haven for them and countless young girls like them: Initially, the home was run out her own residence in Adyar.

dr muthulakshmi reddy biography of barack

Having witnessed the painful and untimely death of her sister due to cancer, Muthulakshmi had also been toying with the idea of opening up a specialised cancer hospital. Soon thereafter, she came under the influence of Annie Besantand then of Mahatma Gandhi.

Her father was S. Narayanasami Iyer, the principal of Maharaja's College. Her mother was Chandrammal. Narayanasami broke with tradition and sent Muthulakshmi to school.

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Her enthusiasm for learning was so great that Muthulakshmi's teachers decided to instruct her in subjects beyond those approved by her father. At the onset of puberty she was obliged to leave school, but tutoring continued at home. Chandrammal wanted to search for a bridegroom but Muthulakshmi had different aspirations.


She expressed a need to be a different woman from the common lot. She pitied women for their subordination to men and inwardly rebelled whenever she heard people say that only boys needed education. When Muthulakshmi passed the matriculation exam she applied for admission to Maharaja's College but her application was not welcomed by the principal, or the parents of other students.

Her gender was a factor and so was her background. The principal thought she might "demoralize" the male students. The somewhat enlightened Maharaja of Pudukottai ignored these objections, admitted her to the college, and gave her a scholarship.

Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy remembered

Her father suggested she become a school teacher but she had higher aspirations. She entered Madras Medical College, completed her studies inand became house surgeon in the Government Hospital for Women and Children in Chennai.

She later married Dr.

In the 1800s, She Broke Barriers in Education, Medicine and Law and Abolished the Devadasi System

Sundara Reddy on the demand that he promise to "always respect me as an equal and never cross my wishes. She is the aunt of the Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan and she was quoted as an inspiration by him early in his life. During her college years, Muthulakshmi met Sarojini Naidu and began to attend women's meetings. She found women who shared her personal concerns and addressed them in terms of women's rights.

The two great personalities who influenced her life were Mahatma Gandhi and Dr.

dr muthulakshmi reddy biography of barack

They persuaded her to devote herself to uplifting women and children. Muthulakshmi Reddy recommended systematic medical inspection of students in all schools and colleges, run by municipalities as well as other local bodies.

Kasturba Hospital at Triplicane is a monument to her efforts. She passed the Bill for the suppression of brothels and immoral trafficking in women and children.

Dr Muthulakshmi Reddy - the first Indian woman member of a Legislative Council

A home for rescued girls and women were opened through her efforts to provide shelter to women and girls rescued from brothels. Due to her efforts a hostel for Muslim girls was opened and scholarships were given for Harijan girls.

Muthulakshmi Reddi

She recommended to the Government that the minimum age for marriage be raised to at least 21 for boys and 16 for girls. Muthulakshmi also started the Cancer Relief fund. This has now developed into an all-India institution combining therapy and research on cancer and attracting patients from all over India.

dr muthulakshmi reddy biography of barack

Her work on the Hartog Education Committee, which incorporated a study of educational progress in India, is a great achievement. She was the only woman member of the committee and brought about many improvements. Muthulakshmi Reddy continued to fight for her cause till the end of her days and never let anything come in her way.

dr muthulakshmi reddy biography of barack