Jericho cruz biography sample

jericho cruz biography sample
The Titans manage to help him escape Match's body, but it soon becomes apparent how much the experience twisted Jericho's mind, leaving him bent on the Titans' destruction. His metahuman power, a result of the biological experimentation done on his father years before, appeared in his late teens, while trying to save his mother, Adeline, from an assassin.

He'll usually do a few sessions for the weekend at the hotel for anyone who wants to show. No, I did factor that in. I know American states have different taxes so they always display price without taxes but when it's all the same for everyone that just seems wrong to me.

jericho cruz biography sample

Dude, if the entire cruise was in kayfabe like some form of a Murder Mystery Dinner, where you have baby faces on one side of the boat, heels on another, and they're always bickering, on the brink of getting into a fight when ever they meet, it would be the best.

I remember a while back there was a survey asking which promotions people were interested in. Jericho's nearing 50, I guess now's as good a time as any to move into the cruise ship stage of his life.

Jericho Cruz

Being stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean with wrestling fans, I've had bad enough experiences with sights and smells being in a building you can walk out of. Are you sure they don't pay you to go? Haha, what's the point of a cruise if there's no hot chicks lounging around in their bikinis!?!?!? The actual wrestling seems like a dangerous idea. Even on large ships, where the motion is harder to feel, peoples equilibrium is off. I've seen figure skating and dancing on ships and the effect is noticeable. In fact, the dancers at cruise ship shows often work ships full time so they're used to it.

I see guys getting dropped on their heads when everyone's balance is thrown off.

jericho cruz biography sample

I see the potential 9 podcasts from Jericho alone recorded during this. That's not counting any ROH guys, bands, or multi parts. You do not want to be on a cruise ship when dysentery breaks out and be knocking on the mens room door and say "will you be coming out soon?

Damn, the only way this could sound more awesome would be if Kairi Sane was the captain of the ship or something. When you're out at sea, there are no rules. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

jericho cruz biography sample

He then decided to try his luck in the Philippines where he initially played for Rizal Technological University inthe same year when the Blue Thunder ruled the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association. Monica in and He was a member of the Mythical Team in He elected to forgo his final year with the Falcons and applied for the PBA draft.

On December 5,he registered his first breakout game against Alaskafinishing 16 points on 6-for-7 shooting. Correct as of September 23, [6]. Together they have had three beautiful children, Ash, born inand identical twin daughters, Sierra and Cheyenne.

Little did he know that the letter he wrote to them as an aspiring wrestler would begin a journey that would lead to a career in professional wrestling defined by consistent reinvention and a smorgasbord of iconic moments and matches that few others could ever hope to hold a biography sample to. This group of performers would serve as the backbone of a company that frequently featured main events stars of yesteryear.

Despite putting on innovative, fast-paced, psychological performances, this midcard would go rather unappreciated. However, this lack of attention, accompanied by the self-awareness of what he was capable of, Jericho would soon embark on his ultimate destination: These moments were and still are archetypal for all performers who would follow.

jericho cruz biography sample

In that period of time, he would fulfill seven of his record nine Intercontinental Championship reigns and the World Tag Team Championships three times with three different opponents.

He would also form an infamous rivalry with Stephanie McMahon, and he would also get to put on a spectacular performance with his wrestling idol Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania This would put on full display against a rejuvenated rivalry with Shawn Michaels that would result that were as iconic as they were disturbing. This same villainous side would be seen in rivalries with the likes of Rey Mysterio and Edge. The transformed Jericho would go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship sample times during this second stint, which ended in September In addition, if the host is unconscious while Jericho is in control, he can speak through the host's body, but only with that person's accent and vocabulary and easily control the body physically.

Jericho's body changes into an astral form seconds before possession.

Chris Jericho

They approached Nightwing to help him rescue the Titans. It was then than Joseph adopted the identity of Jericho. The rescue mission was a success but it took a while for the Titans to trust him they had been already betrayed by Terra, and Jericho was Deathstroke's son.

jericho cruz biography sample

Finally they offered him membership and Jericho was a loyal Titan for many years. Unfortunately, some months later, Jericho was possessed by the souls of Azarath, now tainted by the essence of the demon Trigon, Raven's father. Unable to possess Raven herself, the souls entered Jericho. They were weak at first, but gained strength with time and eventually merged with him.

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The souls now needed individual vessels to survive and Jericho sought to acquire superhuman ones for them, taking over the Wildebeest Society and using them to abduct current and former Titans to act as vessels. Jericho also got new powers: Nightwing and Troiaaccompanied by some new allies, found and confronted him.

During the battle, the real Jericho resurfaced and begged his father to kill him. There was no help for him and, to spare his son any more suffering, Deathstroke killed him.

Joseph Wilson (New Earth)

Several years later, it was revealed that Jericho's spirit had survived by jumping inside his father right before he was killed. He had lain dormant until hearing that his friend Donna Troy had been killed in battle.

Taking control of his father's body, he sought out the latest group of Titans; hoping to convince them that children shouldn't be superheroes, as they could easily be killed like he was, and wanting to spare them his fate. He also killed his father's closest friend, Wintergreen, and mounted the man's head on a wall.

jericho cruz biography sample