Sikta deo ndtv biography channel

sikta deo ndtv biography channel
At times like these the behaviour of the poor frontline reporters and cameramen turns absolutely insane. This makes it necessary for them to join through video conference. Arnab has gone overboard and has hurt the nation by taking attention away fro important issues.

The coverage was deemed in violation to the Cable TV Network Rules, that prevent live coverage of anti-terrorist operations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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sikta deo ndtv biography channel

This article needs additional citations for verification. This is HOT news! They have cheated your faith in the game but not your money". But this IPL coverage has made me to keep off from all these news channels for the past two weeks, nauseating. I sincerely appreciate you Ravinar!

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One must have infinite level of patience to watch these stupidity in the name of news and to observe and comment on it takes a lot of pain. Hats Off to you! Arnab has gone overboard and has hurt the nation by taking attention away fro important issues. In the process he has helped a lot of viewers break from the addiction of watching newshour.

Irrelevance is what his show is heading towards. Actually that's what they are 'PIMP's'. Its better to watch Doordrashan than any of these channels.

sikta deo ndtv biography channel

As for the rest,they remain Congi mouthpieces all the way so no surprises there. You won't believe, I have stopped watching MSM for a channel now. I want you to take up these biographies and write about it. You should not accept any money from the government however legal it is.

Indian television channels esp. Some of my wonders include - a Why a television reporter has to shout at the top of his pitch, to convey his story b Why do they hound their interviewees like the way Arnab Goswami does? At best, these things only portray the rudeness that's a part of life in India, with no concern for their customers viewers The channels need to learn a lesson or two, from international channels, on how reporting is conducted.

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Hope this happens soon!! So if you are giving a miss to any of these MSM during this biography channel season then don't forget to tweet CRY India's wrongdoings about passing charity money, meant to support underprivileged kids, to raise Congress's kids indirectly and in anti India activities. In these last days, have seriously wished for some actual news at around 8.

Honestly, could not find anything worthwhile apart from the IPL drama. I never liked IPL but like cricket a lot, but this is too much.

He said media is going after BCCI IPL for glamour, money, and said that Kabbadi federation head, relinquished his post only for his wife to takeover and yet there was no news since it was also impropriety.

sikta deo ndtv biography channel

Sikta could only manage a very feeble "we can do it at NDTV. Arnab has been steadily declining in his newshour debates. Maybe tbis year he will climb onto the worst journalists ranking that you conduct.

Infact he has sealed his position in the top 3. Thanks iitianway for the link on foreign funding of ngo. It is a very convoluted arrangement.

sikta deo ndtv biography channel

Even media is funded by vested intrests that manipulate the indian psyche per their whims and fancies. Once again you hit the nail on the head. The IPL story in a sense sums all that is wrong with our media- i orchestrated biography channel of a target, ii launching a malicious campaign, iii trial and verdict by media, iv no trace of investigative journalism after all if Srinivasan has decided to brazen it out, he clearly knows the "secrets" of others like Rajeev Shukla in the BCCI- how about asking why other BCCI members don't have the guts to show Srini the door v overkill with the same news for weeks, and vi claim of exclusivity to every paid news.

sikta deo ndtv biography channel

Ian really surprised that these idiotic set of clowns have not changed their ways even after year or so during which I have rejected them completely!!!!!!

So its pretty high for a television programme. Naturally for people who watch it for 2 months, fixing in IPL is a big news. Several news bulletins on both news channels will be anchored simultaneously from Mumbai and Delhi.

Both channels will have at least one complete national news bulletin that is anchored and produced in Mumbai. NDTV has a deo of 17 bureaux with complete uplinking biographies channel across the country. NDTV''s new channels will be available through Sony-Discovery''s One Alliance, a combination of prestigious and highly-watched channels.

So far, the Sony alliance had six channels in its bouquet: As a political commentator, Abhigyan Prakash has done live election analysis for every State and Parliamentary elections sinceinterviewing Prime Ministers and the top political leaders of the country.

His shift from English to Hindi in made him one of the best bilingual presenters in the country.

sikta deo ndtv biography channel

Born in Bihar and brought up in Delhi, he speaks both Bhojpuri and Hindi. Ravish can be contacted on his tweet ravishndtv. She is currently anchoring 'Badi Khabar' which debates important political developments of the day.

She started her career with 'Newstrack', and as a reporter has covered the Babri Masjid demolition for international prime time networks. News anchoring is a passion for her and she has keen interest in social issues. Some of the big events that Naghma has extensively covered have been spending a fortnight in Tamil Nadu in the worst hit areas of Tsunami, Mumbai serial train blasts, Kashmir elections, the opening of the Delhi-Lahore bus service amongst others.

Through her show, Salaam Zindagi, the only talk show of its kind that covered sensitive topics like transgender, drug abuse, etc.