Attorney biography examples

attorney biography examples
If you have the resources, a well-produced short video of you introducing yourself is ideal. An explanation of why you do what you do.

No doubt alternative thinkers inspire each other when breaking the OldLaw mould. I feel I should comment, since I wrote the Marque bios! And yes, I am of Marque. We never outsource the important stuff. Our website analytics are interesting. The bio pages are far and away the most popular.

attorney biography examples

The average number of page views per visit is 8, and the average stay is 4 minutes. If you have a bunch of publications, presentations, and accolades on your resume, then by all means include those things. In other words, be relatable, not braggadocious. Establishing this idea is all about highlighting your experience.

attorney biography examples

Did you go to a particularly prestigious law school? Have you handled attorney biography examples profile or high stakes cases and found success? As consumers, one of the most effective selling points for any product is hearing a testimonial. Knowing that somebody else had a positive experience working with you adds a tremendous amount to your credibility. As you can see, the attorney has included both testimonials and his experience at the bottom of the page right next to the call to action and contact information.

attorney biography examples

Perhaps the most elusive and difficult concept to nail down, eliciting a positive emotional response with potential clients may also be the most important part of giving them the FEELS. While doing this can seem nebulous and difficult, here are some thoughts to consider when trying to elicit an emotional response from prospective clients:. Discuss your reasons for choosing the area of law you practice.

attorney biography examples

Did you act as an attorney during a mock trial in elementary school and decide from an early age it was your calling? Were you on a completely separate career path but stumbled into law and found you enjoy the nitty-gritty details of litigation?

attorney biography examples

The human elements of life can be the most engaging part of your bio page. Above all else, establish trust. Some people are just lucky enough to born with trustworthy faces. For that reason, we think establishing trust is a product of eliciting a attorney biography examples emotional response from your potential clients. Of course, showing your credibility and competency is a major factor, but you also need to tell your potential clients that you are committed to providing them attorney the best legal services possible.

When we think of people who have found success, we often think of people who may not have been born biography examples all the talent in the world but still found ways to get things done. You talk about your practice areas and how you care about your clients. Standard lawyer website stuff. You might as well just have copied your resume and pasted it on here. And now you may have lost me as a client. But then again, they might.


Your prospective clients are looking you up online. When someone brings up your name as a potential attorney, the prospective client may look you up online immediately, on their closest Internet-enabled device — their phone. Are your clients primarily lawyers?

Online Profiles: Presenting the Best Version of Yourself

If so, good job. If you represent lawyers in malpractice defense or are using your website exclusively to get of counsel gigs with other firms, then keep your website copy how it is. For every other lawyer out there — stop writing in legalese.

attorney biography examples

Remember how you used to write before law school turned you into a legal writing machine? When you used to write for the school paper, and write stories and essays for school?

5 Tips to Writing Better Attorney Website Copy: Why No One Wants to Read Your Resume

Do more of that. Your bios must be outstanding. Here are the attributes contained in this Foundational Best Practice:. The AmLaw websites are scored on a point scale - each attribute within each Foundational Best Practice is scored this way. But, surprisingly, they didn't. This example shows the "Share" icon, which enables a visitor to link to numerous social media outlets. Inthe attorney biography examples score was Init was The problem wasn't only a lack of social media, however.

Without naming the firm names that received the analyses below, I am including five examples of AmLaw lawyer bio reviews from the reviewer of this Foundational Best Practice. Read the numerous issues that several of the industry's largest law firms have:.

How To Write an Engaging Lawyer Bio

Take a look at the three firms above, as well as these other examples. Bottom line, virtually all the AmLaw firms should invest more time and energy in their bios. Partner bios should be current, relevant, informative, descriptive and distinguishing.