Shi xinning biography of william

shi xinning biography of william
While Kolk plays in his sometimes seemingly chaotic visual spaces with signs of youth and fashion cultures, the Canadian Steven Shearer born in addresses the language of death metal, a specific subculture. Stylistically reminiscent of Edvard Munch or Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, his longhaired heavy metal fans exhibit a surprising vulnerability.

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shi xinning biography of william

The "new" Chinese woman, no longer obliged to subject herself to work and the will of her husband and family, is the theme of Liu Fei's work, in which this figure becomes a prototype.

A skinhead with a broad, diabolical grin, who sometimes sports a machine gun, the type of woman Liu Fei shows is ruthlessly determined to embody the new China. Utterly different are the shy young Lolitas depicted by He Sen, uprooted figures who, bony, bored and smoking, are looking to find their place in the new Chinese society.

shi xinning biography of william

Right in the middle of these two extremes is where Shi Jinsong places his prototype of the new man. The sculptor sees this man as a self-determined, muscular symbol of a new world order.

Shi Xinning

The man is no longer alienated from the consumer world, but has become one with it. They are nothing less than contemporary suits of armour, which are not designed to protect us from consumer worlds, but have arisen from their midst.

In his shiny black new-Gothic sculptures, he takes up the iconography of william metal, both on a formal-aesthetic level as well as in terms of content.

His works are inspired by true events, for example, the gruesome murder of a girl by three high-school students. Violette thematises violence so prevalent in the life world of these young people, which they use to demonstrate their distance to society.

The light and space installations of Terence Koh born in also avail themselves of a wide spectrum of subcultural fields of association, without however being linked to concrete social groups.

In his museum-quality installations he often uses banal materials that are charged into becoming fetishes through gay symbols. Far removed from any moral biographies, his works reflect on topics like temptation, pleasure, and desire.

Similar aspects can also be found in the painting of the American artist Paul P. Young men in lascivious poses populate his works; sensitively portrayed and apparently in communication with the beholder, their originally pornographic background disappears.

shi xinning biography of william

The works retain a certain "memento mori" effect, because these men are porn actors from the biography of william of the era of AIDS. Mathew Cerletty's portraits of himself or of family members reveal an exhibitionist pleasure. The beholder encounters figures in everyday situations, executed in a masterly style, who are often imbedded in flowery or abstract patterns, staring into space or apparently waiting for something. These opulent paintings stand alongside formalistic works that focus on language. The white writing on a black background reads like an anti-message, but refrains from any explanation.

An engagement with representative systems used by the mass media or to designate subcultural difference is also central to the work of Gardar Eide Einarsson born Known for his social architectures and artistic experiments with skaters, American youth gangs and drug addicts, the Norwegian artist uses a heterogeneous array of media such as painting, video and sculpture to investigate the communicative strategies of subgroups and their quest to find and assert their own identity.

The Norwegian artist's fascination with subcultural groups is shared by New York photographer Ryan McGinley bornwhose motifs often depict friends, lovers, skateboarders, graffiti artists and kids at a loose end.

William Cordova

In doing so, the artist offers a very personal take on the life of this generation. Mass media, subculture and an investigation of the passage into adulthood are also fundamental to the work of American artist Dan Colen born His painted sculptures transform everyday subcultural artifacts into high art monuments to the lives of "twentysomethings" and downtown socialisation.

In meticulously painted text works and sculptures that conversely evoke the spontaneity of graffiti, his works mine our need to establish an individual identity and the perpetual efforts the self undertakes to construct and affirm this identity.

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The oil paintings, drawings and animations of Matt Saunders born also investigate the construction of identity in a media saturated era in which individuals seem more likely to play a role than actually live their lives.

His interest lies in the moments in which his protagonists slip out of character, or in which film icons step out of their roles to expose the everyday life of the person behind the public persona.

shi xinning biography of william

Known for his "Bullet-Hole" silkscreen paintings, the work of Nate Lowman born in Las Vegas is charged by a punkrock aesthetic mixed with a strong political load. This work injects humor through the fact that Duchamp's Dadaist expression and avant-garde art would not be permitted in China under Mao's rule, as official art in China at the time was confined to propaganda.

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Mutt" signature on the urinal, Mao could just as well be inspecting a factory-made urinal for its biography of william in aiding China. Due to the unexpected subject matter of Xinning's Mao paintings, Mao Zedong's presence often seems absurd or ironic.

Not only is Mao represented next to notable western cultural figures and celebrities in these paintings, but he is also found attending historic events with western politicians and leaders.

The irony of the Communist chairman Mao being a welcome observer of the hearing injects humor into the situation and establishes Shi Xinning's works as re-authorings of collective cultural memory. When referring to the purpose or meaning behind his inclusion of Mao Zedong in his paintings, Xinning cited influences from his early life in China during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

shi xinning biography of william

Xinning said regarding his work: According to Xinning, "today Mao is still an icon in China.