Biography of alexander graham bell pdf to word

biography of alexander graham bell pdf to word
One of Bell's first accomplishments in Canada was to put the unwritten language of the Mohawk tribe into a format that could be written and reproduced. Alexander working on the transmitter was able to send sounds that resembled that of a human voice.

His greatest achievement remains the invention of the telephone that has changed and continues to change the way people communicate around the world.

He was a pioneer, who gifted mankind with one of the most astonishing and trailblazing discoveries in human history, the telephone. Quotes By Alexander Graham Bell.

biography of alexander graham bell pdf to word

Pictures Of Alexander Graham Bell. He was born on March 3,in Edinburgh, Scotland, to Prof. He received most of his early education from his mother who was an unusually gifted painter and pianist, despite her deafness. Throughout his childhood, he spent short periods of time in traditional educational institutions including Edinburgh's Royal High School, which he left at the age of He initially attended University of Edinburgh and then the University College, London, England, but did not receive a formal education comparable to his peers in Victorian Britain.

Inafter the death of two of his brothers, the Bell family moved to Canada for the sake of his health.

biography of alexander graham bell pdf to word

Expanding on his father's work of teaching deaf people to communicate, he began working on transmitting telephonic messages. While pursuing his teaching profession, he conducted his research to perfect the harmonic telegraph, so as to transmit several telegraph messages simultaneously over a single wire.

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Alongside, he was also drawn towards another idea of transmitting the human voice over wires. Inhe hired an assistant, Thomas Watson, a skilled electrician, who developed the tools and instruments he needed to continue the project. Over the subsequent years, they formed a great partnership and labored on both the ideas, the harmonic telegraph and a voice transmitting device. Watson heard his voice through the wire and thus received the first telephone call.

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A legal battle ensued with inventor Elisha Gray who claimed his invention of the telephone predated Bell's; the U. The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Alexander Graham Bell: Biography & Telephone Invention

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biography of alexander graham bell pdf to word

Zanuck son Dean Zanuck grandson. Bell became a professor in elocution at Boston University and decided to split his time between his Ontario home and Boston. ByBell's working habits and travel schedule had a serious effect on his health.

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He decided to stay in Boston and advance the work he had started in London on transmitting sound using an electrical current. By the time he decided to focus on what was referred to as the acoustic telegraph, Bell was forced to give up lecturing and settle into a more relaxing routine. Bell did not want to stop teaching and traveling, but his health forced him to stop. InBell had advanced his work to the point where he was able to transmit sounds using a method that involved a needle vibrating in water, which caused the electrical current to change.

The change in current was what transmitted the sound. It was this water-based device that Bell used to utter the words "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you" to his assistant, Thomas Watson, who was listening in another room on another of the same device.

Bell was awarded his patent for the telephone on March 7, An inventor named Elisha Gray had filed an intent to get a patent for a very similar invention on February 14, Patent Office's decision to award the patent to Bell remains a point of contention among historians and members of the Gray family to this day. In AugustBell was able to conduct a demonstration of his telephone by using two telegraph offices that were five miles apart.

biography of alexander graham bell pdf to word

Using only the existing telegraph lines, Bell was able to conduct the world's first phone call in front of an audience of amazed onlookers.