Famous english poets biography

famous english poets biography
Dylan Thomas — Welsh modernist poet. The Seven Ages was also an important poem of his career.

famous english poets biography

It was difficult to light large indoor spaces during this time. The Globe was an outdoor theater with no roof on top so that sunlight could stream in. Because of the open-air stage, actors had to shout very loudly and make big motions to be heard and seen by all.

This acting style is quite different from play-acting today. It might also surprise you that all actors during this period were men.

Young boys in women's clothing played the roles of female characters.

famous english poets biography

This is because it was against the law in England for women to act onstage. Shakespeare's theater group also performed in other places such as the smaller indoor Blackfriars Theater.

Famous British Poets

Or, they would travel around the countryside to perform. Sometimes they were asked to perform at the palace of the English ruler Queen Elizabeth, or later, King James the First.

Top 10 Very Famous Poets

Shakespeare is best known for the thirty-nine plays that he wrote, although only thirty-eight exist today. His plays are usually divided into three groups: The comedies are playful and funny. They usually deal with marriage and the funny activities of people in love. These comedies often tell many stories at the same time, like plays within plays.

William Shakespeare, 1564-1616: An English Poet and Playwright

It tells the story of two couples. Benedick and Beatrice each claim they will never marry. They enjoy attacking each other with funny insults. Their friends work out a plan to make the two secretly fall in love.

famous english poets biography

Claudio and Hero are the other couple. They fall in love at once and plan to marry. But Claudio wrongly accuses Hero of being with another man and refuses to marry her. Henry David Thoreau American. Ralph Waldo Emerson American. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe German. Robert Louis Stevenson Scottish. Jorge Luis Borges Argentine.

famous english poets biography

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Nigerian. Auden 21 February 29 September York Pisces. Benson 24 April 17 June Taurus. Charles Salvador 06 December Luton Sagittarius. Morrissey 22 May Manchester Gemini.

Top 10 Greatest English Language Poets

Donovan 10 May Glasgow Taurus. Chesterton 29 May 14 June Kensington Gemini. Johnny Marr 31 October Manchester Scorpio.

Famous Poets

Bernie Taupin 22 May Sleaford Gemini. Thomas Gray 11 - Thom Gunn 3 - Sidney Godolphin 4 - Adrian Green 8 - present. Rg Gregory - present.

famous english poets biography

Ted Hughes 28 - Thomas Hardy - Robert Herrick - Gerard Manley Hopkins 84 - Tony Harrison 8 - present. Housman 81 - James Henry Leigh Hunt 24 - William Ernest Henley 17 - Geoffrey Hill 7 - present. Thomas Hood 25 - Sophie Hannah 9 - present.

famous english poets biography

Elizabeth Jennings 10 - Jenny Joseph 2 - present. Samuel Johnson 3 - Ben Jonson 41 - Chris Jones 4 - present.

famous english poets biography

John Keats 84 - Rudyard Kipling - Charles Kingsley 12 - Anne Killigrew 33 - Jackie Kay 5 - english poets. Philip Larkin 96 - Denise Levertov 54 - Edward Lear 18 - David Herbert Lawrence - Richard Lovelace 7 - Laurie Lee 6 - Amy Levy 69 - Walter Savage Landor 52 - John Lindley 4 - present. Roger McGough 14 - present. Walter de la Mare 44 - John Milton - John Masefield 25 - Christopher Marlowe 6 - William Morris 47 -