Chalayan hussein biography of donald

chalayan hussein biography of donald
They would be exposed to clothing, then a film, then an installation and so on. I am not a one-man show.

So in a space like this you have more freedom to do that and in terms of how fashion is perceived. So I think what this creates is a sort of situation that a lot of different people can appreciate on a different level. Was it important to you that you were representing your work through your career? You talked about the fact that this is a very edited selection.

chalayan hussein biography of donald

How did you make that process and how difficult was it to select the pieces? In addition to fashion designing, he also makes short movies. He designed a series of laser LED dresses in collaboration with luxury label Swarovski which was showcased in Tokyo in Hussein Chalayan is a very enigmatic personality who keeps his personal life guarded. His parents separated when he was quite young and he was primarily raised by his mother who was a major influence on the development of his artistic abilities.

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Interview: Hussein Chalayan

Listed In These Groups. Charles Frederick Worth British. Dame Vivienne Westwood British. Pictures of Hussein Chalayan. According to Chalayan this piece was about defining cultural territory,' [16].

Robotic Identity. Multimedia Fashion Shows By Hussein Chalayan

The models were distorted into generic shapes and unified by architectural proportions; cones were fixed to the top of the head and faces and bodies swathed in black to obscure their identity.

As Chalayan explored the idea of representing nature in this collection, he broke it down into its most basic graphic representation, pixels.

Hussein Chalayan

Body and clothing were then merged into a digital landscape, which was recreated in enlarged cube-shaped pixels. In the Autumn ofwhile still designing his signature line, he was appointed as a design consultant for New York knitwear label TSE.

chalayan hussein biography of donald

He also mimicked aeroplane interiors by attaching padded headrests to dresses This project was based on exploring the relationship of the body's inherent mobility and aimed to evoke thoughts on speed, spatiality and well-being.

The dresses featured wire-frame architectural prints against static white backgrounds, generated by a computer program that allows designers to draw within a range of three-dimensional perspectives inside an architectural landscape.

chalayan hussein biography of donald

The images were then transferred onto silk and cotton fabrics using a mechanised fabric-printing process. The Remote Control dress was the first wireless device to be presented as a fully functioning fashion garment.

Since he designs the clothes as portable private properties, the immigrants can carry these items that define their identities and cultures with them during their unwanted journeys.

chalayan hussein biography of donald

This way he allows them a relatively more active position where they can adapt the physical nature to the social context. Despite this attention and recognition for his work Chalayan struggled with sponsorship and funding, often receiving it from various other companies and his own country.

chalayan hussein biography of donald

Tom doesn't even know that. It really killed me.

chalayan hussein biography of donald

Hetold me I was too avant-garde. I thought 'Tom you are so wrong'. Helooked at it in too obvious a way.

Chalayan's work has been worn by the industry's boldest dressers - from Bjork, who chose his work for her European tour; to Lady Gaga, who in stepped out wearing a pair of the label's chiffon trousers and wide-brimmed straw hat. In JuneChalayan announced plans to launch a diffusion line, named Grey Label, in a bid to target a new customer.

chalayan hussein biography of donald

Chalayan launched his first ever book in July We adopt a timeless approach to design.