Tiffany amber nigeria biography of albert

tiffany amber nigeria biography of albert
About Nigerian fashion designer who's best known for her iconic label, Tiffany Amber. Folake Folarin-Coker, the artistic director of Tiffany Amber is all smile: On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative It is an amazing initiative.

At Alara that day, there is also Maki Oh, mitunous and discrete. Her collection, which ended the second evening shows, was highly anticipated. In her collection, her signature is very easily identifiable, with the adire, this hand made traditional dyeing, applied on silk satin. He wears a blue pair of shorts with honeycomb, from the new collection presented the day before. The good news of this season is the launching the Laurenceairline women collection. It has been years that everyone was asking for it! And she did it. Two pieces of this first collection were shown at the fashion show, the others with be presented in In Lagos, there are more and more places dedicated to fashion and luxury goods.

The Designer

You can also find more conceptual places as Stranger in the residential area of Lekki. Launched inthis menswear label combines urban pieces and traditional prints, innovative textiles and African stories.

On the racks at Strangers, one of the. The shirt in adire, casual chic, is his best seller. There are 8 colors available.

tiffany amber nigeria biography of albert

A point of view shared by Bubu Ogisi, fashion designer of Iamasigo, which is also the name of the concept store she created in the center of Victoria Island where she welcomed me just hours before the cat albert. Bubu grew up in Lagos, studied computer science in Accra in Ghana and although she had already launched her label, studied fashion at Esmod in Paris in Birthday February Feb 28age Popularity Most Popular Born in Lagos, Nigeria Pisces Fashion Designer About Nigerian biography albert designer who's tiffany amber known for her iconic label, Tiffany Amber.

Before Fame She obtained a postgraduate degree in petroleum law in the UK, before returning to Nigeria to pursue her love for fashion in On the Woman of Vision tiffany amber initiative Young women always need role models and if we can in the context of our society find women who stand out, who have made a success of whatever it is that they are doing, then I think it is worth doing.

It is about time, that Nigerian women are celebrated, are given a pat on the back for all their efforts and the things we are able to do.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her The Tiffany Amber brand captures the essence of the Nigerian woman, the Nigerian woman that is focused, the Nigerian woman that is dynamic, the Nigerian woman that wants success, the Nigerian woman that is not afraid to follow her dreams, whatever it is, at any given time and be the best she can be regardless of whether she is a woman. It is about her performance, what she is able to do, what she brings to the table. The brand captures the strength of the focused Nigerian woman.

tiffany amber nigeria biography of albert

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative Tiffany Amber recognizing leading lights, people whose stories will inspire others, to be proud and be better at being women. On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative I think it is great because it gives women the opportunity to get their stories heard and also for women to come together to empower ourselves and continue to be inspirations to not only women, but also men.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her From a young age, Tiffany Amber has been a brand that has always had a lot of influence in the Nigerian Fashion Industry, even before I could pick my own clothes, I would see her designs, hear of her stores, and I remember going to her stores and being inspired by it.

Folake Coker

Seeing all these beautiful designs and overtime we have seen the brand grow and really cement itself in the industry and I definitely think a lot of fashion houses have taken that as a blueprint and Tiffany Amber always has and is at the forefront of the Nigerian Fashion Industry.

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative It is very inspiring and educative.

Nigerian Designer Tiffany Amber Unveils Women of Vision Campaign

Being in the midst of these women, hearing their stories, has been an educative experience and I hope it would be for others. What Tiffany Amber Means to Her I have always seen the Tiffany Amber brand as pieces that are easy to wear, that are effortless and also very elegant.

I have always been familiar with Tiffany Amber pieces because my mum has worn them, and subsequently, I have worn them and one thing I always notice about her work is that it is a classic, it is something that you do not have to albert very hard about pulling off and it is very flattering for women regardless of shape. It is an every woman type of brand. But it also represents what a tiffany amber nigeria biography can do. There is a hardworking woman, whose vision is being realized and is putting her brand on the map, putting Nigeria on the map.

It signifies accomplishment; it is a brand that I am proud to be affiliated with and proud to be part of their campaign. On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative I have owned and run my business for as long as I can remember and I have mentored so many young women, who have gone on to start their own businesses, so I am happy about this initiative because it is encouraging young women and realizing the potential in women generally.

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative I think it is a brilliant initiative and it is very inspirational.

tiffany amber nigeria biography of albert

All women chosen come from different tiffanies amber nigeria biography of albert and through this process we have been able to learn something from one another, which makes it very inspiring. I am very inspired by all the women of vision; there is a lot to learn from them as businesswomen, as mothers, as entrepreneurs and as Nigerian women most especially.

I think a lot of women should champion what its Creative Director, Folake Coker is doing, because she is unique in her own sense, she is different from the rest and has her own niche which cuts across different ages and sizes.

It does not matter where you are from, what you look like, you would surely look glamorous in Tiffany Amber. The brand champions the industry. On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative It is about empowering women and helping to build powerful, confident women.

tiffany amber nigeria biography of albert

The brand Tiffany Amber is about powerful women, dressing women in a way that is glamorous, classic, and timeless but is also extremely powerful and beautiful.