Teresa fidalgo biography

teresa fidalgo biography
A couple accepted her for hitchhiking and they were having a conversation in the car. No matter what, the video had created a lot of discussions between people.

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teresa fidalgo biography

What are some near-death experience stories? One anonymous near-death experience story submitted by an anonymous male to the International Association of Near-Death Studies describes how he died momen You May Also Like Q: What are some tips on how to be a real vampire? What does Bigfoot eat?

teresa fidalgo biography

What are the names of some videos about UFOs? How can your kids make their own story? It was partly because she wore the white dress when she was in the video. This somehow increased the mysterious feeling of many people because this type of white dress and horror situation match with the traditional concept towards a horror movie.

teresa fidalgo biography

Therefore, some people doubt whether this was just a tricky video made by somebody. To conclude, Teresa Fidalgo was involved in one of the accidents in that period of time and she died because of that. Later, she was believed to be a ghost and haunted around. Read more articles from aswift.

teresa fidalgo biography

Teresa figdalgo wont leave me n my bff alone she told us it was her. Why they kept on saying when they said her name, btw im scared.

teresa fidalgo biography

I am really scared now. No way she cpuld hunt people down Im 10 i watched allof the horror movies and this sounds like one If she was a ghost she would be hunting more people who came to that spot and i doubt that would ever happen. Cause it is not true.

teresa fidalgo biography

She probably died but it could have been a movie they made based on her. I was on a phone so my words messed up plus im in a car Im scared Im just an average teenager and I really dont like horror cause it would give me bad nightmares about ghost.

Teresa Fidalgo

I find that if she were to haunt you there must be a portal some way for the dead to come in. In Facebook, I got the chain Letter and I'm scared but my teresas fidalgo biography told me it's ok so I got more courage. Just got it and I don't believe it so I reported it. This has really creeped me out. Oh my god this is fake. I am really freaked out and sacared, just anyone tell me that anything will not happen na that if i dont send it to 20 peoples and just make me sure that it is fake.

Teresa Fidalgo- ♦The Story♦

I am waiting to have u on my bed let see wat happen if u come there my prayer will kill u again. A girl named Theresa Fildago died in a car accident.

She reappeared on the same mountain road a a hitchhiker, and was picked up by a teresa. In biography, Theresa's face turned bloody and she screamed, causing unfocus leading to car crash. This chain mail shit is just another thing to scare you. Don't believe it or read it if you don't want to.

teresa fidalgo biography

Want me to prove she ain't real? I'll comment back in 20 days. And here is what I will do about it. Hi I was wondering is this true: Today i turn 26 years of being dead.

Biografía de Teresa Fidalgo - Quién fue

And I got to admit its scaring me right now. I dont know if its true but i sent it to 20 of my freinds anyway I am not taking any chances. I get the same massege everey day " Today i turn 26 years of being dead What a load of crap honestly whos the sicko going around trying to scare people about teresa fidalgo biography stuff Stop being such complete jerks.

She's obviously superficial and clearly she had pointed out that she's asking on behalf of her friends. It's a simple question you idiotic neanderthals. Oh thou of little faith.! A Portuguese video featuring a White Lady is available on the Internet.

A CURVA aka Teresa Fidalgo Ghost (Original)

The video was reportedly found at the scene of a fatal car accident, near Sintra, Portugal. In the video, a woman and two young men are taking a car trip to the mountains. One passenger records the trip with a video camera. While driving along the road, the travelers spot a strange female hitchhiker, whom they pick up. The teresa fidalgo biography with the camera focuses on the hitchhiker, who seems strangely quiet, but says her name is Teresa Teresa Fidalgoand states that she hasn't been the same since her accident. She then points out a spot on the road where she says she died.

She suddenly turns to the camera and screams, showing her face, which is now apparently badly scarred and bloody and vanishes immediately. The car, according to reports, was found flipped on its side, killing two of the travelers.