Fernando volken togni biography of michael

fernando volken togni biography of michael
MP have a team of 8 industry specialists to guide and manage our artists careers. Interested in commissioning any of our artists? Does Brazilian culture influence your art and illustrations?

With a structure in place, I build up the detail increasing intricate shapes and patterns made of new simple elements. I like to combine squares and rectangles with circles to make soft elements and I search for an organized chaos. I like bold shapes and a reduced color palette.

I work a lot with black, vivid colors and neutral ones. I think it gets harmonic. I like vectors because the final result looks sharp, vivid and clear.

fernando volken togni biography of michael

Even using a lot of elements I try to organize them into an area and I think the result must be good looking. Now I think Illustrator is better because you can work better with colors and vector libraries. I love lot of designers, artists and illustrators.

Develop your personal style

I like artists with unique views and specially those who work good with colors and those who have an unique view that catches your eyes. Brazilian culture inspires me a lot because here things are very joyful, colors everywhere, a great diversity of cultures and influences from all over the globe. Brazilian nature and urban elements also are very important to my work.

Michael Driver - Vintage Minis

This is a nice work. Oryx has a monthly issue with an special section about travels around the world.

Interview with Fernando Volken Togni

The agency that represents Oryx, Agency Fish passes me a brief with a lot of information about the cities I have to illustrate. I would love to travel to all of them but this would be so expensive. They ask me to illustrate some special sightseeing or local culture elements but they give me a lot of freedom to illustrate and create colorful compositions.

Creative Bloq

It is very nice because I can discover a lot about all those cities and cultures. Now I am working for some Brazilian magazines, I like editorial illustrations, I like to illustrate for articles and chronicles.

I specially like the 24 Hours series, because they are rich in different elements, but I also like Prece poster, because the colours are nice, the symmetry makes the idea of the poster look nice, it is about balance and serenity. I would love to work for companies like Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and all those brands who work with clothing or beverage because they are always so vibrant and positive and they express people's feelings. I would love to illustrate billboards around the world spreading colors, impressions and good feelings.

I think I biography michael define it as a vibrant bold style. I want some eye-catching bold shapes that fernando vivid energy and the idea of a simple thing but full of meanings. I like the idea that the simple can be complex and the complex can become so much simpler. If the rhythm is fast, the final result might be darker or heavier.

fernando volken togni biography of michael

There are no rules, but the final result is usually better. I think it is nice to find out something that is yours. An inner feeling that makes you love what you illustrate.

fernando volken togni biography of michael

I think illustrating requires passion. We understand the changing face of the visual industry — offering a forward thinking approach combined with an ability to create fully integrated campaigns through new media.

fernando volken togni biography of michael

Our aim is to extend our passion and enthusiasm for representation beyond photography, and widen our horizons to new and existing platforms, audiences and clients. Michael Driver - Vintage Minis. Emma Ehrling You can view the full aniamtion here.

fernando volken togni biography of michael

Michael Driver - Fresh new work! Check out the updates here. Michael Driver - UP Magazine.

fernando volken togni biography of michael

Pride in London Pride is on and me alongside 29 other artists were invited to create posters, billboards and Underground screens for the campaign 'Love Happens Here' to be spreaded in the city from today.

Here you can check all the artworks and know more about this big and beautiful campaignhttp: Reflect Magazine Cover illustration for Reflect Magazine. Commissioned through Tiphaine Illustration. Ukraine's Fight for Freedom. Influence Magazine Four spot illustrations for Influence magazine. Mine is the ok-hand-sign. Commissioned through MP Arts. Design makes everything possible. A prayer for Belgium And Istanbul, and Syrya The Washington Post's The List This image illustrates an incident inwhich saw hacking collective Anonymous disrupt the websites and leak databases of police-affiliated organisations in protest against police brutality.

fernando volken togni biography of michael

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