Swagatalakshmi dasgupta biography examples

swagatalakshmi dasgupta biography examples
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It delivers an outward sensation to us.

The veracity of her tremendous quality is best exhibited through her rendering of songs of the world famous muse. The epoch-making monumental work has been completed in days, which would be a useful guide for researchers on Tagore music.

swagatalakshmi dasgupta biography examples

This is an arduous task and it requires a Spartan endurance, Herculean fortitude of the mind and the agility of the brain and heart. Here she successfully proved herself as the worthy preceptor; it shows her labor is not lost.

swagatalakshmi dasgupta biography examples

Sanskrit Hymns and Stotras. Sampurna Veda Times Music. Recitation and chanting of all the Sanskrit hymns of Vedas.

swagatalakshmi dasgupta biography examples

Recitation and chanting of Sanskrit hymns of Sri Chandi. Bhagabat Geeta Times Music.

One of Suchitra's earliest memories was that of her mother playing the organ and singing as dusk descended on the city. Like her elder siblings, Suchitra, too, immersed herself in biography examples pursuits, but it was music that she was most strongly drawn to, and the talent she displayed from an early age prompted the legendary singer Pankaj Kumar Mullick, a family friend, to encourage her and even give her some training.

Subsequently, she went to Bethune School for her education, and though she continued singing there under the tutelage of the eminent singer Amita Sen, it was not untilwhen she won a scholarship to study at Sangeet Bhavan, the music wing of Visva-Bharati at Santiniketan, that her formal training began.

It was there at Santiniketan that she learnt not only Rabindra Sangeet and classical music but also instruments, including the esraj and the tabla.

swagatalakshmi dasgupta biography examples

However, one regret that remained with her until the end of her life was that she never got to meet Tagore as he had passed away on August 7,20 days before she joined Sangeet Bhavan. While studying music at Santiniketan, she passed her school-leaving examination in private in and enrolled for undergraduate classes in Bengali literature at Scottish Church College in Calcutta now Kolkata.

The popular reception to the release was unprecedented and marked the beginning of a glorious recording career that spanned over 50 years and covered not just Rabindra Sangeet but also songs by Dwijendralal Roy, Tagore's songs in his dance dramas, and modern songs.

But it was in Rabindra Sangeet that her genius found its truest expression.

swagatalakshmi dasgupta biography examples

Her renditions revealed a deep understanding of the coming together of the lyrics, the melody and the philosophy that formed Tagore's songs. Being a purist, she never compromised with Tagore's vision of a song and never strayed from the notations, but it was her own understanding and appreciation of the song that enabled her to breathe life into it. Suchitra had a biography examples and powerful voice with incredible range and an enchanting evocative quality. Her style of singing was uninhibited and bold. It should touch the core of his being. As a composer and lyricist she has given birth to more than songs of different genres.

swagatalakshmi dasgupta biography examples

Her challenging experiment with Indian classical, Semi-classical and light Classical, Western classical music, fusion music and modern songs has given her creations a separate identity and a signature style. A film for children directed by Chinmoy Roy, where she contributed as a lyricist and composer for the music.

Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta

Very few people know about the literary creations of Swagatalakshmi. This can be treated as a turning point in her life, which in fact to some extent has a role to force her choose music as her profession and of course as her life.

swagatalakshmi dasgupta biography examples

She is being honoured with the Millennium Kalakar Award for her outstanding contribution in Indian Music. Swagatalakshmi has won the hearts of the millions of music lovers and connoisseurs across the globe due to her exceptional tonal quality and unique rendition be it Rabindrasangeet Song of Rabindranath Tagoreor Devotional Songs or Sanskrit chanting or Modern Songs or Ghazals or Western Compositions or South Indian Carnatic and North Indian classical compositions.

She has performed all over the globe.

Swagatalakshmi's musical genius is marked by the fact that she plays the piano in perfect synchronization with her mellifluous singing. Not only that, she composes and plays the musical score for her albums. For some years, she was involved in teaching as a lecturer of the Music department of Rabindra Bharati University.

Presently she is busy with teaching music to her hundreds of disciples.

swagatalakshmi dasgupta biography examples

The entire Musical drama was successfully represented at Rabindra Sadan twice. She herself participated as Devi Durga.