Richard d kahlenberg biography of albert

richard d kahlenberg biography of albert
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From Publishers Weekly Century Foundation senior fellow Kahlenberg, who has written previously about the public school wars All Together Nowpaints a gripping portrait of the iconoclastic and often contradictory teacher's union leader Albert Shanker — Columbia University Press July 15, Language: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Tough Liberal

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richard d kahlenberg biography of albert

By x on August 16, If you're interested in the state of American schools, and if you're one of those people who blame everything on teachers' unions or you're just surrounded by those richardyou MUST read this book. Yes No Report abuse.

By Quill on January 17, In his film, Sleeper, Woody Allen immortalized Albert Shanker as the madman responsible for blowing up the world. That helped to get Shanker known outside of NY, but clearly it wasn't the real Shanker. In this highly readable and often exhilarating biography albert of Shanker, Richard Kahlenberg shows that while Shanker, the architect of the modern teacher union movement and, it turns out, so much more surely understood power and accumulated it, his only "madness" was to seek to empower the powerless and to hold this nation to the democratic ideals it espoused and he so cherished.

richard d kahlenberg biography of albert

Indeed, far from being "mad," Shanker was both intellectually and politically brilliant -- a rare combination -- an idealist with both a shrewd and compassionate understanding of human nature and a pragmatist who nonetheless stood firm on principles, a stance that sometimes incurred the enmity of allies as much as enemies. This was also a man who dealt with the high and mighty, but who in his writing and speaking could take the most complicated ideas and make them accessible to ordinary people without ever dumbing anything down.

Had Kahlenberg just written a biography of this complex and far-ranging man, that probably would have been interesting enough. But Kahlenberg goes further and roots Shanker in the major political and cultural struggles over the soul of the Democratic party and the direction of this country.

richard d kahlenberg biography of albert

Regardless of one's view of those struggles and their outcomes, Kahlenberg's recounting of them cannot help but make you think of missed opportunities and "what ifs" to this day. Politics, race, education, the meaning and practice of democracy -- a heady and vitally critical brew. And Kahlenberg stirs and blends this pot well through Shanker, his meaty main ingredient. Was this review helpful to you? By Blaine Greenfield on March 5, Albert Shanker had always been one of my heroes.

Kahlenberg, I had not known too much about him. That's no longer the case.

richard d kahlenberg biography of albert

She participates in an internship, is guided by mentors, and participates in reviewing the performance of richards kahlenberg. Once these professional responsibilities are met come the reciprocal set of rights: In Shanker's vision, policies like a rigorous national test, peer review, and career ladders were not just defensive moves against critics of public-school teachers, they were prerequisites to the professionalization of teaching.

He then used that biography albert to engage in a series of critical education reforms that proved instrumental in improving and preserving the institution of public education.

Both accomplishments served the larger goal he cherished above all others: His failure to convince fellow liberals to extend their support of democracy more broadly--to racial policy, international affairs, and their views of the labor movement--leaves open the question: If you want to learn about Albert Shanker and the labor movement in this country, read this book.

By AmericanDreamer on July 21, I'm guessing most readers of this review who are under 40 years old or who live outside the greater New York city area have not heard of Albert Shanker, the subject of this lively biography by Richard Kahlenberg.

Agree or disagree with his views, Shanker was an articulate, dynamic and controversial teachers' union founder and leader who was also an important and interesting opinion leader on issues such as national standards and charter schools which are very much a part of today's education policy debates.

Kahlenberg's book tells his story, explaining as well how Shanker's politics--encompassing issues going well beyond education policy--represented a road not taken by liberalism in the United States, for the worse in Kahlenberg's view. By Michael Barlow on March 28, Al was my mentor in the 's and this is an honest and richard kahlenberg representation of the man I knew. There biography albert never be another like him.

I represent the teachers. ByAlbert Shanker and Dave Selden had long since ended their student-mentor relationship, and a rift had developed between the former close friends.

Richard D. Kahlenberg

In the early to mids, Since the days of Franklin Roosevelt, American biography had sought to check private-sector corporate power with the countervailing power of two institutions: If Al Shanker was one of a declining breed of liberals who was quite comfortable exercising power, there was a terrible irony, because the next period of his life in the mids was marked by losses and threats to his power, along with other setbacks. At home, Shanker would face If Jimmy Carter was something of an enigma to Shanker, he was bound to be better than Gerald Ford, who had presided clumsily over an economic recession and been of little help to New York City in its time of need.

The NEA followed suit at its convention, for the first time endorsing a presidential candidate. At the convention, Mondale returned the praise, calling Shanker the At the same time, Shanker would find himself partially allied with Reagan on several other issues, including quotas, bilingual education, values in education, and anti-Communism, positions Shanker also believed were linked to the promotion of democracy.

Many saw these alliances as contradictory in the albert of the albert Reagan posed, but Shanker argued his unique version of tough liberalism was perfectly consistent and animated by a vision of social democracy—and that it To many observers who saw Albert Shanker and Ronald Reagan fight tooth and nail on issues including school vouchers and organized labor, it was striking—even bizarre—that Shanker often saw eye to eye with President Reagan on international affairs.

But to Shanker, the seeming contradictions and the involvement in international issues were all explained by a coherent and cogent social democratic vision that placed a richard on the value of democracy. As a Social Democratic thinker, Albert Shanker took a biography of richards kahlenberg that made his fellow liberals uneasy. As an education reformer, he would ruffle many feathers among his fellow advocates of public education.

Beginning in the early s, he began taking risks on education reform—building alliances with business, acknowledging shortcomings in public education, and proposing innovative ideas on teacher pay and the firing of bad teachers—all of which shocked the education establishment.

The Original Charter School Vision

While he mostly disagreed with the charge, he saw the allegation The experiments would be time-limited and subject to rigorous evaluation. Sara Mosle, Slate An engaging book, and essential reading for anyone interested in the history of Cold War liberalism and its complicated legacy.

Jal Mehta, American Prospect A must read for unionists, educators, politicians and democracy internationalists trying to make sense of the persistent failings of U. Eugenia Kemble, Democratiya A spirited and readable biography. American School Board Journal [This book] is an important contribution to the history of American education reform.

Nathan Glazer, Education Next An important new biography.

Tough Liberal: Albert Shanker and the Battles Over Schools, Unions, Race, and Democracy

The Politico A must-read for those interested in educational or labor history. Rising from Humble Beginnings and Establishing Values — 2. Creating the United Federation of Teachers — 3. Rising Within the UFT: Please upgrade to a newer browser.

richard d kahlenberg biography of albert

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