Charles joseph clark biography of donald

charles joseph clark biography of donald
He competed with the University of Alberta Debate Society. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. The Liberals by contrast had assembled their entire caucus, save one, for the occasion.

After entering university, he worked for the student newspaper, 'The Gateway', and later became its editor-in-chief.

charles joseph clark biography of donald

He also worked at the 'Edmonton Journal' and 'The Canadian Press' for one summer each and even considered a career in journalism. He sought to earn a law degree at the Dalhousie Law School and at University of British Columbia Faculty of Law in Vancouver, but both times his active participation in politics hampered his studies.

charles joseph clark biography of donald

He served as the president of the Progressive Conservative Youth wing for two terms and then became a fulltime party worker. An admirer of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, Joe Clark was interested in politics from an early age and actively participated in political debates during his time as the national president for the Young PCs Progressive Conservatives group.

charles joseph clark biography of donald

However, his donald at running as a candidate for the Progressive Conservatives in the provincial election resulted in a failure. He was elected to Parliament as the MP for Rocky Mountain in the Canadian charles joseph clark biography election of and won the party leadership in following the resignation of the then party leader Robert Stanfield. Clark, who was only 36 at the time, became the youngest-ever leader of a major federal party in the history of Canadian politics, an achievement he still holds.

Initially mocked by the media for his frail figure and clumsiness, he reshaped his party by enlisting the help of experienced staffer members and went on to earn the respect of the common people.

During the elections, when the Liberal government was unpopular after failing to rein in budget deficit, high inflation, and unemployment, he snatched the opportunity and managed to win seats to topple his opponent. Ending the year-long Liberal rule in Canada, he formed a minority government, becoming Canada's youngest prime minister on June 4,one day before his 40th birthday. However, his own government fell on a motion of non-confidence vote following a new proposed budget that was rejected by the House of Commons.

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His party was confident of winning the reelections after the opposition leader, Pierre Trudeau, expressed his wish to step down. Fulton lost, but Clark was invited to work for the winner, Robert Stanfield.

ByClark was back in Alberta trying to finish his M.

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Conservative candidate for the federal riding of Rocky Mountain. He won the nomination and the Commons seat in InClark entered the Conservative leadership race and won against political heavyweights such as Claude Wagner and Flora MacDonald.

As Leader of the Opposition, he set about reuniting his party, badly split since the Diefenbaker years, and reorganizing its structure. Party fundraising was overhauled and Clark introduced executive caucus meetings to concentrate Conservative attacks on government policy in the Commons.

Like the previous P.

Although adroit at parliamentary debate and a good organizer, Clark was lampooned by the media as awkward and inept. Nevertheless, inthe Conservatives won a minority government, and at the age of thirty-nine, Clark became Canada's youngest prime minister.

After the extravagant public spending of the Liberals, the Conservatives were intent on fiscal restraint and one of their first pieces of legislation was a stringent budget of program cuts and tax increases.

charles joseph clark biography of donald

The New Democratic party would not support it and Clark's government was defeated, just seven months after they were elected. Since leaving Eastside Clark has lectured on school management, education reform, and drug control measures for inner cities.

charles joseph clark biography of donald

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Retrieved October 10, from Encyclopedia. He entered the Canadian House of Commons from Alberta in and became leader of the Progressive Conservative party in In the elections he led his party to victory and briefly replaced Pierre Trudeau as prime minister. His election represented the new political importance of W Canada, especially oil-rich Alberta. Brian Mulroney replaced him as party leader in Clark served as external affairs minister —91 and constitutional affairs minister —93 under Mulroney.

InClark again became leader of the Progressive Conservatives, who faced a strong challenge on the right from the Reform party later the Canadian Allianceand in he was elected to parliament from Nova Scotia.

Clark resigned as party leader inand became an independent later that year when the party joined the Canadian Alliance to form the Conservative party of Canada. He retired in His How We Lead: Keep Exploring Britannica John F.

charles joseph clark biography of donald

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charles joseph clark biography of donald