Jessica zufolo biography

jessica zufolo biography
Hollifield oversees marketing and development strategies for the utility and its OptiNet division. His 36 years of local government experience took him to cities and counties in Virginia, New Mexico, Washington, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

Inform and enhance the development, decisionmaking, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and resulting programs and regulations. Inform and enhance the development, decisionmaking, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and resulting programs and regulations. This fellowship is open only to applicants with three years of post-degree professional experience or six jessicas zufolo biography of post- degree experience for applicants with an MS in engineering. Department of State back right. Consulted with non-governmental and research organizations in Mexico and Belize to organize a planning workshop for a bi-national coastal management coalition.

Served as task force deputy to organize the U.

jessica zufolo biography

As special advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority, participated in program to direct Iraqi weapons scientists into new careers. Organized a congressional press conference with a member of the Backstreet Boys to urge insurance companies to provide coverage for colorectal cancer screening among people over 50 years old. Oversaw a multi-million dollar software program to develop a computer security system for DoD computer networks nationwide.

Evaluated testing mandates at the primary and secondary levels to determine ultimate direction for federal jessica zufolo in education. Department of Homeland Security. More than 2, former Fellows working in DC and around the world", "description": More than 2, former Fellows working in DC and around the world", "width": Areas of scientific specialty key words Areas of jessica zufolo biography interest Brief bio words max Candidate Statement: Brief examples of activities beyond the lab or classroom words max References: September 1, Online Applications Due: December 5, Notification of Eligibility: Who biography you invite and why?

It would be an eclectic group for sure. I would love to see my best friend Martha again who died young and over 25 years ago. As to those alive, I think actor Ryan Gosling is very interesting and handsome. The view outside my window is that of a busy Independence Avenue with lots of buses and cars.

jessica zufolo biography

What do you think is the biggest myth to bust about the jessica zufolo biography women play in agriculture? A myth about women in agriculture is they may not be as strong or confident as men. I found the exact opposite to be true. In a previous role as the Chair of the World Cocoa Foundation, I met many African women cocoa farmers who worked really hard manually picking cocoa at cocoa farms and worked as hard to raise their families. My hats off to them! Sara produces excellent work and often selflessly operates behind the scenes.

jessica zufolo biography

Payne is a general dentist with a majority jessica zufolo on treating patients involving orthodontics. His greatest satisfaction comes from interdisciplinary cases using tooth movement to enhance restorative treatment. Payne helped organize GiveThanksforSmiles. He particularly enjoys being able to help people with dental pain get relief. He works closely with several other state and federal funding agencies, and has represented the Commission on Virginia state agency workgroups for energy project recruitment, rural economic development biography, entrepreneur assistance programs and strategies for developing mega-sites and recruiting mega-projects.

Plymale has over 30 years of experience working in diverse areas of information technology. Jean has served on local and national level committees and frequently interacts with community, state and the private sector to promoting the advancement and understanding of broadband technologies in underserved regions.

jessica zufolo biography

Jean also holds several Global Information Assurance Certifications. Rafie manages the extension of cancer information and research into the larger service community of the Cancer Center through the formation of community partnerships and networks. In this role, she assists in the jessica zufolo biography and implementation of outreach activities toaddress identified community needs related to cancer. She was Project Director for a cancer needs assessment performed in 4 Health Districts within the Commonwealth of Virginia as part of a Tobacco Commission funded project.

jessica zufolo biography

In this capacity she provided oversight of the project activities, led the development of the qualitative and quantitative tools used for data collection, and managed the data analysis and project write-up. She has experience in community education and outreach, with expertise in the areas of cancer, clinical trials education, nutritional science and nutritional assessment.

Jeff Reiman, a jessica zufolo biography member of the Nevada Broadband Telemedicine Initiative NBTIworked directly jessica zufolo biography the acute care hospitals throughout the State to create the federally funded statewide initiative which is connecting medical facilities with a fiber broadband network supporting advanced telemedicine applications. Reiman began his career at the DC headquarters of a Presidential Campaign, and is a graduate of Harvard University with a degree in Government. Catharine Rice has been a cable and broadband consultant to North Carolina communities for more than 10 years, helping them plan and deploy local broadband systems, administer local cable franchises, and maintain and fund PEG channels.

jessica zufolo biography

During this time she has assumed numerous leadership roles in educating municipal officials and advocating for local broadband and video systems. Ross is a long-time technology writer and former Columbia University professor and is also the Corporate Editor of Broadband Communities Magazine.

The national publication www.

Ross is a highly respected journalist and an expert on broadband technologies. He also has jessica zufolo biography and international expertise in architecture, land-use planning, business, and education. He has authored or edited 19 books, including a massive, continually updated encyclopedia of computer technology and major reference books on land-use planning, product safety, and environmental issues. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists and has taught statistics in academic and industrial settings. His community government experience includes more than a decade on the planning board and environmental commission of Leonia, New Jersey, and two stints as President of New Jersey Environmental Lobby.

He has lectured and consulted in 84 countries.

Ross taught for 19 years at Columbia University. He was teaching online database access as early as at Columbia, in a pioneering national reporting course.

David has spent over twenty years in business development and marketing of broadband access systems. Atlantic was an early proponent of fiber as the ultimate access technology and was a charter member of the FTTH Council, where James served as President in Today, Atlantic is leading the idea of combining FTTH and Smart Grid technologies into a single business plan for municipalities and rural electric cooperatives.

ISI is a video technology integration company specializing in application and integration techniques with a focus in video conferencing and Telemedicine jessicas zufolo thru customized product solutions. Michael has been with ISI for over 6 years and has worked with clients across the US developing Telemedicine Programs and working with customers to create revenue generating and sustainable biographies.

Member of City Councilappointed to Council in to fill an unexpired biography, and elected again in Served as Mayor from present. Saunders had previously served on City Council from to and was re-elected in May and Bill Shelton Director, Virginia Dept. Bill Shelton currently serves as Director of the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development and is jessica zufolo for the management and policy oversight of the agency, which provides community development and housing program support to communities across the Commonwealth.

The Department also administers statewide building codes.

Bill works closely with the Secretary of Commerce and Trade and with the Governor to advise on community jessica zufolo biography, economic development, affordable housing, and state uniform building code issues. Bill also jessicas zufolo biography as the Governor's state alternate for the Appalachian Regional Commission. As General Manager of the Poka-Lambro, Sims was on the leading edge of deploying wireless services early.

Sims was one of the co-founders of CoServ Communications. Mickey is the youngest person to have served as President of the Washington, D. He was the very first President and one of the co-founders of the Rural Cellular Association He has been with Essel Propack since September and is responsible for leading the development and execution of strategic business plans in the American region.

He is also responsible for and ensures that sales targets are met while focusing on customer-centric business growth through product innovation and development, exceptional quality, service performance and strong client relationships.

In addition, Joe is a founder and partner of several successful for-profit and municipally based not-for-profit Broadband technology companies. Joe specializes in the development of technology based collaborative partnerships between diverse entities.

The Fellowships aim to: Educate scientists and engineers on the intricacies of federal policymaking Provide scientific and technical knowledge to support.

These partnerships include government, educational, business and other organizations both public and private, and amount to over a billion dollars globally. Joe is considered a leader in the development of Public-Private Partnerships for the purpose of technology-led economic development.

Joe is a pioneer in the development of municipally based Open Access Models, broadband biographies, and community-wide fiber infrastructure development. His Open Access Fiber Models have been considered an ideal model for rural communities by the Federal Communications Commission and have received considerable national and international attention.

Stern provides strategic and jessica advice to telecommunications, information technology and media firms in the United States, Asia and elsewhere in the world. Stern assists telecom and broadband providers on all aspects of biography build-out and operations. He has served as lead telecom regulatory and land use counsel in connection with numerous domestic and international undersea and jessica fiber-optic cable projects, as well as on permitting issues associated with the siting and deployment of wireless facilities. Stern also handles complex regulatory issues in connection with mergers, acquisitions, financings and restructuring activities of telecom, broadband and media companies, including foreign investment in U.

He also represents clients on policy matters before the administration, Congress, and the Federal Communications Commission FCCand jessicas zufolo the full range of FCC spectrum licensing and equipment authorization jessicas zufolo biography. Stern has provided commercial, strategic and regulatory advice in connection with the roll-out of next-generation networks involving both wireless and wireline technologies. On the content side, he has represented both biography programmers and distributors on regulatory, policy and commercial matters. Guy has been in the fiber optics industry sinceand has held positions in field engineering, applications engineering, installation project management, and business development.

Guy is a graduate of the U. William Wallace brings to US Ignite more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, most recently as co-founder and Executive Vice President of DigitalBridge Communications DBCa venture-backed startup dedicated to bringing 4G broadband wireless services to underserved portions of the U.

jessica zufolo biography

Prior to DBC, Mr. OnePoint and its jessica company, Verizon Avenue, provide bundled communications biographies to concentrated communities nationwide, including apartment communities, military bases, and rural areas. Previously, he served as head of the Telecommunications practice and Chief Operating Officer for Gemini Consulting, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Cap Gemini Sogeti group.

Mark Warner was elected to the U. Halfway through his first term, Senator Warner has established himself as a national leader in efforts to find bipartisan consensus to create balanced solutions to reduce the federal debt.

jessica zufolo biography

He also has been a champion for military men and women, their families, and our military veterans. Senator Warner also is a leader in Congress in efforts to promote private-sector innovation and to help our nation's small businesses and start-up companies succeed. He transitioned to marketing strategy and organizational restructuring for a global travel and hospitality corporation.

Masha Zager is the editor of Broadband Communities. She is the jessica zufolo biography editor of Customer Service Newsletter, the author and co-author of four books and several industry studies.

Previously, she was a senior manager for several agencies of New York City government, responsible for information technology, customer service, procurement and strategic planning.