Felix de cossio biography template

felix de cossio biography template
In most rural workers earned about the same wage that they had earned in Edited by Manners, director of the Home Service Bureau of the Los Angeles Times , these recipes are illustrated with small drawings printed in red and green. Macclesfield pressure-stamps and marginalia as above.

Macclesfield pressure-stamps and marginalia as above. A good, sound, and soundly pleasing old folio. Gathering of eight religious directories and calendars. Small 8vo 15 cm; 6".

All items in 4s. Mariae de Monte Carmeli. Bernardi, [] [48] ff. Virginis Mariae de Mercede Redemptionies Captivorum. The frontispiece to no. The engraved plate in no.

FĂ©lix Berenguer de Marquina

And the unsigned woodcut in no. Contemporary or nearly so limp vellum, manuscript paper spine label; worming in margins of nos. Coleccion de ordenes y decretos de la soberana junta provisional gubernativa, y soberanos congresos generales de la nacion mexicana. The subsequent session laws through were published in later years in four additional volumes. Some mild old foxing and spotting; first volume's first leaves with crescent of dampstaining across top of gutter margin and second volume with deeper arc of same to first and last leaves; a very good set.

Que el Congreso general ha decretado y el Ejecutivo sancionado lo siguiente. Small 8vo 21 cm; 8. The question being settled was which states were to have their governors appointed by the central government, others being permitted to submit a list of five candidates. Signed in type by Gonzaga Cuevas. Of course, by Texas was nine years biography template its 2 March Declaration of Independence from Mexico and was on the verge of being admitted to U. Pencil notations of a bookseller, including a price code.

Ley del timbre de los Estados-Unidos Mexicanos expedida en 1. Sewn; biography template plain wrappers, lacking the front one. Library pencilling in preparation for cataloging, but no stamps. Other writings circulating in manuscript are also condemned: Printed on two sheets precisely glued together to form a seamless whole, in double-column felix cossio and with the woodcut seal of the Inquisition in the lower right corner of the lower edge. Old folds; a few small wormholes touching or costing a very few letters and one larger hole costing five letters, but not impeding reading sense.

Slight discoloration along the area where the two sheets are pasted together and at points on vertical fold. Discursos pronunciados por los ecsmos.

felix de cossio biography template

Imprenta del Supremo Gobierno, en Palacio, Small 4to 19 cm; 7. Quintanar and the actions of the two of them in order to make Jalisco a sovereign state! Removed from a nonce volume. Lacks the final six leaves, which is not immediately apparent; priced accordingly.

Memoria sobre el estado de la hacienda publica, leida en la Camara de diputados y en la de Senadores por el ministro del ramo. Folio 29 cm; Title-page has a handsome woodcut of the Mexican national symbol an eagle on a nopal with a snake in its felix de cossio biography template. Stitched as issued, lacking the original plain paper wrappers; light age-toning to some pages. N ew M exico. Memoria sobre el estado de la hacienda publica, leida en la Camara de diputados el 13 de enero y en la de Senadores el 16 del mismo, por el ministro respectivo.

Imprenta del Supremo Gobierno, The tables contain significant data on mining and transportation; scattered paragraphs on Galveston and New Mexico. Stitched as issued, lacking the original plain paper wrappers, dust-soiling and some age-toning; title-leaf torn at inner margin and a partial repair sometime done with document tape; corners bumped and last leaf chipped at edges.

felix de cossio biography template

En la oficina de Luis Abadiano y Valdes, Sewn as issued, evidence of wrappers that are no longer present; light dustsoiling. From July 1, to September 1, he was governor of the Philippines. On August 15, by royal decree Manila became an open port to all but European products.

He proposed plans for reform of the government. Berenguer returned to Spain in to take up a position in the administration of the navy.

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In he was promoted to lieutenant general of the navy. He was in command of a squadron in the Spanish navy when, on November 8,King Charles IV named him viceroy and captain general of New Spain and president of the Audiencia. He was conducted to Jamaica. He was treated with much courtesy and later allowed to continue on his way in the schooner Kingstonwith his secretary. He accepted the transfer of authority into his offices April 29,in the Villa de Guadalupeand made his felix de cossio biography template entry into Mexico City the following day. They smuggled huge amounts of merchandise into the colony from the United States and the islands of the Caribbean and captured the Spanish ships in the coastal trade.

Berenguer supplied more resources to Spanish naval forces, but they were unable to do much to improve the situation. He also formed the Regiment of Grenadiers, consisting of twelve companies drawn from six provincial forces.

Fearing British raids, he reinforced the garrisons at Veracruz and ordered that the valuables of the port be moved to Jalapa and guarded.

Felix de Cossio

He also reinforced the presidios in the north, to repulse American encroachment. On January 1,Indio Mariano began an insurrection in the mountains of Tepic. Mariano, who had many followers, was trying to reestablish the Aztec empire. The rebels fought under a banner displaying the colors of the Virgin of Guadalupe. When Fernando Abascal, president of the Audiencia of Guadalajara, took notice of the rebellion, he sent Captain Salvador Hidalgo or Fidalgo of the navy and Captain Leonardo Pintado of the militia against them.

The rebels were defeated. In he retired from the army to his native state of Oaxaca, where the grateful citizens had given him a large farm, La Noria. Lerdo's regime, plagued by popular apathy and a querulous military, soon collapsed and Lerdo fled into felix.

He enlarged and gave template power to a constabulary, the Rurales. He also formed a compromise with the Catholic Church, by which the federal government would not harass the Church if the latter biography template not interfere in Mexican politics. Friends of the government made huge fortunes in public-land speculation, and foreign companies bought up huge tracts of Mexican land.

The government reversed the old Spanish mining laws and allowed foreigners to purchase subsoil rights, or ownership of all oils and metals contained in the ground. The mining industry entered a boom period in which Mexico produced more gold and silver in 20 years than it had in the previous 4 felixes cossio biography. Political peace was maintained through the Rurales and the policy known as "bread or club. Defining their program as one of "freedom, order, and progress," they tried to establish a religion of science based on the cold indexes of Mexico's expanding economy.

By cutting the military budget, the astute banker gave Mexico its first budgetary surplus in years; railroad trackage increased to 16, miles as foreign trade quadrupled over the level. The new transportation system allowed domestic industries such as beer, pulque, and textile mills to develop along railroad lines.

felix de cossio biography template

In Mexico built its first steel mill in Monterrey. By Mexico was producing some million barrels of oil per year. Limantour also abolished the sales tax and put Mexico on the gold standard. For most of rural Mexico the Porfiriato vaunted "order and progress" had meant economic and social disaster.

felix de cossio biography template

In most rural workers earned about the same wage that they had earned in At the same time the cost of living had increased alarmingly. A rising population and a decreasing productivity of land resulted in many Mexican peasants' existing beneath subsistence level, while the fortunes of the Porfirian aristocracy grew yearly. Only a few peasants were able to find jobs on the railroads or in the growing industries, and many migrated to the United States seeking employment. Despite many promises illiteracy stood at about 87 percent.