Shimon attie biography of albert

shimon attie biography of albert
Shimon Attie born Los Angeles in [1] is an American visual artist. Shimon Attie is an internationally renowned visual artist. Shimon Attie American, born ".

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It's hard to imagine that the relief in the Arch of Titus would not immediately call to mind the plight of the Jews. But juxtaposing it with projections of pre-Holocaust Roman Jewry certainly would heighten the feeling.

shimon attie biography of albert

Here are some pictures:. Hi, A very interesting place and subject.

A Conversation with Shimon Attie Shimon Attie

I just landed here after the clues of Attie's work. I allow myself to send you a link on "Runa" Debrisa project we made in in Barcelona.

shimon attie biography of albert

In more recent years, Attie has also created a number of multiple-channel immersive HD video installations. Attie also created Racing Clocks Run Slow: The result was a 3-channel video installation, Sightings: The Ecology of an Art Museumwhich deals with the heightened moment of mutual encounter between art viewer and art object.

shimon attie biography of albert

Other more recent projects and commissions include Lost in Space After Huckan immersive multi-media Installation commissioned and exhibited by the St.

The screening explores forms of artistic expression rising from society and the new media's use of technology.

Art AIDS America is on Exhibit in West Hollywood Through September 5, 2015

It wishes to support and promote the new movements and trends in contemporary culture. The project aims to consider the work of these artists as part of the global phenomenon that is contemporary art, and asks the audience to reflect upon how the time that led to the production of these works was formed.

Never more would she smell the scent of the flowers that his love propagated around her.

shimon attie biography of albert

Anne Lise Stenseth focus on specific themes that questions different aspects of culture, history and the contemporary in her work. Her interests revolves around cultural difference and similarity, otherness, interhuman relationship and antagonism in the social, political, private and public field.

Charting the Contemporary, Peter Kalb, L. Young, Yale University Press, chapter 3 p.

shimon attie biography of albert

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shimon attie biography of albert

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