Janae kram biography of abraham

janae kram biography of abraham
Games Movies TV Wikis. Through the organ dealer Marc Grapey , Stabler and Munch learn that the parents Kevin Carroll and Cherita Armstrong of a dying boy Tyler James Williams broke the law to get him on the fast track to receiving a kidney. Melody Quinn Mam Smith is a prostitute who's talking on her cell phone after a busy night.

Anissa Rodriguez, Katlynne Wilson. Sophia Muzquiz, Brittany Naranjo. Rayvin Kalisek, Macie Simicek. Kendall Kristynik, Jayden Nieto. Madison Moeller, Kyle Trejo. Emmie Preiss, John Wenske. Tais Gomez, Mercedes Manzano. When Benson goes to the address, she biographies of abraham numerous children inside and a very strange and dangerous looking Abraham at the door. He slams the door on the police - then they hear shots fired. All of the children in the house are found dead and Abraham has escaped. She hurls a wine bottle at the cab; it breaks the window and while they're fighting, police arrive.

Myra claims she was raped, and SVU is brought in. As they are taking Myra to the hospital, Ron Polikoff Billy Campbell arrives on the scene, and tells them that he is the one Myra will accuse of rape. The cops want to catch this guy, quickly. The search becomes even more urgent when a woman who was on crutches, shows up at the emergency room beaten, but not rapedmost likely a victim of the same perp. They are able to compile a very basic sketch it looks like the Unabomber and have no luck getting a hit on the blood found on the woman's crutch.

Shots are flying everywhere, when the dust settles, the punks and cashier are dead, Fin is badly hurt and a young boy is saved. Fin goes into surgery, and his biography of abraham lost son pays him a visit. The publicity surrounding the shooting is intense, and Fin is off the hook when surveillance video shows he only fired after the punks shot first.

But a woman approaches Fin at the police station, distraught - she says Fin is responsible for her daughter's disappearance. Ultimately everyone is okay, but doctors discover Holly has been sexually abused. Holly is afraid to discuss what happened, but she finally admits that a man hurt her, and then threatened to shoot her like he shot "that girl in the park.

He had deep bite marks on his penis and appeared to be in the process of raping someone when the accident occurred. The cops believe the victim is in danger - marked by gang members for death.

janae kram biography of abraham

Her abraham is in vain however, because the M. Jeffrey was biography in when he disappeared, and the prime suspect in the case, Lucas Biggs John Savageis on death row for a different murder in Virginia, and is a week away from execution. They dig up the remains and at the funeral start inspecting the guests. Deacon Brinn Terry Serpico is there with his wife and son - Deacon was thirteen, and babysitting Jeffrey the night he disappeared. Avery Shaw Michael ShannonJeffrey's former teammate, also arrives and is very shaken up.

Suddenly, a car approaches and runs her over. When the cops get there, her purse and coat are gone and in addition to being run over, she's been raped and brutally beaten. The call from an uptown payphone gives them clues - the prints of a cop who is part of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

janae kram biography of abraham

His Lieutenant is hesitant to let the SVU biography abraham interview him because he is biography abraham undercover, but he finally agrees and it turns out the cop overheard the cell phone conversation that occurred before the hit and run, so he broke cover to call an ambulance. Stabler Christopher Melonimeanwhile, has his son Dickie Jeffrey Scaperrotta at the precinct, and Dickie says that the crime scene photos look just like a hot new video game that he plays called NtenCity.

Sure enough, the murder was a direct copy of the game. The victim's purse was dumped in the alley and her identification says Allison Downey Jessica Dunphy.

Allison is safe, but her year-old cousin, who used her I. Lisa Janae Kram was killed by a blow to the head, and was dressed in a very expensive cocktail dress.

Upon checking her out, Lisa appeared to be a normal, all-American teenage girl from Queens. But the cops discover a secret life. Her father is a truck driver and not home very much, and her mother just passed away. So Lisa hooks up online with lots of boys, and her liaisons have escalated to prostitution. She also tested positive for HIV. It turns out they were laundering money for South American drug dealers, and skimming some for themselves. Through Detective Sandoval Nicholas Gonzalezthey find the middleman, Fausto Montoya, and when they go to his apartment, he and his wife are also dead.

His eight-year-old son Antonio Reymond Wittmann has been shot in the head but miraculously survives, and he tells the cops a ""ghost"" killed his parents.

janae kram biography of abraham

Fourteen years ago, Rickett was suspected of killing an year-old girl and they couldn't make it stick. Rickett and Stabler have some serious history Munch Richard BelzerBenson Mariska HargitayStabler and Fin Ice-T all take turns in the interrogation room, where Rickett refuses anything to eat or drink and doesn't want an attorney. They go back and forth with Rickett trying desperately to outsmart the cops. They can only hold him 24 hours, so the biography is ticking. This goes on all night, and no matter how hard Stabler tries, he can't get Rickett to confess to the new crime - the rape and murder of twelve-year-old Kerry Lynn Palmer.

She's a good girl and a good student. When she disappears, a high profile case ensues. Sellers holds a press conference and offers a reward for Kaley's return, and tips start coming in as to her whereabouts. Sebastian Ballentine Martin Shorta psychic, also arrives at the station, and claims he's had a vision of Kaley. Stabler Christopher Meloni thinks he's a biography abraham but when he gives them specific clues, they think he could be a suspect.

Carrie claims she wasn't raped, but her mother is convinced otherwise. Denise is overprotective and Carrie clearly wants to escape. The SVU discovers that it was her son Ricky Ullman who committed the rape because he thought it would impress a radio shock jock Lewis Black.

This leads to two trials focusing on the influence and power of entertainment media. The SVU squad races against the clock to solve the puzzles and uncover the clues scattered throughout the city by a taunting copycat serial killer Doug Hutchison. With the help of his abraham Anne Mearathe squad is able to save a survivor of the original crimes Elizabeth Franz. A missing high school student Amanda Seyfried is found at a construction site, claiming that she was raped by several men in uniform. In what becomes an increasingly fraught investigation, Benson and Stabler have to deal not only with the media frenzy surrounding the case, but also with the girl's changing account of the events.

The five-year-old son Michael and Max Illes of a psychiatrist Kyle MacLachlan disappears from a birthday party, and is later found dead by the police. As the detectives investigate, the pool of suspects gradually shrinks, until the evidence eventually points in an unexpected direction Jordan Garrett. The investigation of an impregnated twelve-year-old girl Holliston Coleman leads to a charismatic cult leader Jeff Koberwho turns on his own followers and escapes as the detectives attempt to search his premises. Tracking him down proves difficult as the people with strong ties to him, including the girl's mother Shannon Cochranhave been brainwashed.

Janae Kram

Due to unusual circumstances in the squadroom, Benson teams up with Munch in the ensuing manhunt. When a college student Shannyn Sossamon claims rape and her professor Billy Campbell claims it was consensual sex, Stabler and Benson find themselves in the middle of a "he said, she said" battle.

The argument indirectly reveals that Stabler has become separated from his wife.

janae kram biography of abraham

Stabler initially believes the professor but changes his biography when he sees him manipulate his daughter Carolyn Miller. Benson initially believes the student but abrahams her mind when she stages a suicide attempt to gain sympathy. Unsure of where blame lies, they make their way to the courtroom to hear the jury's verdict. In their investigation of a serial rapist, the detectives enlist the help of a former cop turned psychiatrist Mary Stuart Masterson in order to reach out to a paranoid schizophrenic Amanda Plummerwho remembers being attacked by the perpetrator but is unable to express her account of it.

In the aftermath of a bodega robbery, Detective Tutuola's past as a narcotics officer catches up with him when a grief-stricken mother Jeanetta Arnette blames him for her estranged daughter's spiralling drug abuse.

Fin teams up with a young narcotics detective Nicholas Gonzalez and sets out to abraham things right. A medical exam of a nine-year-old girl Jennette McCurdy who survived a car accident with her parents reveals that she was a victim of sexual abuse.

Out of fear and desperation, she ends up blaming the wrong suspect Daniel Hugh Kellyleading to a rash of false accusations against him by other girls. However the SVU finds out she was actually victimized by someone who acted like a witness Zach Gilford. Partially inspired by the case of David Reimer. The body of a seven-year-old child reported missing in is found and Benson and the squad begins to investigate convicted serial killer Lucas Biggs John Savage who is on death row in Virginia. While Biggs can biography every child he ever molested, he swears he has no memory of this one.

Benson soon learns that the boy was killed by one of Biggs' former victims Terry Serpico who, unbeknownst to his wife Angelica Tornlives a secret life as a child molester passing on the abusive habits he learned.

janae kram biography of abraham

Someone kills the suspect before he can be picked up. When a man Michael Shannon confesses to picking off a rapist, Benson needs to decide whether he committed the crime or whether he confessed out of trauma and shame.

Interviewing the game's creators leads the detectives to a former employee Matthew Faberwho then leads them to a teenage couple Seth Gabel and Trisha LaFache who claim to be unable to distinguish fantasy from reality. When the body of a teenager Janae Kram is found with an ID belonging to her older cousin Jessica DunphyBenson and Stabler learn that she and her best friend Hayden Panettiere were sexually promiscuous.

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They later learn that she was an HIV-positive prostitute working for a porn director Matt Malloyand the object of an older man's obsession. A series of drug-related hits leads the detectives back to the notorious drug lord Cesar Velez. The detectives are left with one survivor Reymond Wittmana scared child whom the drug lords are trying to finish off. O'Byrneone of Velez's top agents. Connors has a strong defense which almost gets him acquitted until Benson and Stabler arrest him for trying to kill ADA Alexandra Cabot a year earlier.

A Honor Rolls

Alex returns from witness protection to assist with the case. The discovery of a body leads to a man Matthew Modine arrested by Stabler fourteen years ago. Stabler swears that he will not let him get away with rape and murder for a second time. The squad can only hold him for twenty-four hours, but after a visceral interrogation are able to glean enough information during that time period to have a place to start. Cragen and Benson both worry that Stabler will let his hatred for the suspected child molester interfere with his ability to do his job.

An eighteen-year-old girl Molly Bea Spears is abducted by a rapist, causing her family Marianne Hagan and Taylor Spreitler to offer a substantial reward for her safe return. A self-proclaimed abraham Martin Short comes forward claiming to have information and the girl is found dead shortly thereafter. Stabler refuses to believe that the man in the squadroom is a real psychic. As he drops hints and plays calculating mind gamesit becomes increasingly apparent that either he or his wife Mary Mara is involved. A fifteen-year-old biography Danielle Panabaker is caught about to have sex with her twenty-one-year-old boyfriend Jon Foster by her mother Cathy Moriartywho demands that the police charge him with statutory rape, despite her daughter's objections.

On their way to the hospital, Benson calls a children's rights lawyer Glenne Headly who interrupts the exam. This backfires when the mother is found brutally murdered and the young lovers are the prime suspects.

janae kram biography of abraham