Lovely boy kim soo hyun biography

lovely boy kim soo hyun biography
Keep up the good work and never ever change!!! Take care of ur self when filming. His charming looks were a big help and many people predicted in his high school days, that this guy was destined to become a national heartthrob.

I need to tell you though I am bit disappointed in you for choosing Producers. I didnt like your character. I am use to seeing you all manly, and confident and charismatic and making all the ladies fall for you. Seeing you in such a different character was honestly a complete turn off. Please choose dramas where you are the main lead and please come out in more dramas!!!! Please come out in more dramas!!! Moi Jul 05 He acts so cool and professional and he is cute. Bhavya Jun 26 Please continue d good work. Although v biography have ur shows screened here v watch it on YouTube.

Your fan from India Sarange Kim soon hyun. Bee suan Jun 25 6: A great fan of his from Singapore. Sen Jun 25 5: Me and my friends like you very much.: Solar Fence Dealer Jun 22 Nbh Jun 22 8: Im your fan from malaysia. I wonder when you lovely boy make a fan meeting in malaysia? You have a lot of biographies here. If you could make a fan meeting here then i truly appreciate it. Anj Jun 22 1: It seems you have lots of fans from SL as your tv series Moon embraces sun started telecasting. Love to c u. FUAD Jun 20 3: I felt sad Baek seung chan can not be with Tak Ye Jin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More lead drama with very good and extra ordinary ending!!!!!!!!!! I'm a big fan from Sri Lanka. Your drama moon embracing the sun is broadcasting here these days. I have also watched man from the stars. You are really talented. Even my boyfriend thinks Kim Soo Hyun is very cool and stylish!! Song Jun 10 5: Risah ELF Jun 07 Kim Soo Hyun Oppa Jjang: We always support you Kim Soo Hyun Oppa. Ratna Zillfiani Jun 07 2: Suz Jung May 31 1: You are one of my big three K Celebrity! I like Dream High cause there's my big three celebrities. I am here to make my mind peaceful,I know that you have no time to read this but I want to say this at least.

You are my favourite actor ever. Demilade favour May 23 3: I like the way he shout mostly in moon that embrace the sun,and what makes me like him the more is the way he cry,whenever he's crying he makes me cry also.

I will always love and support. Mimi May 17 SooShin May 09 1: I think they will be a great pair. Libelle May 08 2: It's perfect to watch when you are sad and want to forget the rest of the world.

In this drama this guy was great, I appreciate that!

Mary June May 05 7: He perform his dramas well. I wish that someday I can meet him, and took some pictures. He's my idol and I'm very fan of Kim soo Hyun. I wish that more projects to come on you, and you lovely boy become succesful in your career. Wish you a good health. We are here to support you and Love you. He's great at moon that embraces the sun.

I have yet to see anybody with such biography ears. Yeong Apr 28 5: I was really touched by that. I really hope that he wont be affected by his popularity and become proud. Love it so much!!! Hope u played drama or movie with gianna jun again. I'm really love u both. Yang Apr 27 5: However, I am very impressed with his ears.

His popularity should last longer than many of his other peers. From the interviews he gave to the various stations, i begin to "worship" him.

Kim Soo-Hyun (1988)

A very sincere and down to earth person. He showed that filiality long before people realised it. I downloaded his "Embracing the sun" and "From the stars" and watched whenever i have the time. I am biography anxiously for his "producer" and movie.

If i am granted a last wish, i want to meet him personally. I sincerely wish that he never get too proud of his success and remain himself forever.

The story is good and many casts did very well but I am captivated by your acting. From the starting when Sam-Dong shown how surprised he was that Hye-Mi went up the stage with him to the very part where Sam-Dong found himself going deaf, and the lovely boy kim with Hye-Mi Its because of your amazing way of portraying the various characters in your many dramas that I cannot help but wanting to see you more.

You must have worked very, very hard. I know we'll have to wait quite a while before Producers come to us, so I'll go on to another of your dramas or maybe if I can get Secretly Greatly,: I want you to have a season 2 for the korean series 'My Love from the Star'. I watched it again and again for I am already fond of seeing you with Gianna. Amor Apr 21 6: In Running Man episodeyou kind of cover your mouth when you laugh or smile. Please don't do that because you too has the best smile in whole Korea. I love all your dramas and movies. More power to you. Park Jheen Apr 20 Leo Sihura Apr 20 From Medan City, Indonesia.

Unknown User Apr 17 Yang xhun yi Apr 12 5: However though i know you are very humble but i still have to remind you never be too proud of your success. Im always checking google for your new project. Keep up the good work. Thanks for giving us good projectentertaining us. Goodluck and God bless. Sometimes I feel sorry about him because he works so hard.

Moses Song Apr 09 5: Allysha Mae Hyun Mar 31 I wanted to see you in personal but you never come to the philippines please visit the philippines with Jeon ji Hyun.

Thanks God you are not lovely boy kim soo hyun biography with that actress who recently declared openly her relationship with another popular actor. Cant imagine you with her. Amy Mar 15 5: Love your movies, keep on entertaining us. Tanya Mar 15 I loved you 'r acting in it. Loved my love from another star! Nisha Mar 11 Love all your roles in each and every movies and dramas you played.

Your the best no matter what anyone says. Those who put you down are just jealous.

lovely boy kim soo hyun biography

KSH Mar 11 5: LMAO your comment was from sept I am the biggest fan from Sri Lanka!!!!!!!!!! Before that tell me your name my ksh! I like yourdramas moon embracing the sun and my love from the star. I'm your biggest fan from sri lanka.

Jasha Mar 05 KSH Mar 05 Wish you all the best! God bless you keep him in ur heart IU is younger than you,cute ,charismatic. Niken Lynx Mar 04 9: He got so funny n hot in the same time.

Kim So-hyun

He is a very talented actor. I hope he would continue doing more dramas and films. Please come again to indonesia.

Love u full Kim Soo Hyun oppa Well, lets see how the result. But i enjoy your acting more when the female lead is older and more mature than biography, because that will bring your maturity, which is really cool and enjoyable. Ah, can't wait for your next project. I heard you are next target of her. Please wish that i could meet a person like you. Nusrat Feb 09 5: I wish i could ever get the chance to meet u so that i could fight with u that why you lovely why not kim soo hyun or should i say 1kim soo hyun for every country or atleast the special one for me Shine shine shine always fit and fine and so hot and handsome Hyung that's Kim Soo Hyung KSHlove Feb 06 I want to see you in reality.

I think you read these comments. Arnhy Kusnira Feb 01 Wowza Jan 31 8: KSH new boy kim soo hyun series and a movie this please Shin Ha-Young Jan 27 4: Angela Jan 23 9: Seriously Jan 16 3: We're all thinking it, let's get real. Cutest person on the face of the planet. I can't not love him! Euncel Jan 09 And lovely boy kim love all of his Drama and Movies. Its my first time watching your drama so came to this site to learn more about your achievement In My love from the star, you were really good.

So much emotions can come out of you Out of Korea biography so many good actors and actresses Will continue to watch another of your drama but first, let me calm my sadness by watching something happier I am too focus Kimshin Jan 03 9: I am certainly looking forward to it.

lovely boy kim soo hyun biography

I fell in love this time. Kim Soohyun actually melt the iceberg in me. I hope this year he will be fine and play again in a drama. Nadila Dec 24 6: Lira Dec 21 6: Nia Smile Dec 20 7: I'mreally really really your fan You whou came From Star Maia Dec 12 Hope to see you smile more! Nice one in Man from the Stars. Your acting skill is realy wonderfull. You can also sing. Like to see you in a new drama with a different caractor. Biancast Nov 27 8: You are my most favourite actor ever. A man who can sing. A man who can dance. A man who can act.

A man that's surely is sweet and adorable We're so excited for your upcoming movies and dramas JMNI Oct 25 Your ability should be praised. I am your no. You are my ideal type. I hope he gets more projects in the following years.

I also hope he bags more awards. He's one of the best actors of his generation: Meilyn Oct 01 8: They shared the same stage at the prize giving ceremony. I love all of you. Hope we can meet asap. Yuvraj Sep 15 9: I hope you will be together in one film or drama. Sure it will be a big hit in korean drama for this generation. Please come to the philippines before you go to the military service.

D And once that happen I hope the entrance fee would be cheap. So that I can afford it. D Please please please.: Joanna mae fernandez Sep 12 8: Please come to the biographies. And once that hapen I hope the entrance fee would be cheap. Africa Sep 08 1: He should stay away from high school and young roles and go for something mature and sad because he has the most beautiful tearing up expression or something really funny, like one of those Cha Tae-hyun movies lovely boy kim it's funny, sad and meaningful all at the same time.

Rose Aug 28 1: I love ur acting and ur cool look. I wish u success in biographies to come. Tnx for touching me with ur drama. I love your dramas. Everything was perfect to me. Love the king has wisdom perfect. For once I would love an happy ending.

CC Aug 13 3: Medinah Aug 12 3: I like you so so so so so so so so so much. Wish you lovely boy kim success in your movies and dramas. Hope to see you in real life. Missing you so so so so so so so so so much. I kept watching the same mini series over and over again I''m your greatest fan from the Philippines!!! Dechen Lhamo Jul 29 2: Always a fan all the way from Bhutan.

Please don't make us wait too long. JsmSH Jul 27 9: All the new dramas seems boring and I hope you will return to the small screen as fast as you can. But I'm okay if you want to play another drama. I hope your next project will surprise me. Sincerely, Your fan from Indonesia.

Kim Soo-hyun

Please come back to Indonesia again. It would be nice to see you again. Tata Jul 25 Frances Jul 16 I live in the United States.

lovely boy kim soo hyun biography

I wish that can meet you. It would be a dream come true. I love you so much. Keep up the good work! Jasmin Limbauan Medina Jul 10 8: Hee Jul 09 Commercial song recorded for his Tous Les Jours winter ad.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Kim Soo-hyun, see Kim Soo-hyun disambiguation. This is a Korean name ; the family name is Kim. At Baeksang Arts AwardsMay Retrieved 1 June Retrieved 26 September Actor Kim Soo-hyun — Part 1asiae. Actor Kim Soo-hyun — Part 2asiae. Retrieved 18 November Korean Film Biz Zone. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 12 September Gaon Chart in Korean.

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Retrieved 3 December Retrieved 13 March Korea K-Pop Hot in Korean. Retrieved 24 June Kim made his television debut with a supporting role in the family sitcom Kimchi Cheese Smile and inlanded a lead role in KBS 's critically acclaimed youth drama, Jungle Fish.

Based on a true story, it tackles the serious issues of school cheating, competitive academic standards, and interactive blogging in a fresh way. For the latter half of the year, Kim appeared in the food-based variety show Delicious Quiz also known as The Taste of Life as one of the hosts and in the short film Cherry Blossom.

Kim raised his profile through his memorable turns as the younger version of the male lead characters in Will It Snow for Christmas? Upon lovely boy kim soo hyun biography the award, Kim made his famous "10 years promise" acceptance speech and was quoted saying, " Please take care of me by giving me more attention in this ten years, I will become a real actor.

Kim became a household name inplaying a country bumpkin who lovely boy kim soo hyun biography out to be a musical genius in the teen drama Dream High. It also gained popularity in other countries and won several international awards. For the drama's soundtrack, he recorded two songs, his solo "Dreaming" as well as the title track "Dream High" with the rest of the cast. He appeared in several music programs and concerts after the drama's completion and even made a cameo in the pilot episode of its second season. Kim's popularity skyrocketed when he starred in the hit period drama Moon Embracing the Sun[27] [28] as the young king Lee Hwon.

The drama not only ranked number one in its time slot throughout its run but achieved a peak recorded viewer rating of In that year, Kim was able to set a new record for product endorsements which was previously held in by Olympic figure skater Kim Yuna.

lovely boy kim soo hyun biography

He also won several recognitions for the lovely boy kim soo drama including the hotly debated Best Drama Actor [36] at the Baeksang Arts Awards as he was the youngest and newest actor among the nominees in the category. Kim made his big-screen debut in the star-studded heist film The Thievestouted by the press as the Korean version of Ocean's Eleven. His lovely boy kim soo hyun biography Zampano is the youngest member of a gang of Korean and Chinese thieves who team up to steal a diamond worth 40 billion won locked away in a casino in Macau.

InKim was cast along with Park Ki-woong and Lee Hyun-wooto play the roles of North Korean spies who infiltrated South Korea as a village idiot, a rock musician, and a high school student, respectively in the movie Secretly, Greatly.

The drama enjoyed immense popularity both locally, biography an average viewer rating of Kim also experienced a tremendous growth in his popularity throughout Asia, and not only became a top Hallyu star, [50] but a blue chip in the advertising industry.

InKim was reported to set a new record having 35 product endorsements deals, 15 of which were coming from South Korea alone. For the latter half of the year, Kim was invited to perform at the opening ceremonies of two international sports events.

He, alongside actor Jang Dong-gunKorean opera singer Ahn Sook-sun and people from 45 nations, delivered the message of "One Asia" at the second part of the highlight stage. The drama revolved around the lives of the employees working in the network's variety department and was helmed by a stellar crew that included variety show PD Seo Soo-min, veteran drama PD Pyo Min-soo and screenwriter Park Ji-eunwho also penned My Love from the Star.

Kim played the role of Baek Seung-chan, a rookie PD who initially wanted to be a prosecutor but chose another career path for the sake of love.

The drama drew solid viewership ratings nationwide throughout its run with a peak viewer rating of Recently, Kim finished shooting the action-noir film Realwhich will be shown in theaters in the first half of If anything, this was a dream start for a relatively young star. Incame the biggest role of his career which made him a household name in Korea. The drama, other than becoming a popular show domestically, brought the cast and crew international fame as well. Kim had prepared intensely for the role and also sung two songs for the musical drama series.

Kim also sung for a few songs for the series and after this success, he started getting more and more offers, in form of more films and endorsement deals. In the year alone, he signed 15 endorsement deals and started signing films.

[FanMade]MV Kim SooHyun - Lovely Boy

It was a fantasy romance series and became so successful that it started new trends in South Korea related to fashion and make-ups. This series of him became extremely popular internationally as well. The series did well nationally as well as domestically and Kim became a youth sensation in the neighbouring countries as well.