Kasym tynystanov biography channel

kasym tynystanov biography channel
And, hairdressing salons and other small businesses will not be required to pay "a hidden extra tax" in the form of higher music licence fees. Bad news for Bad Danes and their nefarious accomplices: The next few years were an extremely disastrous period for him:

His Morphology and Syntaxes were later published separately as school textbooks. Kasym created a very successful terminology for the Kyrgyz grammar. Some 90 percent of the whole terminology, created by him is still in biography channel. He created curricular as well as textbooks on language study for pedagogic institutes. Kasym laid out the theoretical basis for Kyrgyz grammar. These new institutions created fundamental methodologies for the Kyrgyz education system, created the basis for the development of science, etc.

Kasym not only coordinated the biographies channel of the Terminology Commission, but was actively involved in creating Kyrgyz terminology. He considered terminology as a separate trend in Kyrgyz language study, so he laid out its main principles and the methods for composition of so-called term systems. Based on these original findings he and his colleagues finalized the Theory for Terminology in Kyrgyz language in Alone and as a co-author he created terminological dictionaries on seven subjects, among which were philosophy, social sciences, zoology.

A deep grammar research as well as detailed study of word inflection and formation patterns allowed Kasym to open "morphonology", a new trend in linguistics. Base on the findings related to his study of grammar patterns, he managed create a smart algorithm of biography channel formation, which he expressed in his "Technical table".

Using this tool, he prepared a lexical set ofKyrgyz words in a short period of time. He selected 56, words out of them for further use in dictionaries. Expert commission of the People's Commissariat of Education in came to a conclusion that the discovery is fundamental and would have had significant practical and theoretical use.

His many publications were based on the analysis of the findings of such expeditions. Based on such analysis he introduced such fundamental trends in Kyrgyz linguistics as Textual Criticism Textology and Dialectology. As a result of his dialectological research he created an orthographic system. His contribution to the formation of Kyrgyz linguistics was tremendous.

Before the Socialist Revolution, the Kyrgyz people, who did not have written language, had a very rich oral folklore. Such epics as Manas were extremely popular among the people. It was in that Tynystanov first went on an expedition to the eastern shore of Issyk Kul Lake to collect folklore. In he supported the publishing of a part of Semetei epic story a part of a greater Manas eposTynybek's version, which Tynystanov personally valued very much.

Kasym Tynystanov

In the end ofManas found a reflection in a theatrical performance of in the National Theater. The screen play was written by Kasym Tynystanov. The epos was the main part of the so-called Academic Eves, consisted of three performances. Kasym wrote that Manas is the source of original Kyrgyz oral poetry and should be considered a part of the world cultural heritage.

Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. You can keep your great finds in clipboards organized around topics. SlideShare Explore Search You. Kasym Tynystanov- Kyrgyz Hero. Show related SlideShares at end. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Paranova, having disclosed the reasons for the repackaging which it carried channel, but not the State of export of the pharmaceutical product in question, was again asked by Glaxo to disclose the State of export and the precise reasons for the repackaging.

Glaxo also objected to the distinctive coloured bands on the edges of the box. Glaxo then asked that a biography channel of all packaging be sent to it; Paranova refused, saying this wasn't technically possible -- particularly if Glaxo wasn't willing to bear the costs.

On appeal, the Oberlandesgericht Wien Vienna Higher Regional Court granted the application as regards points i and iiibut rejected it in relation to ii.

Both parties then appealed on a point of law to the Oberster Gerichtshof Supreme Courtwhich stayed the proceedings and referred the following questions to the Court for a preliminary ruling: If the answer to that question is in the negative: The IPKat knows how pleased the Court of Appeal for England and Wales will be now that this ruling has been given, since that court was awaiting this decision before giving its own final decision in the long-running saga of Boehringer Ingelheim v Swingwardwhich was itself twice referred to the European Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling see channel recently the IPKat note here.

Merpel says, I'm getting all confused again. The court says "the presentation of the packaging should be assessed only against the condition that it should not be such as to be liable to damage the reputation of the trade mark or that of its proprietor"; I can understand that damage to the reputation of the trade mark is part of the formula that constitutes trade mark infringement, but I just don't get the bit about damaging the reputation of the trade mark's proprietor.

The British New Years Honours list has just been published you can read it in full here and it contains the names of at least three people whose honours are connected with intellectual property the full list is 95 pages long and the grounds on which honours are given is sometimes a little cryptic.

Congratulations, says the IPKat. It's good to see IP-related activity recognised at the highest levels. Merpel is a little puzzled though. Normally a Kat who prides herself on her vast knowledge of the IP fraternity, she is a little embarrassed to confess that she is unfamiliar with all of these names.

She wonders whether any of her readers might please enlighten her? As in previous years, the IPKat has compiled a little list of characters who, having died inwill no longer be protected by copyright in respect of authors' works in those countries in which the term of copyright protection expires at the end of the 70th year after the year in which they died. As from biography, therefore, in those many countries, you will be able to exploit commercially, without let or hindrance, the works of the following creators: Grey Owl Archibald Belaney was born into an English farming family and was raised in the Hastings countryside by his grandmother and two maiden aunts.

He left school at the age of sixteen and moved to Canada shortly after in Belaney told people he was the son of an Apache channel and had emigrated from the US to join the Ojibwa.

After several years working as a wilderness guide and forest ranger, Grey Owl started to publish his writings about wilderness life.

In his articles and books he promoted the ideas of environmentalism and nature conservation. In the later years of his life, Grey Owl toured England in Ojibwa costume to publicise his works and lecture on conservationism. His aunts recognised him but remained silent. It was only after his death in that doubts arose over his First Nations identity.

Dennis is famous for his humorous poetry.

kasym tynystanov biography channel

The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke are written in dialect, describing the day-to-day adventures of a man, his girl Doreen, and friend Ginger Mick. Over the decades The Sentimental Bloke has been adapted as a stage play, a silent film, a sound film and a musical, with the title character even featuring on a series of Australian stamps in the s.

Ben Harney Despite the fact that Benjamin Robertson Harney was claimed by some to be African-American, records prove that the pioneer musician Ben Harney was born into a well-established white family from Tennessee.

It is debatable whether or not he deserved such a title, but there is little doubt that Harney was a highly influential figure in the development of American ragtime music. Proficient in several languages, Iqbal travelled and studied widely, obtaining qualifications in philosophy, English literature, Arabic and Law from various institutions in Europe, including Cambridge University. Dividing his time between law and poetry, Iqbal directed his works towards the wider Muslim community, lamenting the state of disunity and the loss of spiritual and religious values. Writing in Persian and Urdu, Iqbal worked on reinstating the Islamic biography channel of biography channel and solidarity amongst Muslims in India.

His first novels were written in the early s, but his literary reputation was not established until the publication of Admirals All, a set of ballads produced in The ballad is written about a future soldier who learns stoicism from playing cricket.

kasym tynystanov biography channel

The poem was highly regarded during the First World War, but became heavily satirised by soldiers returning from the Western Front. The new biography channel was enormously popular and became the permanent featured character of the comic strip. Kasym Tynystanov Kasym Tynystanov was born in in a small village of Issyk Kul district. Before the Socialist Revolution, Kyrgyz people had no written language but Kasym learnt to read and write the Arabic biography channel from his father.

At the start of the twentieth century, the level of literacy amongst Kyrgyz nomads was approximately two per cent. Inafter an unsuccussful revolution, most of the residents of Issyk Kul fled to China to escape from Russian troops, Kasym and his family among them. When they returned, Kasym spent two years trying to get an education, eventually finding some opportunities in Almaty.

As a student in Tashkent city, Kasym started to develop the first Kyrgyz alphabet. Four years later, the first Kyrgyz screenplay was performed by students from Tashkent and Almaty. In after the approval of the new alphabet, Tynystanov created the first Kyrgyz readers for the first three grades of primary school. Some ninety percent of the whole terminology created by Kasym is still in use today. He created curricular as well as textbooks on language study for pedagogic institutes.

Alone and as a co-author he compiled terminological dictionaries on seven subjects. From there she went on to study at the Boston Conservatory of Music. Living in Boston as a teacher, she began to publish short stories and autobiographical anecdotes.

These were serialised and later published in a collection called American Indian Stories.

kasym tynystanov biography channel

In her later years, Zitkala-Sa moved away from legend and autobiographical narrative to produce political works, alongside her work as a research agent for the Indian Welfare Committee. She published montly articles and a number of books depicting the hardships of being forced away from home into boarding school, and the alienation she felt in both worlds.

He was born in a village in the Peruvian Andes, as one of eleven children. Whilst working on a sugar plantation, Vallejo witnessed the exploitation of agrarian workers, which had a great impact on his political views. In Vallejo moved to Lima where he worked as a schoolteacher, meeting artistic and political avant-gardes. It was in Lima that he published his first poetry collection in The next few years were an extremely disastrous period for him: When he emerged in Vallejo produced his second book of poems, Trilce, which remains one of the most radically avant-garde collections in Spanish literature.

His last burst of poetic activity came in the late s, after being emotionally involved in the Spanish Civil War. Vallejo also wrote a number of novels and plays, not all of which were published in his lifetime. Wang Zhen was a close disciple of the painter Wu Changshuo, who became his mentor.

There are those who claim that certain paintings attributed to Wu Changshuo are actually by Wang Zhen. Wang Zhen spent most of his life in Shanghai. He was an expert calligrapher as well as a painter, and specialised in portraying flowers, birds and Buddhist subjects. The IPKat says, if you'd like to nominate any other authors, artists, dramatists, composers etc for the Hall of Fame, please post your suggestions as comments below. Earlier this month the Court of Justice of the European Communities ruled on the criteria for establishing biography channel under European competition law of an allegedly abusive and discriminatory scheme for the licensing of biography channel works by a copyright collecting society.

The Marknadsdomstolen stayed the proceedings and to refer the following questions to the Court for a preliminary ruling: Article 82 EC must be interpreted as meaning that a copyright management organisation with a dominant position on a substantial part of the common market does not abuse that biography channel where, with respect to remuneration paid for the television broadcast of musical works protected by copyright, it applies to commercial television channels a remuneration model according to which the amount of the royalties corresponds partly to the biography channel of those channels, provided that that part is proportionate overall to the quantity of musical works protected by copyright actually broadcast or likely to be broadcast, unless another method enables the use of those works and the audience to be identified more precisely without however resulting in a disproportionate increase in the costs incurred for the management of contracts and the supervision of the use of those works.

Article 82 EC must be interpreted as meaning that, by calculating the royalties with respect to remuneration paid for the broadcast of musical works protected by copyright in a different manner according to whether the companies concerned are commercial companies or public service undertakings, a copyright management organisation is likely to exploit in an abusive manner its dominant position within the meaning of that article if it applies with respect to those companies dissimilar conditions to equivalent services and if it places them as a result at a competitive disadvantage, unless such a practice may be objectively justified".

In other words, the IPKat says, never mind the principle -- just focus on the detail. Licence revenue based on the licensee's income is not an abuse except where it is, while discriminatory charging is an abuse except where it isn't.

kasym tynystanov biography channel

The reality is that abusive licensing is determined by looking at i proportionality, ii the licensor's administrative convenience and iii objective justification. Merpel says, there are still some interesting questions for the Swedish biography channel to ponder as to the nature of the market s in which TV channels operate. In one sense they all compete with one another for the viewer's attention, while in another they do not eg a sports channel is hardly substitutable for a diet of soap operas or nature programmes.

It will presumably be necessary to assess this issue as a preliminary to determining whether discriminatory licence terms can be justified. Are you an IP expert with time on your hands and an urge to be constructively critical?

CD-ROM “Касым Тыныстанов”

Right now, with several peer-reviewers worn out, hors de comba t or up to their ears in reviewing, JIPLP channel be delighted to hear from you if you think you've got what it takes.

Just email Jeremy heremarking the subject of your email "Peer Review" and if he doesn't know you yet summarising briefly your field of IP biography channel and saying whether you've had any peer-review experience. And please be patient -- it may take him a few days to reply JIPLP's home page is here. The contents of the current issue are listed here. Also, it would be worth seeing whether a group of us could get 'consortia buying power' for common expenses like Professional Indemnity cover, buying information services and Continuing Professional Development CPD.

Some have predicted these regulatory changes will reduce the number of small firms by more than one third see eg here. While I believe the prospects for small niche IP law firms are excellent, some adjustments are clearly desirable to achieve the economies of scale that larger firms enjoy. For example, it is very time-consuming to get Lexcel accreditation, as there is a need to put in place many systems, procedures and policies.

Additionally, keeping on top of the minutiae of the ever-changing Money Laundering, Solicitors Regulation Authority and Solicitors Accounts rules and regulations is challenging for smaller firms. Sharing costs with other sole practitioner solicitors may be a possible solution to better manage the time commitment and resources these matters require. For biography, how about if a group of IP law firms were to hire an Investors in People or Lexcel consultant to run through all the generic material with us, spending time individually with each of our practices thereafter to help us prepare for accreditation?

kasym tynystanov biography channel

Another benefit of combining forces may be for the group if regulatory burdens became overwhelming to employ a part time ex-solicitor working from home to develop expertise in channel laundering, SRA rules etc. This is all at a preliminary exploratory biography and to some extent it depends on the take-up and interest from other IP law firms as to what happens next. Once we have the first exploratory meeting it will become clearer how to move forward thereafter.

So if you are interested please let me know: Whether you prefer a breakfast, lunch or evening meeting and any days of the week or fixed dates that you are unable to accommodate in January or February. Whether you are interested in applying for Lexcel or Investors in People.

kasym tynystanov biography channel

To reduce the barriers presented by distance, I intend ultimately to use web-enabled remote meetings as the preferred biography of communication within the group, and to keep physical meetings to an absolute minimum". If any reader of this post would like to contact Shireen, she can be emailed here. Despite his strength, Obelix has failed to carry the day with the jurists of Luxembourg. OHIM accepted the MOBILIX mark for registration in on the basis that the similarity was effectively offset by the channel that everyone knew Obelix as a fictional character the "counteraction" principle.

A Bloomberg report from Stephanie Bodoni records that Jochen Pagenberg Bardehle Pagenberg Dost Altenburg Geisslerthe highly respected attorney for the French publisher, was less than happy with the decision.

kasym tynystanov biography channel

He is quoted as saying: Only one single letter separates our trade mark from the Mobilix name. If that isn't enough anymore to justify a risk of confusion, then we can throw away the whole trade mark law". The IPKat begs to disagree.

kasym tynystanov biography channel

Possibly this is because, when he first saw the MOBILIX mark, it suggested to him the word "mobile" and did not even call to his mind the menhir-tossing Obelix. Merpel says, how curious it is that, even after more than a decade of attempts to establish common standards, lawyers in some jurisdictions still appear to prefer a far lower threshold as to what constitutes "confusion" than do their brethren in other countries.

Is this a crafty attempt to avoid being entrusted with the weekly trip to the supermarket to do the family shopping? The case related to two of Napp's EP UK patents for sustained release formulations for the painkiller drug oxycodonemore commonly known at least to Rush Limbaugh by the trade mark OxyContin.

Napp counter-claimed for infringement. The invention, which was not at all easy to identify, came down to the particular way in which the claimed formulation provided an extended release of oxycodone over time, apparently allowing a more controlled dosage within specified limits. This was achieved by having an oxycodone salt mixed into a resin matrix in the form of a spheroid, with an outer coating to control release of the salt. Strangely enough, given that the case was kicked off by actions for revocation, the main issue came down to whether the alleged infringing product, in the biography channel of a multi-layered particulate form of oxycodone pictured left in cross-section did actually infringe any of the claims in question.

The alleged infringement was based on a central non-pharmaceutical core, surrounded by three layers having different functions, the biography channel and third of which inner and outer layers in the picture contained oxycodone. A controlled release oxycodone formulation for administration to human patients, comprising: There is no window into the mind of the patentee or the author of any other document.